The Amazon Prime Price Increase Has Officially Gone Up By $20

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Amazon just increase its annual Prime Membership price to $139 — here’s what to know…

amazon boxes stacked on black and white striped bench

Oh, Amazon – say it ain’t so! 😭

The price to purchase a new Amazon Prime Yearly Membership has officially been increased from $119 to $139 per year. Existing members will see the increase reflected in their renewal price starting March 25th.

HIP TIP Read more about the Amazon Prime price changes on Amazon’s customer service page.

amazon delivery vehicle on street

Apparently, the trend has been for the rates to increase every four years as we saw the last $20 increase – from $99 to $119 – back in 2018, and prior to that, the price for an Amazon Prime membership jumped from $79 to $99 back in 2014.

Monthly memberships have also been affected with a $2 increase in price from $12.99 to $14.99. There was also a jump in the discounted Amazon Prime membership programs for Students (now $7.49 from $6.49). Recipients of EBT benefits or government assistance had a small increase as well to the new discounted monthly price of $6.99.

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dollar tree st patrick's day florals in store

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first price increase that’s happened recently (and sadly probably won’t be the last). Starbucks, IKEA, and even Dollar Tree have all announced that they are raising prices – but the price increase for an Amazon Prime membership is the one we think we’ll notice the most.

Considering breaking up with Prime over the latest price increase? Don’t forget about all these great benefits!

woman holding a large amazon box outside on front porch

What are some Amazon perks that justify this price?

The biggest thing we’ve always loved about Prime is its convenience. They offer FREE two-day shipping, and in many cases one-day shipping, on millions of items. You also get no-rush shipping credits, and sometimes, they even offer credit on certain items you purchase.

woman holding remote to tv

There’s also the entertainment portion we know and love. You get thousands of shows and movies with Prime Video, and you have access to millions of songs with Prime Music. For bookworms, Amazon also gives access to thousands of FREE Kindle eBooks. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still access these perks through the Kindle app.

Did you know Amazon also gives you free unlimited cloud photo storage? That’s something we all could use more of!

amazon primerx card

Amazon Pharmacy has been another underrated lifesaver Amazon gives its Prime members. In addition to having the option to directly mail your prescriptions to your house at your convenience, the Prime Rx Card is the real kicker! If you don’t have insurance, show this to your pharmacist and you can get up to 80% off your medication.

Even if you do have insurance like myself, I’ve seen better rates with an Rx Card than I have with my own insurance! We have a full product review on this if you want to dive deeper.

blue shipping box on area rug near a door

Still not feeling it? Check out these competitors to consider replacing Amazon Prime.

At only $12.95/month or $98/year, Walmart+ is a service that has been directly compared to Prime. On top of getting free grocery delivery, you’ll get early access to special promotions and events before the general public, which includes Black Friday deals and product releases. You also get free shipping on every order with no minimum requirement, save 5¢ per gallon on gas, and even offer a prescription service that can save you up to 85%. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial now!

woman carrying Shipt shopping bag

Another service to consider is Shipt. Shipt is owned by Target, and it’s the service Target uses to guarantee you same-day delivery, in sometimes as little as an hour, for all major city metropolitan areas in the US. From food to electronics, you’ll be able to choose whatever you need, and a reliable Shipt shopper will deliver it directly to your door.

Shipt is $9.99 per order, or you can get a $8.25/month or $99/year membership. Orders under $35 and alcohol both include an additional $7 fee.

Amazon packages on porch

We want to hear from you! Will you still be keeping your membership? 

What’s the easiest way to earn a FREE $10 Amazon gift card? Share your frugal story as a part of our Happy Friday series

About the writer:

Rachel is a content creator with 7+ years of experience. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and began clipping coupons and hunting for deals to lower her college debt. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn

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Comments 348

  1. Adrianne

    When do you EVER find next day delivery on ANY item??

    • Adrianne

      Or two day!

    • LiZ

      We get packages sometimes the same day we order! Normally they are next day!

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        We have same-day and next-day delivery in Oklahoma City. I haven’t had any issues with it. We also have an Amazon Warehouse here which might make a difference.

        • Mary

          I live near the Fort Pierce, FL distribution center and get 1day shipping frequently. Unless I really want something quick, then it comes from the other side of the country LOL!

    • Chelle

      I’ve gotten several.

    • Dorothy

      Can barely get two day delivery anymore either.

      • Karen

        Absolutely agree. I rarely get things in two days. The only way I get same day is ordering on Fresh. I have been an Amazon customer for more than 20 years. This is the worst it’s ever been. Canceling prime and going with walmart.

    • Tia in FL

      I think it greatly depends on where you live. I’m in FL near several warehouses and distribution centers. Yesterday, I ordered zipper pulls, an electric toothbrush and kids disposable masks and I received them this morning around 10am.

    • Kristie

      Yes, on most things. We are in a larger city and have a distribution center here. My mom’s house is in BFE and everything usually takes a day or two longer to get to her house even when ordered from my prime account.

    • Demi

      It depends on your proximity to a warehouse. I live in Central Florida and we are able to to get most items next day or 2 day. Often even by 8am next day, occasionally even same day. But, my parents in Myrtle Beach, SC generally are looking at 2-4 day delivery.

    • ella

      I do. Sometimes when I order late at night it’ll arrive that next day (so less than 24 hours later). We have a huge distribution center nearby though.

    • Flgrl017

      Depends on where you live. I live in a major city and can get same day and overnight on a lot of their products. My parents live in a rural area and wait days.

  2. Gail

    ” If the recipient is already a Prime member, the gift can be exchanged for an Gift Card in the value of the original gift purchase price plus any applicable sales taxes paid. The gift membership does not automatically renew and is not eligible for promotional offers.”

    What about that last sentence? Promotional offers?

    • Stacy

      Hey Gail, you are not using any promotional offers to purchase the gift membership. You’re just buying it at current regular price before it goes up. Hope this helps.

    • Joanne

      I had the same question Gail! I think I read it the way you did. Are there “Promotional offers” that “Non-Gift” membership members get, that one won’t get with a “Gift” membership???

  3. Kate

    So we have to wait until our Prime Membership for the current year ends to apply the gift membership? Or will it just add on if added now?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You wait until the end of the year. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have auto-renewal on and then let it expire first.

      • P Brody

        If I let my current membership expire and then use the gift membership to renew, do I still retain my order history (i.e. can I use the same account or do I need to create a new one)? Thanks

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          I can’t see any reason you would lose your account order history. Without Prime, you can still order on Amazon. Amazon uses the history so you could go back and order again so they have more sales. It would be like they were shooting themselves in the foot by removing order history.

    • Joanne

      Kate… I agree with Jennifer about retaining your history. You MUST use the same email address though. If you use a different one, it will be a different account and you WILL lose your history.

  4. Debbie in PA

    I had already cancelled my prime membership earlier. I never used the other Prime services, so iwas getting anything out of the membership. It is not that hard to put together a $25 order to get free shipping if there is something i really need from Amazon, and I rarely received my order within 2 days or ordering. Truthfully, that is not something that i need anyway. I am trying to support more small local businesses.

    • Summymama

      Exactly! And even if I just need one random thing, like a weird size battery, I’ve been able to find it for the same price on eBay. Amazon has, as my grandma would say, “gotten too big for its britches.” I also have big problems with how their employees are treated. There are conveniences, sure, but I want my children to have other options than big corporations.

  5. Sharon

    I will not renew at that price. My roommate is on SNAP so we will sign up that way. Current until October. I will not pay $139. I would rather not have it.

  6. Chelle

    I hold amazon to the fire when it comes to deliveries. If they do not deliver on the date I first expected it to (ie, when I ordered the item) and they are late or they change the date to longer than 2 days due to whatever that is their fault, I call them and get a minimum of $5 in credit.

    • missbull

      Can you share more details? My packages say EDD 2 days and ends up being 4 almost always. I can’t find a phone #? I’ve tried chat but give up waiting. Thanks!

    • Julie

      Ok Karen! This is why the conditions are so bad for workers. Things happen, be patient.

  7. Tara

    The website said I couldn’t purchase a gift membership using this link because I’m a current member…

    • jeaniedcook

      Same with me.

    • Andria Del Real

      I have the same issue.

    • Mimi

      I am a current member and was able to purchase a a gift membership using the link.

    • Fiona

      Same with me:

      Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) is not available for you to purchase because you are either a Prime member or you are buying Prime with 1-Click ordering. Please delete this item to continue

  8. Chelle

    That is a great idea for those who use many of prime’s other services, such as free with Prime gaming, books, movies, ability to order small orders, etc. so I think I will try to get the $119 rate for another rate. ALso, I hold amazon to the fire when it comes to late deliveries or other probs, if any. If when I order it states the items will be delivered with 1-2 days (or whatever number of days it states) and amazon is late or changes the delivery date, I call them and complain and get a credit of a minimum of $5 for each infraction due to their negligence. But most of the time, I get my deliveries within the timeframe that they promised when I first ordered the items.

  9. Alisa

    This does work. I did it back when the rate went from $99 to $119. When your subscription comes due, you go find the ‘gift’ in your account and apply it to your renewal.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks! We appreciate you letting us know you have done this and it worked.

    • P Brody

      Were you able to use the same account and retain your order history? Thx

  10. Flossie

    I just tried to gift it and put in my cart. It is wanting to charge me over $8 of taxes? Is that right? Total ends up being $127.10 ???

    • Princess'Mom

      That means you live in a state where it’s taxed. Amazon lost a case several years ago and now they are required to collect state sales tax for anything that’s taxable where the purchaser lives. The taxes have nothing to do with Amazon, that’s your state.

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks so much for helping answer, Princess’Mom!

      • Gretchen Corn

        Thanks for this. My tax is $10 🙁 I wasn’t sure why that was happening

    • CJ

      Mine is $7.88 in NJ. That seems ridiculous to tax a subscription…”Thanks, NJ for already being super expensive to live in, but now you’re taxing my Prime…shame on you!!!” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. laura

    My membership is set to expire and auto renew on Feb 18th, the date you mention the price increase takes effect. However you said it won’t show on renewals until March 25th…. do I need to buy a gift membership or am I okay to renew at $119?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      If you are already a Prime member the new rate won’t start until March 25th. You should be okay to renew at $119 in February.

  12. hip2trade

    I decided to sign up for the year of Amazon price of $119 today.(taxed here so $128) My monthly fee of $14.03 I paid a week ago will be refunded. Hopefully the price increase won’t have any effect on memberships purchased prior to the increase date. We haven’t been using Amazon quite as much as we used to so not too sure about renewing next time around.

  13. Trina

    If you cancel your account, then apply the gift membership for a new one, will your purchase history be lost?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I don’t think so. Even without Prime, you still have your order history.

  14. heather_03

    It won’t let me buy it because it says I’m already a member.

  15. marianne mueller

    AMAZON pays NO taxes…….why this increase????????????????????????

  16. Kris

    Why is there tax on Prime?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      It depends on your state’s tax rules, Kris.

  17. Anita

    Delivery Christmas time was unbelievable! 2 of my packages were delivered to someone else but I received the message it was delivered. One neighbor brought one pkg to my house after he received it. The other pkg never showed. I had to request a replacement from amazon. Another pkg was delivered with my address but name was no one who lived here. I wasted almost an hour on the phone with them trying to explain I don’t want it and take it back. I have bad knees. They are supposed to leave on porch in front of house next to driveway. Still some drivers will toss pkg in front of garage. Not sure if I want to renew.

  18. Ppink

    Good post. I hope Amazon prime members do look for ways to avoid this UNREASONABLE increase. This was Amazon’s most profitable year on record. Looks like greed to me.

    • Jackie

      You must also take into consideration, a lot of people return stuff for no real reason. Not to mention the scammers who claim package not received (amazon bans accounts though after a couple package not received. i found this info on an online forum. the address, ip address, name, credit card and everything that can be associated with the banned account, even if you try to open another amazon – amazon will know and close that account. Even if it’s for a different person, once an address is banned, it’s banned.) Anyhow, a lot of scammers also make the costs higher for all of us.

  19. SP

    We are planning on getting rid of our membership. I realize it’s only $20, but it just doesn’t make sense for us to keep it. We only use it for the shipping, and even then we don’t get our orders in two days like it says we will. Plus, I think it’s greed on Amazon’s part.

    • Thriftypuppy

      Same here. With the increase, the investment just doesn’t make sense. Not to mention Amazon doesnt’ treat their employees very well.

  20. Sandy

    I tried to purchase the gift membership and it says I cannot buy it because I already have a prime membership. ☹

  21. Joan Thompson

    I got mine all set up for December, 2022 when mine is set to expire. Thank you so much for the money saving tip! I appreciate all that you do:-)

  22. Cheri

    What is the paint color of your doors? I love that shade of green!

  23. Peaches

    Someone’s got to pay for all those salaries that are set to more than double soon. It sure won’t be coming out of Amazon’s record profits! I’m all for a livable wage but sheesh! Every increase jacks up prices and then we complain about inflation.

  24. Jenn N

    If you do this will you lose your subscribe and save and the saved devices?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Nope! I did speak with customer service on that. You can always reach out to them as well to double check.

      • Katie

        Did they saw if you will lose your history or anything ?

        • Buster

          Over the years, I’ve cancelled my subscription multiple times for various reasons. My order is fully in tact as well as my Subscribe and Save.
          When Prime is cancelled/expired, you lose expedited shipping, Prime deals, Amazon Video and music. Your shopping history and S&S remains.

      • Katie

        Did they say if you would lose your purchase history or will it continue after a day or two without a prime membership?

        • Grace

          I’ve never paid for a prime membership, but I’ve taken advantage of the free 30 day prime membership over the years. After I’ve cancelled the free membership, my order history still remained on my account and still does until this day. I believe the order history follows your Amazon account, not the prime membership.

  25. Diane

    Is taxes add on with this offer. I went to send mine and 27. was added on for taxes.

    • Lisa

      Diane, it depends on the state you live in regarding if taxes are added on (or not).

  26. Lori

    This worked like a charm! My membership expired yesterday. I turned off auto renewal and bought a gift membership that I had sent to my email. Today, I simply went to the email that was sent, clicked the link provided and activated my new prime membership. Order history, payment methods, addresses are all still there. So quick and easy. Thanks so much for the savings!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are welcome! Thanks for telling us how this worked for you, Lori!

  27. Kimberly

    Do membership charge taxes? It shows up on mine.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Each state determines if they charge taxes on Prime memberships.

  28. Robin

    I don’t understand how to turn off prime auto renew. I’ve read all the posts and I’m sooo confused. Please help! I can’t be the only one trying to figure this out🙄.

    • Buster

      The problem is that often there isn’t a “disable auto-renew” option

      Go to your Prime Account page ( ). On the top, click the “Manage Membership” and you’ll get a drop-down. Select “End Membership”. From there, go through the normal steps as if you were to end your membership.
      After a series of “Are you sure you want to cancel” type screens, you’ll eventually get to a cancellation confirmation screen. On this screen, you’ll have 3 options: A. End on a specific date B. Remind me later C. Keep my membership.
      Select “End on specific date”. This is their “disable auto-renewal option.

      I know, it’s unnecessarily and likely purposefully confusing. Though when you want to start Prime, it takes 1 maybe 2 clicks on 1 screen.

    • John Stelmack

      If you decide against continuing your membership, it’s easy to turn off your automatic renewal:
      Go to Manage Prime Membership.
      Review the renewal date listed on the left-hand side of the page. …
      Turn off your renewal using the link below the renewal date.

  29. Buster

    So if I was to buy the gift of Amazon Prime, does it start right away or can I wait a year from purchase to “Claim”?

    • John Stelmack

      Its doesn’t initiate until you apply it to your account.

  30. John Stelmack

    February 11: Inflation: what’s rising the most?
    Inflation in the US hit a 40-year high in January 2022.

    Danny Sheridan
    Feb 11

    Source: Chartr
    Published: January 2022
    Inflation: what’s rising the most?
    Inflation in the US hit a 40-year high in January 2022. Prices rose an average of 7% from December 2020 to December 2021.
    Some consumer goods and services are being hit especially hard. Gas prices are up 50% and some grocery staples, such as meat and eggs, are 13% more expensive than they were this time last year.
    Inflation %, YoY
    Gasoline: 50%
    Used cars and trucks: 37%
    Utility gas service: 24%
    Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs: 13%
    All items: 7%
    Apparel: 6%
    Nonalcoholic beverages: 5%
    Fruits and vegetables: 5%
    Cereal and bakery products: 5%
    Hospital services: 3%
    Rent of primary residence: 3%
    Airline fares: 1%

  31. Cindy

    We have a lot of playlists from Amazon music with prime. Do you think our playlists will be lost if I cancel the account and then renew?

  32. Tammy

    My prime was 99.00 and is jumping to 149.
    I will be canceling – not worth it – most items are taking at least a week and up to 4 weeks for delivery
    no I am not in the boonies!!

  33. Ericka

    NO , I will NOT be keeping it. I think Jeff has enough money. Truth be told, Amazon prices are HIGHER. Ive found Walmart has better rates and 8about the same with shipping.

  34. Faye

    I earn a gift card every month through Amazon shopper. What I earn covers the membership,so I’m not going anywhere.

  35. eightiesgod

    I’m going to have to ask for someone to actually verify that the above mentioned way to not “Auto Renew” is in the above mentioned comment. The whole way to save $20.00 seems a bit convoluted. Amazon doesn’t seem to be offering an easy way to do this. Help please…I’m sure others are asking the same.

  36. Winne

    Most of the stuff on Amazon are poor quality items from China and Seller buys them for super cheap and selling them for high cost. And 95% of the reviews are FAKE. Sellers gives free products or give full refund to get 5 star rating in return. But you decide if you still want to be Amazon prime Costumer. I am out. 😉

    • Lisa

      Winne, sadly, those who try to leave honest and respectable reviews were banned from leaving reviews on Amazon. I’ve tried to ask multiple times why I can’t leave reviews anymore, and the only answer I get from Amazon is that I violated Amazon guidelines and then they send me the guidelines without telling me what specifically I violated. I’ve never received free items nor been monetarily incentivized to buy a product — I wish! 🙂

  37. Mandy

    I get this message… any idea what I can do?
    Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) is not available for you to purchase because you are either a Prime member or you are buying Prime with 1-Click ordering. Please delete this item to continue

    • Melinda

      I got this too

    • Ann-Margaret

      I clicked on send as gift and that message disappeared. Hope that helps.

  38. patty

    Where do I find my renewal date. Thanks

  39. CJ

    Mine doesn’t renew until June. So I purchased it and to make it even easier, I hit the “pay it in 6 months interest free on my Amazon Prime Visa Card”. This way I pay $21/month for 6 months instead of $127 now! I hate having to pay this much for it anyway, but we use the TV streaming just as much as the free shipping so we “have” to have it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  40. Jen

    How does the student membership work? If I “gift” my child the student membership before it goes up, can I use her account like she uses mine?

  41. jody

    Just wondering how far out you could purchase this. ie: Subscription renews October 2022. Can I purchase a gift card for this year and one for next year 2023?

    Thank you

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Amazon told us the gift subscription is good for 3 years so you could potentially do that, jody!

      • jody

        Thank you!

  42. Patty

    Where do I find my renewal date?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Log into Amazon, click on your account (upper right for me), then click on the PRIME box and it will be listed across the top.

  43. lei

    Is tax collected on gift memberships? I always thought that memberships like costco do not have tax

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      It depends on your state. Some do and some don’t, lei.

  44. ienotaryservices

    In replying to Tara & Fiona , I got the same error message at first then I entered the email address on the account it will apply the gift membership to the account. Turn off auto renewal so when due you apply the gift membership. Hope that helps

  45. DJ

    Will the student prime go up as well?

  46. Heather

    Evidently, Amazon has gotten wise to this. I’m not allowed to buy a gift subscription because I’m a Prime member.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Click on the part that says “send as gift” and it will allow it, Heather! We have other readers who have had success doing that.

    • Emilee

      Click on “send as a gift” in your cart and it should work

  47. Cheryl

    Fortunately my membership JUST did renew a the lower rate so I have a full year before the rate hike! 🎉🥳

  48. Beth

    Is there anyway to share a prime membership?? If the other person lives in another state?

  49. Ms Annie

    Thank you for the reminder I followed your link, and I used my Amazon card points to pay for it.

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