10 of the Best Dry Shampoo Brands to Buy

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woman putting Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo powder on her hair

Dirty hair, don’t care. 💁

If you’ve ever sought out to purchase dry shampoo to help you skip washing your hair, you probably know there are tons and tons and tons of options – scented, unscented, volumizing, extra hold, tinted… you name it. That’s why we asked all of you awesome readers at Hip2Save what your absolute favorite dry shampoos are, and we’re here to share the results and where to get them for the best price!

Here’s our list of the best dry shampoo products to buy –

1. Batiste dry shampoo smells amazing and is great for lighter hair.

bottle of batiste dry shampoo with store shelf in background

Batiste is a classic option when it comes to dry shampoo, and TONS of Hip2Save readers love it! Plus, it’s available in so many scents!

“Batiste is my favorite. I’ve tried many others at different price points and this one is the best. I’ve seen it at Sam’s Club and Costco in bundles which makes it even cheaper! I have very oily hair, and this dry shampoo works great without making my hair feel icky.” – Lyd

“Just discovered Batiste. I love it! I can go 4 days between washes and I never could before!”– Allison

“Batiste Original! They sell it at Bed Bath & Beyond, so you can use coupons for it!” – Dana

2. Batiste Hint of Color dry shampoo is perfect for darker hair.

row of batiste hint of color dry shampoo on store shelf

For those who have trouble with white dry shampoo residue, Batiste Hint of Color solves that problem whether you have blonde, brunette, or dark hair!

“Batiste for brunettes (if your hair is dark). My hair is jet black and I get no residue plus extra volume.” – Marie

“It’s my favorite dry shampoo because it’s CHEAP and gets the job done. I especially love that they have the ‘blonde’ version as then it’s even EASIER to apply. This stuff truly is a busy girl’s dream…even when my hubby makes fun of me for washing my hair two times a week!” – Amber 

3. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo is the most popular among readers.

hand holding a bottle of not your mother's clean freak dry shampoo

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak is not only a team favorite but one of the most popular among our readers here at Hip2Save! It soaks right in, smells amazing, and gets the job done all while sticking to a tight budget. Need a little more volume? Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe will give you just the texture you need.

Hip Tip: You can bulk up on dry shampoo and score 2 bottles of Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak for the best price over on Amazon. By using their Subscribe and Save option on a duo pack, you’ll save an additional 5% and pay just $4.37 per bottle for this best selling dry shampoo!

“‘Not your mother’s’ brand. I like the coconut one. It’s a texturizer and dry shampoo in one.” – Brooke

“I LOVE ‘Not Your Mother’s’ dry shampoo. It’s the only one I’ve found that doesn’t leave powder behind in my hair. And it’s priced around $5.00. Can’t beat that.” – Kerry

“Love Not Your Mother’s. And they have different ones for hair color, so it covers those pesky greys!” – Katie

4. Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo is a classic brand name many of us on a tight budget revert to.

hand holding a bottle of dove refresh + care dry shampoo

Give your hair some lift with Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo. Not only does it soak up oil, it gives your locks a bit of oomph!

“Dove is my new favorite. It doesn’t feel gritty in your hair like others.” – Kelli

“Dove is my go-to dry shampoo. I have thick, wavy hair and it works wonders.” – Cess

“DOVE brand dry SPRAY shampoo is GREAT!  Watch for coupons!” – Janette

5. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo will prolong that salon blow out for days.

amika dry shampoo

If you’re out to beat oil before it arrives or want to prolong an amazing salon blowout, Amika will do just that. Formulated with rice Starch, a very light and absorbent powder that absorbs dirt and oils will add the volume and texture to your hair that we’re all searching to have.

“I love this stuff! No residue or itchy scalp!” – Dawn 

“I swear by this dry shampoo- it is long-lasting and smells great.” – Stephanie 

“I used to like to use a different dry shampoo, but it was so hard on my hair, and after trying this one I’ll never go back! It works so well and doesn’t dry my hair out.” – Cassie

6. Psssst! Dry Shampoo is the brand used by the Kardashians.

two bottles of pink and blue psssst dry shampoo with cart in background

This is the choice of the Kardashian’s (don’t ask me how I know that) and has been around for decades! For a no-nonsense dry shampoo, give Psssst! a try!

“Psssst for sure! A little goes a long way, so sometimes I can even get away with travel versions!” – Emily

7. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo is free of chemicals.

bottle of living proof perfect hair day phd dry shampoo

PhD by Living Proof uses patented technology to actually clean hair along with improving its look, feel, and smell! It’s a higher-end purchase compared to other dry shampoos but reviewers and tons of Hip2Save readers swear by it! Plus, it’s even paraben, silicone, and cruelty-free!

This is the only dry shampoo I will use. It doesn’t leave behind any residue like other cheaper brands I’ve tried. Target online has the most competitive price for this brand so it is the only place I will buy from. – LB

8. Drybar Dry Shampoo is super absorbent.

bottle of drybar detox dry shampoo

This powerhouse dry shampoo extends your style, adds lift, and deodorizes without leaving behind residue thanks to its micro powder. Pick up Drybar Detox when your hair is in need of some TLC.

“I have wavy, thick hair, and live in a humid area of the country, so frizz is an issue. The only one that has worked for me is the Drybar brand at the roots. I run it through with my fingers, then style. You can purchase on QVC or Ulta beauty. It lasts a good while, too!” – Amy

“Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo. Cheap drugstore brands like Batiste smell horrible and don’t last long in my opinion. I had to use a lot to make my hair not feel oily the whole day. Drybar only needs a little.” – Susan

9. Bumble and bumble. prêt-à-powder dry shampoo works well on fine and thin hair.

woman holding out bumble & bumble dry shampoo in bathroom

The prêt-à-powder dry shampoo by Bumble and bumble is Collin’s absolute favorite! Not only does it give your hair an oil-banishing refresh, it actually protects your locks from UV rays! And if you have fine/thin hair like Collin, it adds volume and doesn’t seem to weight down hair like other dry shampoo products on the market. Collin can go days without washing hair with this dry shampoo powder!

“Even when life is running smoothly, I still don’t wash my hair that frequently; I can go a few days, sometimes even a week, without washing it in the shower. That’s why the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo has become a staple in my beauty routine! I just shake some onto my roots (it can get a little messy but it’s fine!) and rub it in to absorb all the oils.Not only does it soak up any greasiness, it also gives my roots a little extra oomph and adds more volume to my hair — which I desperately need since I’ve got BOTH fine and thin hair. 😩

The best part? I often think it makes my hair look even better than it does when it’s clean!” – Collin

10. Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo will help nourish and enhance hair.

hand holding eva nyc dry shampoo can

Made with natural rice starch, Eva NYC Freshen Up is gentle on hair and won’t leave a white residue. Even better, the bottle says it’s enhanced with Vitamin C and fatty acids to repair, nourish, and boost shine!

“Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo in the best! I’ve tried so many others, it just really depends on your hair. Mine loves this one. I have thin, straight hair that’s dark brown/red. This was the only one that smelled amazing, didn’t dry out my hair, or leave a bad white residue, and it felt like I had just blow-dried it. I found it at Ulta for $12.

Tried Batiste, Wella, AG, Living Proof, and Dove before but all of them didn’t take well to my hair.” – Amber

11. Bonus Idea – DIY dry shampoo is the most budget-friendly option.

adding cocoa powder to dry shampoo

Whether you want to save some pennies, prefer brushing it on your hair yourself, or are simply in a pinch, try out a DIY dry shampoo. Other readers say they get by with baby powder alone!

“Honestly I make my own! 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part cocoa powder (for brunettes) and I can put it on at night before bed with a powder brush, then touch up if necessary in the morning. Works amazing for me, with the added bonus that my hair smells like chocolate, especially when I sweat and wash it out haha!” – Aimee

“If you have dark hair, a simple cocoa powder and cornstarch mixture is so cheap, works great, and lasts for eons. I wash like every 5-6 days.” – Kimberly

Here’s how to get the best dry shampoo application:

a line of dry shampoos on shelf

“Using them correctly gives the best results with any of the brands (I’ve tried tons of different brands).

Use them before your hair starts looking oily. Examples: before your workout, before bed, before your outing, before putting on a shower cap …. (lightly touch up if needed).

It eliminates the need to use as much and it keeps down the amount of buildup.” – MJ

two woman in shower with colorful shower caps

Awesome Shower Cap 🚿 + Less Hair Washing💆🏼+ Less Styling Time ⌚ + Dry Shampoo 💁🏼‍♀️= More Sleep 😴 AND Happier Human 😁

If you skip washing your hair in the shower, you NEED this product!

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Comments 21

  1. Jaci1717

    How do u guys get use to going days without shampooing hair? I like the idea of it cause of my wonderful grays and it would make my color last longer.

    • fworl949

      I go 7-10 days between washes (sometimes 2 weeks!) and while working up to that, I just got really comfy with my favorite dry shampoo (not your mothers tapioca) and know that it does take time for your oil production to adjust. The less you wash your hair the less oil you will eventually produce and then the less you’ll need to wash your hair. So it’s definitely a process (think potentially several months to go to several days between washes) getting to every other day and then every 3rd day and so on until you get to a comfortable interval for you. I have long platinum blonde hair so the less I can wash/dry/heat style with it the healthier it will stay so that and my styling incompetency is why I’ve gone to the trouble to not wash for longer periods. My stylist is always amazed how healthy my hair still is after 3+ years of bleach and toner/color every 4-8 weeks. Oh, and the time savings is amazing!!

  2. peachcraze

    I have been using baby powder for 20 years. I’ve tried several of the products on this list but feel like they aren’t any better than the baby powder or they weigh my hair down. A travel size bottle lasts me forever and it takes up very little space. I put a small amount in my hands and rub them together before applying to my hair with my head upside down. This makes it easier to keep it off the scalp. Also, I find that apply it at night works best for me.

    • jrosie

      I’m going to try this! I don’t love the ingredients in dry shampoo. This might work 😉

  3. jackiehaynesreynolds

    I use Batiste and have tried them all. It is the best. I buy the 13.46 oz can at T.J.MAXX or Marshall’s for 8.99. A steal!

    • Linds

      i didn’t know they sold it there! Thanks for the tip!

  4. pokz


  5. Maite Lopez

    I have tried so many and all of them make my hair feel dirty! Go figure 😬

  6. gretemckay

    You missed so many incredible brands!!!! There are plenty of adorable high quality brands….but not all get picked up by target & Walmart. Beauty Brand & Ulta have a lot of options that are AMAZING but lesser known

  7. MissBrenda

    Can any of these or a DIY recipe work on dogs? Anyone have a recipe? TIA

  8. Sarah

    I haven’t had any success with store bought dry shampoo (to smelly, irritates my scalp, makes my hair feel dirty, etc), the diy dry shampoo – cornstarch and cocoa powder (enough to match hair color) applied with a make up brush – works for me!

  9. Jessica

    Hi Hip2Save Team. I was wondering if you have any other products you like to use for fine/thin hair. I see that Collin really likes B&B dry shampoo which I will definitely be trying. Thanks

  10. Laura J

    Ulta has the full size Bumble and Bumble for the same price and you get a free gift

  11. Darcie

    Hey Collin! I’ve been following you for years, love all that you do! I would love to let you try my fave dry shampoo! It has no butane or propane(like most do). It’s base is rice starch. It’s the bomb! Email me if you’d like to try it out!!

  12. Renee

    I like the robe with the anchor logo. I believe that is the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line logo.

  13. Amanda

    Do you happen to have a link to the leopard dress Sara is wearing in the dry shampoo video?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! I spoke with Sara and she scored that dress on clearance from Anthropologie. You can find more details on it over here if you’d want to try and find it for resale. Hope this helps!

  14. Coryelle Kaiser Higdon

    Y’all should try the Walmart Equate brand – I was blown away – no literally – the spray is soooo powerful 😉 but I really liked it.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to pass that along to the team!

  15. hollyp1234

    I have not tried any of these yet. I see the Batiste a lot of the 99 cent store (for $1.99) and have been wanting to try. I have some salon ones that a friend gave me for BROWN hair that worked fine. I feel like baby powder works about the same. Make sure you scrub your scalp! 🙂

  16. Laura

    All you dry shampoo lovers with fine hair….how do you go days without completely styling your hair? I feel like I get bedhead, especially in the back where I have a cowlick and my hair then separates right there. I feel like I have to totally style it which seems to defeat the purpose of not washing my hair. I sleep on a silk pillowcase but still total disaster, help!

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