Rising Food Prices & Empty Shelves Make Grocery Shopping Challenging

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Rising food prices and empty shelves gotcha down?

Sam's Club produce section

If you’ve done any food shopping lately, you know that the grocery game has changed a lot over the past two years.

Inflation has caused the price of everything to spike in recent months, and rising food prices are no exception. Shoppers all across the country are paying more than ever for their groceries if they can even find what they’re looking for.

While grocery prices rising may leave you with empty pockets, you’re just as likely to walk away from the store empty-handed if you’re looking for a specific item as empty shelves are everywhere.

Can you relate?? 😆⬇️

grocery store meme

Our team has noticed empty shelves at their local stores. Here are just a few of the items they’re having a hard time finding:

“I can’t buy Kraft Lunchables in Pepperoni flavor, but the Armour brand Lunchables are fully stocked. Certain brands of coffee are also always out, and the coffee I normally buy went up in price.” – Chelsey L.

“We have chicken and pasta shortages here. There’s a limit on how many packs of chicken you can buy when they are available, and the pasta has been mostly gone at my Walmart for a while. And the cat food – ugh! That’s the worst to find!” – Amber

“Lots of empty shelves at my Kroger, and I’m definitely noticing price increases across the board on items.” – Emily

“If it makes anyone feel better, my local Walmart has been out of ramen for about 4 months. Not good, not good at all.” – Shane

empty grocery shelves

Due to supply chain issues, shipping delays, and staffing shortages, grocery stores are having a tough time keeping their shelves stocked. And it’s hard to predict what they’ll be out of next because every category of products has been affected.

Depending on where they live, Hip2Save readers have been reporting difficulties finding just about everything at one time or another since the beginning of the pandemic.

empty grocery shelves

In addition to low inventory and the effects of COVID-19 on the economy, bad weather, poor crop yields, and strong demand have all contributed to an 11% increase in grocery prices over the past two years. Unfortunately, there’s no end in sight to this trend of rising food prices.

Economists at Goldman Sachs say we’ll be spending even more on groceries in the coming year. On Monday, the firm projected that grocery and food prices will increase by an additional 5-6% in 2022. 😱

Shopping cart at Walmart Grocery Pick Up

Here are some ways to avoid falling victim to these rising food prices:

  • Remember coupons?! They really can save you a lot of money on groceries, and we make couponing easy by explaining all the best matchups here.
  • You’ve heard this before, but meal planning is key! Study the weekly ads, make a list, and be prepared to go to more than one store to get what you need until the supply chain turmoil subsides.
  • Visit our sister site Hip2Keto for clever ways to save money on meat.
  • Shop the discount grocery stores in your area, like ALDI. While their prices are increasing too, you’ll still pay significantly less on so many items compared to traditional grocery stores.
  • Use one of our favorite money-saving apps like Ibotta, Fetch, or Coupons.com to earn cashback on your grocery purchases.

Anyone else feeling the sting of empty shelves and rising food prices? Share with us in the comments what you’re missing the most and where it seems to be hitting the hardest around you!

Kaitlyn has a Bachelor's Degree from St. John's University with 2 years of writing experience for LinkedIn, Celeb Magazine, and other various publications.

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  1. tpop

    Farmer’s markets are far more expensive than grocery stores in my area.

    • Jane

      same i was gonna say who can afford the farmers market it would be a dream but its easily double the cost for produce and triple for meat

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Thanks for letting us know!

      • Mia

        My local farm stand that I’ve been having a CSA out for the past five years I pre-paid for this coming year last year for a full share. I have been Blanching freezing dehydrating half of it every year to save for the winter months. This past winter I started hydroponics indoors and I have not had to purchase lettuce in months, My cherry tomatoes have taken off so that will be a big expense I will not have to purchase. It can be done you just have to be a little creative.

    • Angie

      Do you know why this is? I have always wondered this. I totally agree with you, by the way. I have noticed the higher prices at them all my life, not just recently.

      • Jodi P

        You can google “why are farmer’s markets more expensive”

    • Sue

      Where I live, there are only farmers markets from like June through October. So it’s not even an option to buy there for 1/2 the year. And the cost of the produce is at least 2x as much as in the stores. The prices used to be more comparable, but as the years have gone by, they’ve gotten too expensive for us.

    • Sue

      Technically things at a farmer’s market can last longer than grocery stores because they are fresher. Produce sits on the truck and warehouses before sitting again at the grocery store.

      I don’t have EBT, but many of farmer’s markets reduce the cost to 1/2 price for them if they use it.

      I agree Aldi can have cheaper prices for produce, but it also makes me nervous with all the recalls on their greens.

    • Susan J. Reinhardt

      Same here.

  2. Lori

    Canned cat food is almost impossible to find here. It’s like a treasure hunt. I get way too excited when I do find some 😆

    • linfun

      Same here! My elderly neighbor passed away and she had 5 outdoor cats that I have been trying to care for and I can’t find canned food! I feed them mostly dry food but the cans are a treat now and then. No one would believe me until I started taking pictures of the empty shelves!

      • Marie

        Thank you for taking care of the kitties. You are a good person!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YES! It sure is! I was thinking the same thing. I did ask an associate in Walmart the other week to look up in their system when the next shipment of the cat food we need would be stocked. They were able to give me a date so that I could come back to check on it when they have it! You may also have luck at your local Tractor Supply if you have a location near you. Hoping this is helpful!

    • Diane

      Yes! My cat needs to eat pate’ food due to issues with his teeth. That’s been hard to find lately. I don’t understand the reason.

      • Sue

        I have a senior cat that can only eat pate as well. I’ve only been able to find a regular supply of cans at my local Petsmart.

    • Carol

      Cat food has trippled in price in the last few months. It breaks my heart because a vast number of people who are willing to adopt cats are elderly and on SS.
      I already make all of my dog’s food. It’s cheaper and healthier than canned. But my cat’s 20 years old and I am afraid to change much.

  3. Mollie

    There wouldn’t be this bad of a increase in groceries, if the farmers were getting what they’re asking. Cattle prices are low, but feeding, fuel,etc. have increased tremendously. The dairy cattle are low and the shipping process is another story. My sister and her husband farm 5000 acres of cotton. The increase in fuel, diesel, gas, and anything else that is used on a farm has doubled for them. Yet when you go to the Cottongin it doesn’t pay squat.

    • ToriSC

      Most of our food is controlled by a few small foreign controlled corporations. Not the farmers but the processors. They are the ones making all of the money & controlling the prices. But that’s how a capitalistic economy works.

      • Lisa


    • Claudia Boyer

      Activa pro biotic drink…vanilla

    • jigna

      Yes Mollie. I do feel for farmers. I hope government is able to help out with subsidies to our farmers. Please keep doing what you are. I am doing my part. We will make us strong again. 🤗

  4. Dott

    This is all so crazy and sad at the same time. So many affected in ways we never think of. Thank you for helping us save when we can.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re SO very welcome, Dott. 🥰

  5. Susan

    Do you have any plans to put the coupon database back on Hip2Save? I used to use it weekly and find myself using less coupons now that it is unavailable.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Susan! We had to remove it due to some technical issues it was causing with the site but we do hope to have it up and running again soon! 🙌💖

    • Lana

      iheartpublix.com and southernsavers.com have a data base you can use

      • Susan

        I don’t know why I didn’t already know iheartpublix.com has coupon database. Thank you very much for this info. (I had malicious malware try to get on to my coupon using southernsavers database years ago. I’m sure it’s fixed now but I don’t use that one anymore).

      • jigna

        Have noticed that most of the printable coupons are for non food items. I could find close to 50 to 60 food related coupons before. Now rarely 20 food related coupons are available.

    • Marinova

      Same that was a fave feature of this site years ago. What brought me here vs other sites

  6. Tera

    I’ve been looking for dill pickle slices for months, and OJ has been MIA for the past 4 weeks. What worries me, though, is chicken feed. Hoping to find some today.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hoping you find some soon too, Tera! 💖🤞

    • Gail

      I’ve been making overnight refrigerator pickles and they’re so good. So many recipes online for them. My stores don’t seem to have shortages on cucumbers. 😊

      • ToriSC

        I haven’t made those in years. Forgot I even could. Do you have any really good dill (but not spicy) recipe recommendations?

  7. Jackie

    Spaghetti, I haven’t found spaghetti in like 2 months. Meat…insane! I used to be able to get ground beef for $2.99/lbs 70/30 now I can’t find any less than $5.99/lbs and I’m from Kansas a meat state!!! Going to the groceries makes me sick every time 😩. Go in for just a few things and come out paying over $100 every single time. With a family of 5 it honestly makes it hard to do this and I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel

    • SavingsMama

      Omg yes. I used to qualify for assistance. I secured a better job but make just over the threshold. Now with the higher grocery prices, I’m in more debt than when I was lower income. Please try and help each other the best you can. It’s all we can do!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Ugh! I feel your pain, Jackie. I was having trouble getting spaghetti for a while too, but did find a big bulk box at my local BJ’s. 💖

    • jon-0

      The President says I did that.

  8. Dee

    There’s plenty of food at the grocery store, just not always exactly the brand or item I might be looking for. When we can’t find fresh chicken breasts, we buy chicken thighs or frozen chicken breasts. My cat will eat both wet and dry cat food and has adjusted. I think about the rationing my parents went through in World War 2 (dairy, meat, coffee, oils and gasoline) and wonder if anyone today could handle the sacrifices made by that entire generation. When I keep that in mind, I don’t get upset about an item being out.

    • Sara

      Not to be political– but I think the point is that this situation shouldn’t have happened. These shortages and inflation were preventable.

      • Sylvia

        Agree with you

        • ToriSC

          Keep in mind that the effects of both shortages and inflation take time to take effect. Shipping & manufacturing are not an instant process. Neither are price increases. What we are seeing now has been years in the making. You don’t plant a seed today and it turns into spaghetti tomorrow.

          • Denise


          • riss

            Agreed, ToriSC.

          • Luna

            Yes Toric! Finally I see a well-reasoned comment!

          • jigna

            At the beginning of pandemic lot of food products were left in the field to rot as there was no transportation , infrastructure available to ship the goods. There were warnings issued by economists that the impact will be felt in two years. Economy is a giant wheel that should not be stopped. And here we are, dealing with the aftermath. The wheel must keep turning or else it will be hard to reatart.

      • Jackie

        Couldn’t agree more!!!

      • Susan

        nailed it — sadly 🙁

      • faithanne

        True that!!

      • Sharon

        I think you are spot on! With all the world turmoil, we are caught in the middle and are paying for it while the elected officials are living high on the hog, pun intended. Just another way for the government to control us.

        • ToriSC

          Corporations not the government set the prices and determine what to buy & sell. And since I’m betting you are one of those who vehemently doesn’t want to live in a socialist country, this is what you get. Reap what you sow.

      • Jodi P

        This is a global problem. Every country is experiencing the exact same thing. Not to be political, but this global problem is not the fault of any American president or party.

    • Sylvia

      My parents where children in Europe during World War II, they starved for years, many days the only meal they had was bread, this because the transits during a war are so disturbed food items can’t reach people and quantity becomes very limited. I hope there won’t be a World War III on top of the pandemic.

    • Stella

      Amen, you said what I think too.

  9. Ariavenew

    Keep food pantries in mind if and when you do find grocery deals and have a little wiggle room in your own budget. Your donations help those who can’t absorb these price increases.

  10. acgold

    Can we talk about gas prices? In NJ Costco gas went up .18 in one day. Have to drive, but no more going out for a few things, just stopping on the way home from work.

    • Jackie

      Yes!!! It’s crazy over here also. In just a few weeks we will hit the $4/gal mark 🤮. I have a big SUV and it’s not because of a luxury but because we are a large family and we have to drive kids all over town. I have to fill up my 22 gal tank every week and it’s NOT cheap. Biden used the reserve we had and closed several pipe lines 🤦‍♀️. Please not turning this into a political thing but why? Why close the lines now? Also the cost to heat up your house this winter is and will be very high 😩

      • Casey

        You don’t want to get political yet you got political.

      • ToriSC

        Because you can only allow the reserve to dip so far. You can’t empty it just because someone doesn’t want to pay the market price. And there have been several refineries which have gone down. Not to mention that the gas you put into your tank is not the same oil as what America produces. We get that from overseas which is controlled by foreign governments who want as much as they can get so they can deal with their own problems.

      • Rhonda

        He stopped a pipeline that was very dangerous for our environment and we were not getting any product from that pipeline.

        • youdoyou

          You do realize that we were actual energy independent under Trump. Barrels were going for free because we had so many and no where to put the oil.

      • Jodi P

        My sister lives in the UK, and gas is $6 per gallon (In US dollars, converted from GBP and liters).

  11. Crystal

    This has been hard on my daughter. She has autism and with it only likes certain brands of certain foods. I have had a lot of conversations trying to convince her that brand A is the same as brand B or even hiding brand B inside of a brand A bag. I hit up 3 different grocery stores just to full fill my shopping list each week.

    • Kat9919

      I understand – I have a son with autism that is the exact same way. It’s hard to find the foods we CAN get him to eat!

  12. Faith

    In the past my husband would get aggravated by me trying to stock up on certain items. I can say now he understands and even appreciates the fact that I stock-up. I didn’t even have a hard time getting him to make a special trip to the grocery store when they Ibotta offered the free items for the super bowl. Couponing is a key in for us as my husband is a full-time student getting his degree to become a pastor. All I can say is “Thank You” hip2save team for always helping us with finding great deals.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Faith! Thanks for so much for the sweet comment! 💞🥰

  13. tas

    If you can get to your local grocery stores early enough to find out when they put out their discounted meats and breads/bakery goods, DO IT! It has saved my family SOOO much money. We freeze bread, butter, meat, sliced cheese…if it’s an excellent deal and I know it’s going to get used w/in 2-3 months, we freeze it.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks a ton for the helpful tip! 🙌

  14. Coupon Mama

    I have been a couponer for over 10 years and I am also on disability. I also get food stamps and they were lowered recently because of the government’s small cost of living increase! I used to be able to get more than enough food. Now I can’t have dairy (with a few exceptions) or gluten and I am a Type II diabetic. Also with the cost of non food items going up thing have gotten very difficult across the board. Where I live Kroger is still the best place to shop as far as sales and coupons. Food Lion would be the next runner up leaving Walmart in 3rd place. We live at least an hour from Publix or Aldi. I have never been to either store. Thing have really gotten bad as far as this is concerned and that is not even discussing what the stores do not have on their shelves!

    • Jodi P

      Your state isn’t giving everyone the maximum amount of food stamps, during the pandemic? That’s terrible. I’m in Illinois, and get the full $250/mo, instead of the $144 I’d usually get this year. in 2021, the maximum was $194, and my usual amount was $127.

  15. Rach

    Saltine crackers.. where are they!?!? Lol

    • Sue

      You too? For 4 weeks, my Walmart & Aldis had none. Finally found a handful of boxes one week.

  16. Tammy

    I live in Mason, Ohio. They are always out of Simple Truth Milk and whipped cream cheese at my Kroger among other things. And the line at checkout are crazy! They don’t have enough cashiers! So frustrating?

    • Amanda7141

      I work at a grocery store There’s line because they don’t want to hire now because of wage increases.

  17. Kathryn

    Shopping for someone with food allergies is an even bigger challenge now!

    • Sandy:)

      Yes! We’re having the same challenge.

    • Deb

      It is the worst! When you are allergic to most of the items and have to buy brand/store specific it is horrible when they are out.

  18. JuJu

    Rice Chex cereal is very hit and miss. And I think Kroger had stopped making their more affordable version (Rice Bitz) too.

  19. Lana

    We shop Aldi first and then one other store for what we did not find at Aldi. The second store depends on the ads and what we want to pick up that trip. Then we come home and put what we could not get on next week’s list. Since we have always kept a well stocked pantry we can always find something to substitute.

    A huge saver for us is discount grocery stores in our are such as Grocery Outlet. We buy other short dated food for very little. Google discount grocery and see what you can find. Have an open mid. Many of these stores are located in less desirable areas of town but we always find them to be clean and well organized. Oddly enough they often have what all the other stores are out of.

  20. Christine

    Cat food is the worst. My cats love Friskies but it’s hard to find it anymore and in some stores it’s over $1 a can. I haven’t seen coupons for Friskies in a couple of years. I was buying Aldi’s cat food but they have been out too. I have been buying sardines in water and jack mackerel from Dollar Tree and whatever canned cat food that I can find on Amazon. I also bought a book on cooking for your cats, and I’m thinking that will be next if I can’t find cat food.

    • Malissa

      Walmart has firskies for 68cents. Hope helps

    • Sue

      The only place I have been able to find Friskies where I live is my local Petsmart. They are only charging $.63 a can, which is only 3 cents more than what I was paying at Walmart.

    • Lauri

      Have you checked the prices on Chewy.com? I have been ordering from them for several years and find they are comparable or less for the products I purchase. I purchase monthly and get a small discount and free shipping when you order over $49.00.

  21. Jen

    Anyone else notice that the “store brand” generic of certain items has either gone out of stock or disappeared altogether? For instance, Aldi’s fat free cream of soups were MIA for months, just saw some on the shelf last week. Kroger seems to have discontinued store-brand canned pasta (ravioli, etc.) and cake mixes/brownie mixes, which were staples for us. Can’t find those items in the actual Kroger store *OR* at Ruler Foods, their discount store.

    • Donica2013

      Yes. Walmart brand cream cheese & other great value brands are always out of stock here.

    • Crystal

      Yes! There are far less store brand items than there used to be.

  22. Blue

    I haven’t been able to find Era Laundry detergent anywhere. It’s the only brand that gets hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, dirt, manure out of our clothes.

  23. ToriSC

    Sigh…….first world problems – lol. There’s plenty in the stores it’s just not the “brand, flavor, size” you want. Want being the key word. Having grown up extremely poor (and worked like h e double hockey sticks to get out) every time I see complaining like this I have to shake my head and laugh at the silliness. When all you have to eat is a slice of bread and you go to bed in layers of hand me down clothes because there’s no heat and you walk to the store because there’s no other way to get there, that’s when you might have a reason to complain – not because you can’t find your favorite cereal or laundry detergent. Think about those who really have nothing the next time you step into a store and can’t find what you want. Be thankful always, as I can guarantee there is someone with it worse than you. And as far as having to cut back some, look in your garbage can before you put it out and see how much has been wasted. And yes I am an umpteeth generation American (preAmerica actually)- just thanks to the Navy I’m aware of just how good we have it here even in these “trying” (insert NY sarcasm) times.

    • Chrissy

      Yes, This 👆💯. Thank you!

    • Crystal

      I’m glad your stores have “plenty.” That is not the case everywhere- even here in America.

      • Mommyof51987

        I agree it is not that the store doesn’t carry the brand is that food prices have gone up 40% in the last year in my area.

      • ToriSC

        They don’t have to have plenty, just enough that you won’t starve. Again you have a first world problem point of view.

    • Lori

      Thank you for saying this. Speaks to my heart

  24. tracy

    Supply & demand influence prices of course, but corporations see an opportunity and grab it. A national restaurant chain blames their menu price hikes on .50 cent raises for their workers. In reality they have increased their CEO’s salary by 137%. He made $40 mil last year.

    • ToriSC

      Correct! Capitalism at its finest. Of course you can always protest with your pocketbook. Don’t like the price then don’t buy it. Fortunately websites like this tell you how to make some pretty good duplicates.

  25. shey59

    I suppose it’s the best time ever for me being vegan, no one wants that stuff lol. I have went back to couponing at Walgreens for essentials which has helped.

    • Marie

      Happy to be a vegetarian! Haven’t noticed a big increase on lentils or beans yet.

  26. amy

    This just shows americans are spoiled. There is more than enough food. People just decide to throw fits over items then could just substitute.

    • Suz in OH

      I do not see anyone throwing fits over shortages. It is frustrating to make a planned shopping list including sales and coupons and then not be able to get items. Some things are hard to substitute “on the fly.”

    • Jackie

      OMG It’s NOT being spoiled it’s NOT having money to pay for the available items sometimes! Usually the non available items are staples that you need like milk, eggs, bread. My store is having a shortage on several of those items and the substitute ones are 2 sometimes 3 times the price of the unavailable one. Yes, there might be food, and you could find a substitute but the prices for the subs are not feasible sometimes if you are in a budget. So now not only we can’t find items at the store and when we do the inflation is hurting every family out there but we are throwing a tantrum and we are spoiled? Even dollar tree now is 25% more. Don’t know you but my family is still making the same amount of money as we did before the pandemic, except everything is between 5-25% higher now

  27. Suz in OH

    I tend to shop sales/use coupons and keep several months’ supply on hand of most items. Fortunately, Kroger extended one of their sale promotions an extra week recently after my first time by the store. At least 5 items I wanted were not available and substituted items would cost me more than the ones on sale. I shop no more than once per week to conserve gas but I was able to get back to the store during the extended time to get some items at the better price. What really concerns me is that it seems as if every item previously priced at $1 has been increased to $1.25, so a 25% increase on those items. It still is amazing to me that the cream cheese section is nearly empty every time I go in.

    • candie

      Just a thought about shopping at Kroger. In my area they do give rain checks, but not for the weekly digital deals. i have told the manager they should because they will get the item in. Usually in a couple of days after sale ends. They have not bought in to that yet. LOL The last time I had several items i wanted, I did a store pickup order. You can chose to select substitutions on each item. If they substitute, the substituted item will cost the same as the item that is on sale. i.e. They had 5lb. bags of potatoes for !.49. They were out of stock, so they gave me a 10 lb. bag for $2.99. i try to do this on day one of sale.

      • Susie

        That’s a good idea! The main problem with pickup ordering for me is when they have a “Buy 5 or more items, Get $1 each item” sale. If they’re out of stock and try to substitute for you, it’s often a substitute item that’s not part of the sale. Just something to keep in mind. They do the best they can so no complaints! I have started going inside more often so I have a little more control.

      • Joanne

        I got the same 10-pound substitute for the potatoes that week! The Kroger pickup tip is what I wanted to suggest as well. I get substitutes for items often, and it is typically the same brand with a larger size for the lower price. This week, I bought a 16 ounce box of frozen mozzarella sticks for the Super Bowl, and they substituted for the same brand, but a 53 ounce box that cost more than double the price. I am almost always very happy with their substitutions, and I’m grateful for that service being offered.

  28. Krissy

    At our local Walmart gatorade, chicken, pasta, and frozen potatoes have been in short supply. Sometimes paper plates, dairy and eggs are an issue too. A local supermarket chain just announced that will stop doubling manufacturers coupons this week. Coupons seem to be more trouble than they are worth anymore We!
    On a positive note, we have found ourselves being better stewards of our leftovers which is a great thing 😊

    • ToriSC

      Just think less waste is not only good for the pocketbook but the environment as well as it’s not hitting the garbage.

  29. Nancy King

    I can’t wait for summer I’m ready to start my garden, got everything I need except the sun lol.
    I used to not shop often at Walmart but as of now I have the best luck finding items I need.

  30. melindaw

    The continued lack of products & rise in prices were DIRECTLY affected by our governments choices to lock us down for so long. They have crippled at least temporarily our economy & prices won’t go back down. I’m betting inventory will never be the same as businesses saw we still buy what they have. It’s not an encouraging direction.

    • ToriSC

      Actually they were not. The primary driver is that corporations switched over to not maintaining inventory of critical parts and then outsourced everything overseas. The shipping lines and overseas manufacturers shut down. Sorry but the US government has no say as to what those guys do. They can only ask. And as for producers here…..they had to shut down because people were getting sick at phenomenal rates. No one wants to die for someone else’s chicken nuggets.

    • Casey

      We were never in a true “lockdown.”

  31. Dena

    I’m always stunned that milk costs more than a gallon of gas. Are we at war with the cows?!? I just joined Sam’s Club because I got a Groupon so I got a free membership. I normally shop at Walmart down the aisles and for Dairy. I go to a more expensive store that’s local in New York. It’s a more expensive store but if I don’t shop down the aisles and I just follow the sales I get a way better quality on my produce, fruit and meat and it cost me a lot less than even Wallmart would cost me! But I did the pricing between Sam’s and Walmart and there’s really not a difference other than a couple of cents once you break down the amounts and prices. Just keep following the sales. So when chicken breasts boneless and skinless are $1.49 a pound or $1.99 a pound it’s worth it to get more and then freeze them. Try to do the same with everything when it goes on sale now because prices are going to continue to go up.

    • ToriSC

      Amazing isn’t it how milk is extremely expensive in a Dairy state???

    • PNW

      Guess it depends where you live. Fred Meyers milk is 3.67 or so. Gas at that store is $3.96. Other Freddie’s I’ve seen gas at $4.03.

  32. Stephanie

    And remember shipping costs if anything is coming from china have exploded. Where my husband works a container used to be $3,000 and now is more like $20,000 to ship the same amount. So combine that with labor increases and prices are bound to go up.

  33. Mommyof51987

    I know, Our grocery budget is honestly non existent. WE buy only meat and produce and dairy and our meat prices are out of control. We have yet to have supply issues but I have a panic attack going to to the store. Literally two days ago I was creating my grocery list with prices and two days later prices have increased. 5 dozen eggs used to be 5.99 and now it is over $11 in my area. How are we expected to feed our families?! I am honestly considering not buying milk for my kids so I can afford to buy other food items. That is ridiculous. We could afford to buy our family groceries without worries a year ago and now every month is a struggle. Even with sales, deals and coupons money is so tight.

  34. Sara

    I just ran into my first shortage of the pandemic yesterday. Albertsons is out of O Organics canned lentils. I don’t need organic lentils, but that is the only kind I have ever found locally. Whole Foods carries canned lentils, but they cost $1.50 more than Albertsons. Walmart, Winn Dixie, and Rouses don’t sell canned lentils. Dry lentils won’t work for the recipe I want to make Wednesday.

    My mom and I never had a problem with toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergent. She has been stocking up on those three items since Hurricane Gustav in 2008. She saw how hurricane panic prep decimated store shelves and didn’t want to go through that again. I picked up the habit, although I have less on hand than she does.

  35. Csandst1

    Between Aldi, Walmart BJ’s and Amazon, I find what I need. I don’t buy beef anymore, especially roasts. A chuck roast to feed the 4 of us is $25 or more. It shrinks so much there’s no leftovers. Too expensive for one meal. I don’t buy bacon anymore or bell peppers. Never did I think I’d see the day where meatloaf or pot roast would be a treat.

    Coupons don’t save much money for me. Generic is almost always cheaper. Cost of Sunday newspapers negate the savings of coupons. I haven’t been able to find free newspapers on a regular basis. DT doesn’t regularly have the Sunday paper.

    YouTube has good videos on emergency meal plans. These wee very helpful when my husband was unemployed for two years.

    • Csandst1

      Ugh hate typos— should be “were” not “wee.” 😂

    • Sue

      I am lucky if I use 1 coupon a month. I remember in the past using at least 10 a week. Generic brands are big with us too (& always have been.) And since I don’t buy a lot of store brands, I don’t get a lot of savings using Ibotta either. I used to pay for a newspaper on the weekends only, but they raised the price 10% over last year (on top of 10% last year as well) so I didn’t renew my subscription. I wasn’t even using the coupons I got; I would just pass them on to my mom.

  36. Ange

    Hey guys! We are feeling the pinch too. I just wanted to pass on two youtube people who do GREAT budget / extreme meal plans for the week. I love putting them on as I go through my fridge to use up food or prep veggies or the glamorous washing of dishes. 🙂 Frugal Fit Mom & See Mindy Mom I hope this helps! It feels encouraging to watch videos and get inspired.

  37. Darla

    Ugh. I got paralyzed from an outpatient surgery. I live alone and so I have to get my groceries delivered! They’re even more expensive and can’t add coupons and the fees are incredible! On disability it is just killed me. I have noticed that Amazon is going more toward bulk so to buy one item sometimes it’s hard to find there too. Plus it’s takes forever if you want different items. Shoppers also (I think) blow off some of the items and say they are unavailable such as the watermelon so they don’t have to carry. I always wanted and rarely got them LOL. Ugh

  38. youdoyou

    Is everyone ready to sacrifice to bring us to repentance? We need to renew our national covenant and become a God fearing people again. God can only get us to repent when we are hurting unfortunately. American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII. Go back to church, fast for righteousness to return, repent and remember what Jesus did for all of us. Be kind, don’t judge, feed the hungry, clothe the naked. Serve, Love and turn your heart to God.

    • Casey

      No thanks

    • jaacki

      2 chronicles 7: 13-15 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place”.

  39. just saying

    Repent and turn your heart to God. Only way to turn us back to righteousness is for us to hurt and start making great sacrifices.

  40. ToriSC

    Well hate to freak everyone out but avocados are about to get more expensive. I guess our health inspectors lives were more important than my guacamole. Those drug cartels are so darn inconsiderate. (FYI I’m from NY so read accordingly)

  41. Lisa

    I agree with these last two comments. We are a nation that has forgotten God. It is time for repentence.

    • Casey


  42. Alyshia

    Our area in WA seems to be out of bottled water. Which is fine, I can refill bottles and use the tap! I just like to have it for on the go for car trips.
    Oh and we are low on kitty litter! 😬 I’ve had to switch my brands. I’ve been finding cat food, thankfully, but now I’ll make sure to grab another bag when I’m out next! 🐈

  43. Tricia Miller

    Around my area, Fritos a favorite snack at my house, has gotten impossible to find lately anywhere. About the last 3 months actually. It’s a sad day when Frito pies are not on the menu anymore. 😫

  44. Carol

    Cat food has trippled in price in the last few months. It breaks my heart because a vast number of people who are willing to adopt cats are elderly and on SS.
    I already make all of my dog’s food. It’s cheaper and healthier than canned. But my cat’s 20 years old and I am afraid to change much.

  45. Carol

    Amazon still has canned cat food but box of 60 cans has risen from $20.xx to over $60.xx.
    Sad because a lot of people who are willing to adopt cats are elderly and on fixed income. Strays already have it rough. And there aŕe many elderly people who have only one friend. Often a furface.
    I make all of my dog’s food.

  46. Carol

    It is time to recognize this is not going to be a short term recession. The plethora of American and world problems will be here for some time. From trucker strikes to continuing pandemic as well as political unrest, absolutely nothing indicates this recession will be short lived. Purchasing staples while you are still able to do so is only practical. Lentils and other dried beans will keep your family fed. As will oatmeal and whatever canned vegetables you can gather. And it would be wise to get a decent amount of powdered milk. The judgemental lady who chastised someone for complaining about luxury deprivation has a unique perspective. Possibly she feels she will be able to ride it out should this recession become a depression as it could well do. Since wealth is unevenly distributed some will endure longer than others if things get worse. But it would seem better to prepare for the possibility of deprivation and have a few extra cake mixes, lentils and oatmeal canisters cluttering your world than to completely depend on an obviously poorly functioning government to save you.

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