Paige Loves Sam’s Club but Her Husband Loves Costco… Here’s Why

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Sam’s Club vs Costco: Which is better?!

Paige wearing Team Sam's Club shirt

Hey there, Paige here!

I work more behind the scenes at Hip2Save but I just couldn’t resist expressing my love for Sam’s Club since it’s “Bulk Buying Tips” week of our Financial Boot Camp!

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Bruce outside of Costco storefront

Anyway, I LOVE shopping at Sam’s Club for a variety of reasons, while my husband Bruce would much rather shop at Costco. I know that any marriage has its ups and downs but not agreeing on our preferred warehouse store comes up more than you’d think!

In the case of fairness, here are both of our reasons why we each have our own store preference.

Why I love shopping at Sam’s Club:

1. Overall, it’s more affordable.

Paige by rotisserie chickens at Sam's Club

I personally think Sam’s Club is a little bit cheaper than Costco. For example, not only is their Rotisserie Chicken better, but it’s a whole penny less as well! 😆 In all seriousness, I’ve noticed the frozen food section to be cheaper than Costco’s. In general, if you’re joining a warehouse club to save money, Sam’s is your best bet.

2. Sam’s has a better clothing selection.

Paige holding up sweatshirt from Sam's Club

While I love every clothing purchase I’ve made at Sam’s, my Nine West jeans (the ones I’m wearing in all the photos) are my favorite. They’re called the Heidi Skinny Crop and even readers seem to love them as well! I’ve even spotted Athleta dupes from Sam’s, and you can’t beat the price.

3. There are no impulse buys at checkout.

Empty checkout lines at Sam's Club

Sam’s doesn’t have a lot of the do-dads that Costco does, meaning I can get out of Sam’s without a cart full of goodies that Costco conveniently places right by the checkout! Obviously, I could just say no and not be tempted, but I always seem to spend a lot more money at Costco.

4. The Sam’s Club Scan & Go app is a game changer.

Paige using the Scan and Go app at Sam's Club

When I walk into the store and see a big line waiting to check out, I always smile to myself knowing how fast I’ll check out with the Scan and Go app. I’m out and on my way with literally just the swipe of a button! Not to mention the added convenience of being able to check prices while walking throughout the store.

The best perk? It helps me stay on budget! I’ll give myself a shopping limit and I can see exactly how close I am as I’m adding items to my cart.

5. They serve Coke products.

Paige by Diet Coke soda dispenser

Everyone on the Hip2Save team knows my love for Diet Coke, so it’s mandatory I grab one after I checkout to enjoy it on the ride home. This is a huge Sam’s win for me since Costco only carries Pepsi. 😖

Why my husband loves shopping at Costco:

1. Costco has better food variety.

Paleo pancake mix at Costco

I’ll give it to Costco; they have a wider variety and unique food products compared to Sam’s Club’s selection. This is huge for people who follow different diets and eating lifestyles such as keto to get discounted bulk buys on diet-friendly groceries.

Costco also carries the Brewer’s Advent Calendar which naturally has won over my craft beer-loving husband so the fun find means another point for Costco.

2. They have a high-end selection of other consumer products.

Bruce with Costco knife set

Bruce is in love with this big ol’ knife set he picked up from Costco. He says it’s FAR superior to the one I bought at Sam’s. I’ll take his word on this one since it does seem like Costco has a better selection of name-brand items.

3. The meat department can’t be beaten.

Bruce holding up bulk meat package at Costco

My husband hates to shop, but he was all too excited to head out to Costco when we were planning a BBQ this past summer. He seriously raves about the quality of meat at Costco and how affordable it is when making bulk purchases. Well, I’ll let him have this one, too, since it meant I didn’t have to shop for BBQ supplies for the party! 😂

The main takeaway of Sam’s vs Costco.

Sam's Club and Costco shirts

I’ll always love Sam’s Club as Bruce will always love Costco, which is a difference we’re both fine living with. However, we can agree that Sam’s is better for grocery savings while Costco is better for grocery selection.

Where do you stand on the Sam’s Club vs. Costco debate?

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  1. beth

    For us, its availability. There’s 3 Sam’s clubs within reasonable driving distance of us and only one Costco. And the Costco is farther away than any of the three Sam’s clubs.

    • sne3103

      Also, I have 2 Sam’s clubs near me, and the Costco is double the distance. Sam’s is also open till later

      • paigewh

        My Sam’s is closer too 🙂

    • Sarah

      No Sam’s Club in Western Washington. My first Costco membership was at the 2nd Costco warehouse so no choice I’m team Costco.

  2. Megan B

    That’s why we have both. I’m team Costco and hubby is team Sams 😜

  3. burksaving

    I agree with Beth on convenience. We love both but Sams is very close whereas Costco is over an hours drive away. My hubby and I always compare pros/cons of the two and I often keep track of both stores sales.

  4. sne3103

    The checkout lines at Costco, atleast on the weekends, are a major put-off. I walked in last Saturday, and, not kidding, the line was halfway through the store. Needless to say, I turned right around and left. I don’t understand why they don’t start a self scan checkout program like Sam’s. Another awesome perk at Sam’s is the order online, and pick up in store feature!

    • paigewh

      Oh SERIOUSLY! You should see the picture I took of my husband waiting in line … 🙂

    • J

      Amen! Then, there’s all these registers but only 3 lines open. I don’t get it. It’s a total turn off for every paying customer. Costco acts like we’re all charity cases in this aspect.

      • queen62

        Every area is different Milford Ct. on weekends will have all registers open compared to New Rochelle NY. the line can go out the door. If enough people complain things will change.

        • Mel

          I live in New Rochelle, less than 10 minutes from Costco and will drive to BJs in the Bronx to avoid those Costco lines!

    • Lisa

      sne3103, could not agree with you more. I’m Team Sam’s Club (5 minutes away). Have a Costco about 35 minutes away. Love it when I go with my DIL who has a membership, but the lines are a total put-off. Other than sheer arrogance of Costco, I have no idea why people put up with the lines. Even to get gas, lines!

      • paigewh

        I never have found a good time to go to Costco! It’s always LINES, LINES, LINES!

        • jenn

          I was gonna say, there has never been a day/time the lines were not ridiculous at both my local Costco’s.

      • Sarah

        I think Costco has better products than Sam’s Club. If you go first thing in the morning I find the lines more reasonable.

        • Maria

          The Costco near us people were lining up outside the door to get in a half hour before the store opens and that’s even on a weekday morning. It’s like Black Friday every day.

    • je

      Our Costco has self-checkout but I’ve never used it. I pay the membership fee so I don’t really feel like I should be scanning a cart full of items myself since we usually just go there once a month and come out with a very full cart.

    • queen62

      Costco in Waterbury Ct. has self checkout

  5. Em

    I do love some Sam’s Club!! I just wish I had a Costco to compare!

  6. Charmaine

    Sams—not as crowded, better produce, better snack foods, they have the good strong cheese, deli meat options better, single cartons of milk, all around less $.
    Costco—best meat, toilet paper, nicer home products.

    • Charmaine

      String cheese not strong cheese. They do have strong cheese too. 😂

      • paigewh

        Charmaine! That is a PERFECT explanation! I agree 🙂

      • Laura

        I thought you were referring to SHARP cheese and different flavors instead of the boring, bland cheese!

        • Charmaine

          Sams has great deli selection of cheese. They have ricotta cheaper than grocery stores. My family likes the Frigo string cheese, which Sams has and Costco doesn’t. Sams has the best rotisserie chickens too. Better seasoning on them and cooked better. I like both stores, but prefer to go to Sams because it’s calmer.

      • Kendra McAllister

        Lol! Cheese lover here, too!

  7. Sushi

    Sam’s app & delivery ROCKS!

  8. Meghann

    Team Sam’s! I love that they offer club pickup! Helps keep me on track and only buy the things I need!

    • paigewh

      SO TRUE! I love that!

  9. Linds

    I have both a Sams and Costco membership. Overall, I prefer Costco over Sams. I try to buy organic as much as I can and Costco makes it so much affordable. And I would have to disagree on the clothes. I like Costco’s clothes more than Sams! However, I do have to say that I don’t really like Costco’s huge crowds. I can get in and out of sams much faster. And I don’t even try gas at Costco on some days. THe Costco in SLC has self checkout, but the other ones closer to me haven’t yet. Im hoping they get on board soon!

    • paigewh

      I don’t know what it is, but I find more clothing things I like at Sam’s more than Costco. I also LOVE the leggings at Sam’s. Only $9.99 and they’re so soft – They’re quickly turning into my Work Pants 🙂

  10. riss

    I guess it’s good that we have both Costco and Sam’s club less than 4 miles from our house. And we have memberships to both. Sam’s club is so convenient because not too many people go there, plus the scan and go is a bonus. No problem with parking, either. But even that, we are not going to renew with Sam’s club. We like the selection at Costco better, eventhough parking is a nightmare.

  11. JulieL

    I absolutely LOVE(ed) the Sam’s app and use(d) it religiously until one trip when there was an error in the app while I was checking out, and I couldn’t complete the purchase. I figured no big deal, aside from the additional time, and simply completed my checkout in a regular line. Unfortunately, both charges did go through and I am still fighting with my bank and Sam’s club two months later to have the duplicate charge of over $100 refunded to me. Needless to say I am gun shy on EVER using that app again!

    • paigewh

      OH NO! That is a nightmare Julie! I am so sorry 🙁

    • steph

      I had it charge me 4 times when I first got membership. Luckily for me I had a refund in 24 hours but it was SO stressful. Hasn’t happened again in months that I’ve been using it weekly though so I think that it was that version of the app or something. Every time they update it they seem to break it

      • dblD amber

        Not the only one huh? When we first signed up, a $75 purchase was charged 7 times . Really? In the end it was all refunded about a month later but it was a hassle. I still use it religiously especially at holiday season. My kids laugh when walk right to the door while others wait in line for 10 to 15 minutes

  12. Faith

    I like Costco better overall, but do always make it a point to buy toilet paper from Sam’s. I’ve gotten the store brand at both and love the one from Sam’s better. Not only it a better quality, but cheaper because you get more rolls and they last a lot longer!!!

    • paigewh

      We buys Sam’s TP too. Totally agree 🙂

  13. Maria

    I have both memberships – pizza’s better at Costco and berry sundae is better at Sam’s. My locations are about 2 blocks apart, so we eat dinner at one and dessert at the other!! Also, gas prices are the same – lines are way shorter at Sam’s. Love both.

  14. Charlotte's Mom

    We are fortunate to have both near home. We have both memberships but I hit up Costco almost weekly whereas we go to Sams maaaaybe once every 2-3 months. Costco has better grocery selection, higher quality meats and overall better customer service in my experience (and let’s face it, better (and more) samples!) My kids also prefer the cafe foods at Costco over Sams despite Sam’s having icees. The Costco chicken bake is a huge hit with my 7yo. I am a lifetime Costco member and only renew Sams when there’s a H2S deal that makes it practically free.

    • paigewh

      That’s the opposite of me! I go to Sam’s weekly and Costco maybe every other month? We do post TONS of good Sam’s membership deals, so that does help! I’ll have to look for the Chicken bake. I bet my kiddos would like that too 🙂

  15. caroline

    I totally agree with author! Sam’s is more affordable and Costco carries high brand products. My husband loves Costco Calvin Klein pants and he wants to buy again and again. >_<

  16. Steph

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sams club scan and go app. But I wish they sold more gluten free products like costco. Gluten free bread especially. Costcos bakery stuff is better too. I end up doing 90% of my shopping at Sams Club then grab GF bread and muffins at Costco

    • paigewh

      This is true. My oldest daughter has Celiac’s Disease and she shops at Costco!

  17. dblD amber

    Paige you and that Coke outfit, amazing. You look incredible.

    • paigewh

      Thank you so much! You just made my week 🙂 Collin gave me that outfit a few years ago – I LOVE it!

  18. Lauren Travis

    Costco only takes VISA and Sam’s takes every major credit card.

  19. Krysta

    I love this post! And the cute shirts! Lol

    • paigewh

      Thank you so much Krysta! I love my Sam’s shirt! Lina made them – Isn’t she AWESOME?

  20. Nora-Lee

    I agree too on convenience, Sam’s is 5 minutes away and with the app I can actually get in and out quick if I only need a few items. Costco is father away, parking is a nightmare and the lines are ridiculous, even if you only need a couple of things.

    Just keep in mind the app at Sam’s is good if you are not purchasing alcohol, but we usually pay everything through the app anyway and do self-checkout for beer or wine and we are out quicker than scanning everything at checkout.

  21. Clippy

    What about BJs?
    I shop Costco because our Sam’s closed down, but I don’t know anyone team BJs… Just wondering why

    • Nora-Lee

      I went the other day with a friend and since they have their own print coupons and they accept manufacturers coupons I found their prices way too high. If you don’t plan and take your coupons with you, you end up spending more. At least that was my experience.

    • paigewh

      We don’t have any here, but I’d love to try it! We don’t have an Aldi either … #utah

    • Emily

      BJ’s is absolutely the worst! You are missing nothing. I’m stuck in BJ’s Land and I secretly hope they’ll go out of business. You actually have the cut their own coupons to get the deals. Physically cut them in the store. Non-food selection is a joke. No pharmacy, no cafe, and while they do have a deli it is always a 30+ wait.

    • Tasia

      I’m totally team BJs too! I have a Costco and BJs membership because Sam’s is an hour away. I love wholesale clubs in general and after reading this I’m even MORE tempted to grab a Sam’s membership.

  22. grandmat57

    COSTCO ALL THE WAY!!! It’s pretty evident in the towns I go to that Costco’s parking lot is has way more cars in it then Sams does! Pretty sure which place the majority prefer! COSTCO! Love the higher end name brand clothing too at Costco! It’s a WIN for both my husband and I! 🥳🤩🎉🎊🥇🏆

    • kw

      Agree w/ grandmat57! Maybe crowds in 1 store are telling the real story!
      Team Costco here!!!
      We go find Costco stores when we travel. Fun to see what others offer.
      When in Honolulu we were told each island has a different items & people island hop to frequent different Costco stores.
      Let’s also talk about fuel savings at Costco!! We waited 30 min at the Maui one to save $2/gallon … that was a deal! Local Costco saves us 20+ cents per gallon always.

  23. Wren

    I don’t consider us a “high-end” family, but I like having access to “higher end” stuff at more affordable prices. I like that Costco (usually) has good quality items. Costco is the ONLY place I buy meat. My mom has worked for Costco for 30 years and she says the meat is top notch. 😉

  24. Mel

    Sam’s all the way here too!! since my parents live with us, we go to Sam’s weekly. Mostly for produce, milk, eggs & bread. But we do get some bulk items that I know are a better deal. For example, 6pk of Philly Cream Cheese is $7.98 this month, which works out to $1.33 each. Stores have them on sale usually $1.50-$1.99, so the bulk price is better.
    My hubby has a Costco card, b/c he got a discount through his job. I have gone with him a few times, but I always think, gosh this is cheaper at Sam’s, better price at Sam’s! However, Costco does have some foods that Sam’s doesn’t sell. Found Lakanto Granulated Monkfruit for $9 (28 oz). I paid $5 (on sale) for an 8.3 oz bag at a local grocery store just a few days before!
    The biggest downside to Costco is the crowds. Both times I’ve gone on a weekday (once around 10, the other time around 1pm) and it was crowded as heck. I can’t even begin to imagine shopping there on Sat or Sunday! Which is why I avoid Sam’s on the weekend!.

  25. Mrsyancy

    I have both memberships and I like both for different reasons. I can also get to both in less than 10 minutes.

  26. Lisa C

    I agree with both of you! And for the same reasons. Sam’s does tend to be less expensive, but I feel like Costco has “better stuff”. Ultimately, Costco wins for me because both of the Sam’s clubs by my work & home closed, which means I have to go out of my way to get to one. I still do very occasionally, but Costco is way more convenient.

  27. Lase

    Costco forever and ever. I love the selections you get in all departments. The organic and healthy items are a win win too. The atmosphere is fantastic compared to gloomy Sam’s club. Costco’s prices can’t be beat.

  28. Jen

    We left Costco for Sam’s a few years ago. The Cistco crowds and long lines, both in-store and at the gas station, weren’t worth it. All I could think about my membership was, ‘I’m paying for the privilege to shop with a crowd and wait in line?!’

    • MrsGarfield

      There is no difference between the lines (both gas and store) at Costco and Sam’s club where I live.

  29. Stephen Blair

    With Sam’s Club, there is multiple methods to buy a discounted new membership. It seems like every week Checkout 51 has a opportunity to buy a discounted new membership.

    If you have a American Express credit card, every couple months, there is a Amex offer for a discounted Sam’s membership. On my card right now, I can buy a Sam’s membership for half-off.

    Sometimes Sam’s have extra promos for new memberships, like free cookies and coupons with a new membership.
    The only time I see discounted Costco, is like once a year on Groupon.

    Unfortunately, there is no Sam’s Club’s near me so I can never take advantage of those offers.

    I do have BJ’s near me and have they have several offers to get a discounted new memberships. Every couple months there is discounted Groupons for Bj’s memberships with coupons. Also every couple of weeks, in the local weekly smartsource coupon flyer, Bj’s has a coupon for a FREE three month membership.

  30. Amber T.

    We don’t have a costco, but I love Sams. That being said, my husband had ordered a large, $700 item from Sams. He passed away suddenly and I called the very next day and stopped the order. The nice lady confirmed the large purchase had been stopped and my husbands credit card would be credited within 2 weeks. Fast forward to two months later when I was still trying to settle his bank accounts and the bank wouldn’t close his card because the $700 charge from Sams was STILL not back on his card. I had to call 11 more times, get three managers involved and threaten to use a lawyer. A full 5 months after his death the money was finally returned. Needless to say, it was a headache I didn’t need while I was planning a funeral, trying my hardest to pay bills, and learn single motherhood with 3 small children. That was 4 months ago that it was refunded and I am still a bit salty….. 🙁

    • queen62

      Wow that is alot to deal with. So sorry for your loss.

    • paigewh

      Oh Amber! You definitely did NOT need that extra stress. I am glad they FINALLY fixed it, but what a mess. I am so sorry for your loss and hope you and your kiddos are doing well. ❤️

    • shop4mybabies

      i’m so sorry for your sisters husband died unexpectedly after turning 40 in may…dealing with his death was horrific for her and their 4 year old but dealing with the bills and the car lease and all of those things made the traumatic situation so much worse

  31. witoldyna

    We do have both memberships but will be dropping sams club. Our sams club does not have any organic foods, no organic fruits or vegetables (except 1lb spinach boxes). Clothes are not as good quality as Costco, just my personal opinion about our sams club. Also, a few years ago we were changing tires in the local sams club and they overtightened the bolts (or something like that, My husband knows more about it ;-)). A few weeks later we came back from the dealership with a big bill because we had to install something connected with the tires which sams club broke (again, my husband knows more than I), Sams club refused to show us the tape from when they were changing the tires (they said only court may request it…), we filed a complaint and never heard back. They also told us they can’t agree that it is their fault because we did go for the standard check up and rotation to the dealership (1 year old car, still on warranty so yes, we went to the dealership instead of paying them for that) while the dealership (who we trust and they never disappointed us) said that such damage can only be a result of screwing the nuts or bolts or whatever when putting the tires ON and not when you take them off. Needless to say, we won’t be doing anything like that in sams club again and we wouldn’t be back even now but I needed one thing (literally one thing) and only sams club had it and they sent us a coupon for $20 if we open the account. So now we have a sams club card and the store is 3 minutes from us and we still drive 30 minutes to Costco.

    • Joanne

      That happened to me at Costco, one of my lug nuts was stripped when they repaired a flat tire and put it back on the car. They told me to get the lug nut repaired, bring them the bill and they would write me a check. No questions asked. They couldn’t have been nicer and i had the check in mail within a week. This was at the Milford CT Costco.

  32. Jessica

    Off topic, but make sure to check your mail! I just got a coupon for a mystery coupon for JCP either 30,40,or 50% off your total purchase from 10/17-20… I got 50% off! Never got one before! Excited!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks, Jessica! We’ll be sure to keep an eye out!

  33. Amy Johnson

    Sam’s Club!
    We have a membership at Sam’s Club and Costco. The prices are better at Sam’s on many of the items we buy. The Sam’s website is MUCH better & they have free in store pick up when you order online. Their tire prices and service are excellent. The customer service at Sam’s Club is fantastic. We recently purchased a battery for our RV and when we had an issue they returned no questions asked. When my Michelin tires weren’t living up to my expectations they gave us a partial refund after I had been driving on those tires for over 2 years!
    I do wish Sam’s would change their food counter/deli. (Costco has them beat by a mile there). The line at Sam’s is SO slow! But sometimes that chocolate frozen yogurt for .99 is worth the wait!

  34. Kim

    I just LOVE your Coke dress. Is this something you made or did you buy it?? I prefer Costco over Sams. Better home products.

    • paigewh

      Hi Kim! Thanks so much! Collin bought it for me a few years ago 🙂 I LOVE IT!

  35. Hanna

    I’m Team Costco! I tried the costco membership with all the extras last year and no one online or in store or on the phone knew how to help me activate it or helped when I had problems with it.

    I love buying whatever is on sale at costco that month so my kids are trying new snacks.

  36. Carolyn

    Costco wins hands-down in our house!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll “buy” a Sam’s membership when I can get it insanely cheap/”free” but there’s no way I’d pay full price for one. Costco items are just higher quality (take that chicken for example, the Sam’s chicken might be a penny cheaper but they’re usually smaller and they have more ingredients that I don’t need), Costco has way more selection of organic products, because Costco is busier their items are generally fresher, etc. Yes, there are a few items that Sam’s has that I can’t get at Costco (and that makes me sad!), and their Scan & Go app is pretty awesome EXCEPT that I can see how SUPER EASY it would be for anyone to cheat and steal items without scanning them and they’d NEVER KNOW so it concerns me in general… actually I’ve totally done this NOT on purpose before and had to go back to the store and buy it again, taking away the time savings. That brings me to the Customer Service issue of Sam’s Club which just can’t even compete with the better attitude and helpfulness I get at Costco. Anyway, I won’t continue because my opinion is quite clear, lol! 😉 Oh, but Sam’s Club does rule for lovely birthday cakes!! 🙂

  37. rochellemcgee

    I generally agree that Costco has better quality, but my closest one was an hour away so I decided not to renew because Sam’s was closer and I wasn’t willing to deal with the drive or parking situation. I had a recent online purchase that I needed to return just a week or two after my membership lapsed and they gave me such a hassle about it because I didn’t have a current membership. Not sure what one had to do with the other… On that same trip, they also gave me a hard time about trying to spend my executive rewards that I had just earned from the previous year’s membership. It was as if they expected me to forfeit it because I didn’t renew, except that you don’t receive the reward until after the anniversary of your membership. The management was incompetent.

  38. Slgomez

    I had both but my husband decided to cancel the Costco one coz he got pissed when he shopped there last week when they declined his MasterCard. He was shopping for work so he need to use the work card. I really don’t care about Costco and haven’t been there for a while maybe that’s our second visit for this year and I’m glad that they refunded us the full amount of membership. Although Costco is closer to us I still prefer Sams.

  39. Aubrey

    We just welcomed baby #7, so warehouse membership(s) are a must! (I did attempt to “bulk buy” recently at ALDI, but, honestly, not worth the effort w 2 little ones, precious real estate in the $.25 cart, etc! Lol!)
    We just moved and two Sams’ are closer than Costco, so we are back at Sam’s, having been members at BJ’s in our previous town when Sam’s went out of business.
    I LOVE Scan and Go, free shipping with Plus, and overall better prices.
    However, if the budget allows, we like to also join Costco to give a variety with snacks, etc. It also helps to be members at both when we need to do a wholesale run but will be on the opposite side of town which hosts the other club. I always tell folks who ask me that each has great offerings that the other may/may not have. I may contend that Costco has “cooler” stuff (lol!), but Sam’s definitely beats them out on convenience and prices.

  40. cooper

    Costco by far wayyy better than BJs or Sam Club. Costco has tons and tons of organic foods from smaller companies while Sam Club or Bjs barely have any.

  41. Ms. Frizzle

    Oh my gosh, I KNOW- we are a Dr. Pepper family and Costco only has Pepsi fountain drinks…..YUCK

    • Sarah

      Costco has Pepsi because a few years ago they got into an argument with Coke.

      • shop4mybabies

        many local business in my city got in a fight with coke at the same time costco did. what the restaurant manager at my favorite restaurant explained to me Coke will only come out during business hours, pepsi will come out 24/7. Coke will only come out on a schedule and was only willing to come out to him once a month, Pepsi will come everyday if you need them to. Coke was more expensive. It felt like my entire city switched from coke to pepsi the same week that costco did…luckily said restaurant manager thinks about me and my 15 years of pigging out there so he bought cases of coke to have cans 🙂

  42. Dee

    This is totally us here!! I love sam’s club for grocery n clothing, infact their clothes on clearance, I even got so many good ones like Calvin Klein, Nine West, Active life and much more for less than 5bucks on clearance. My husband is a Costco lover, anytime he is ready to go to Costco. Both stores sams club n Costco are almost same distance less than 3miles.

  43. Romeo

    I love Costco got good quality than sams. Customer care is pathetic in sams club.. need to wait for 15-20 min to out from queue if I have 2 persons before me.

    • paigewh

      Our Sam’s has great customer service. They have gone above and beyond for me several times – So sorry you’ve had issues at your store 🙁

  44. Suz OH

    Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it a lot. I do not have either store within 30 miles, but have the Sam’s plus membership when we made a large purchase earlier this year. Have only used it for a couple of home deliveries and gas when traveling, but plan to make a trip there based on this post. I am finding the post about long lines at Costco amusing since back in the late 90s when we lived nearer to a Sam’s that is the very reason we rarely went there. I remember walking out more than once.

    • paigewh

      You are so welcome! Thank you for your kind words Suz! Those lines are NO FUN, but Scan and Go is a GAME CHANGER! 🙂

  45. Holly Conner

    My Sam’s and Costco are literally across the street from each other, so I tend to alternate between the 2. I love Sam’s for the scan and go convenience, but I’ve had bad experiences with the meat department there. So I prefer meats from Costco, but they are a little more expensive than Sam’s. I probably hit up each once a month and between those 2 trips get most of what we need.

    • Meg

      Our SAMS club is now only Pepsi…they just changed ☹️

    • shop4mybabies

      we had 2 huge packages of bad hamburger from Sams club about 15 years ago, the last time i bought meat there, but they refunded us double what we paid..apparently they had a 200% meat guarantee…all sams in western wa have since closed

  46. Bonnie

    I have a Sam’s and use to be member but after going to Costco in Boise with my daughter I switched over to Costco. Only trouble the nearest one was 50 miles away but still make the trip. Good news we here in Idaho Falls Idaho are building a Costco!!!! Now we’ll see if Sam’s can stay in business because since Costco open in Boise, Sam’s went under I understand. hmmmmmm

  47. Erica Hall

    We have a membership to both. My husband loves Costco toilet paper.

  48. cassie

    We have been a member of all 3.
    BJs-loved the selection and that I could use coupons!
    Sams-admittedly it has been about 10 years since we were members but we liked it.
    Costco-current members and love it! We so spend a bit when we go, probably more than at Sams, but man there selection can’t be beat! We are still working on those impulse buys. I love their big tubs of soup, especially the broccoli cheddar that tastes just like Panera

  49. hip2trade

    Sams club member here. Its been good so far and It’s closer. Never been to Costco but might consider if it were closer to me.

  50. shop4mybabies

    luckily my costco carries the good string cheese too (friggo) they also carry that one that starts with either a C or a G that is gross. i love costco…however they did break my heart when they stopped selling soft pretzels in the deli and a few years later switched to pepsi…i miss my pretzel and coke. our tacoma wa costco always has ridiculous lines, but they always have all the lanes open. I personally refuse to use self check out or check out aps because I want paid employees to help me (and yes I know their are people making and upkeeping the apps and self check outs)

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