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Sep 04 2018
3 weeks ago
2:50 PM MDT

I’m a Raving Fan of Online Grocery Shopping! Here’s Why…

Sep 04, 2018 @ 2:50 PM MDT
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Grocery shopping in my pajamas? Yes, please! 🙋🏼

Hi there, I’m Collin – the girl who’s currently having a slight love affair with online grocery shopping. Since moving and juggling way too much (I’m sure many of you can relate), I’m all about working smarter, not harder. That’s why online grocery pickup and delivery services have been a game changer for me! Between running a business, managing a household, staying active, and spending time with my family, these small ways to make my day-to-day more simplified are everything!

You’ve probably heard of Instacart and Amazon Prime Now, but I usually go straight to the source and order directly through my local grocery store. It actually saves me way more by not having to purchase a membership for the delivery service. Plus, some delivery services markup the cost of the groceries so you end up paying more on the same products.

Depending on the grocery stores you live nearby, you can usually opt for grocery pickup instead of delivery – so basically all you need to do is arrive at the store, wait for your groceries to be brought out and loaded into your car, then you’re on your way — so simple!

In fact, I placed an order at my local grocery store online for pickup last night, and was able to grab all my groceries this morning. It was so nice as my family and I were in the car yesterday traveling back from visiting family in Boise (since we now live in Reno) – so during the long car-ride home, I was able to get all my groceries ordered! 🙌 Not only was it crazy convenient, but I’m saving so much time… AND money because we won’t be going out to dinner tonight like we normally would when getting back from a trip and feeling like we have no time to grocery shop! It’s a WIN! 💃

Why I ❤️ online grocery shopping:

1. It helps me stick to my budget.

I’m not picking up a bunch of junk as I walk down the aisles (and my kids also aren’t throwing stuff in the cart when I’m not looking!). I set my list and the in-store shoppers don’t deviate from it unless a substitution is required.

2. It stops me from wasting time in the store.

I’m not spending more time than I need searching the store for hard to find ingredients or having to backtrack if I forget to grab an item 10 aisles back.

3. I usually can get delivery for free.

Most stores offer free delivery for grocery totals around $50-$75 (this varies from each store), and most of my trips are well over this threshold with my family of 5. 😂 This is great for days when getting to the store for pickup just isn’t happening.

Hip Tip: Grocery stores often offer free delivery with no minimum when it’s your first time placing a delivery order.

4. Sometimes I get better food at no cost.

If the store has to substitute an item because the brand or size I selected is out of stock, they’ll usually replace it with a higher priced brand or a larger size without charging me the difference! This will happen with produce, too, if the container size I selected for my grocery list doesn’t have the most appealing fruit or veggies.

5. It takes the stress out of returning from vacation.

Coming home after some time away is way less stressful since shopping is the last thing I want to do when I get home. I simply make my grocery order from my phone and pick up the order on the way home!

6. I can still use coupons!

Most local grocery stores offer digital coupons on certain products (plus – these items may be on sale for even bigger savings!), and some stores will even honor manufacturer’s coupons (be sure to check their FAQ section as some do not).

7. You get a printed receipt so you can get cash back.

Unlike other grocery delivery services that don’t provide paper receipts, doing your shopping directly through the grocery store allows you to pay for your order when you arrive, resulting in a standard receipt you can scan for cash back with Ibotta or Checkout51!

Hip Tip: If you’re not familiar with cash back apps, check out this post!

8. It’s easier to find sale items and compare prices.

I can scope out a deal with ease since I’m not at the mercy of doing quick math while shopping when there are three other shoppers behind me trying to get to shelves. Plus, there’s not clever product placement when shopping on the website to entice me to purchase a specific brand over another.

9. It ensures I actually cook the meals I plan.

My meal planning stays on track since I can add the ingredients to my cart as I’m reviewing the recipe. More importantly, I won’t accidentally forget to grab something at the store, which can totally throw a wrench in my well-intended meal prep.

10. It’s great for families or couples who work a lot.

I’d rather spend my time hanging out with the fam than browsing through the grocery store for hours (yes, I admit to being a crazy slow shopper due to going back through aisles multiple times and wasting so much time trying to find that one ingredient!), so having someone else do the shopping saves me SO.MUCH.TIME. It’s also great for families with little kids or for elderly parents who can have trouble during shopping trips.

Want to try online grocery shopping?

If I were you, see if your local store has a grocery pickup and delivery service in place, too! Many of my team members take advantage of their local grocery store pickup and delivery services as well. Check out their feedback:

(Keep in mind that if you’re doing grocery pickup or delivery for the first time, your local grocery store may have a promo available or offer up free delivery – no minimum for new customers!)

“I’ve had better luck using pickup and delivery services from the actual stores — their employees know the products better versus Instacart who never seem to be able to find even the simplest things and make substitutions that I don’t want.” — Angela

“I use grocery pickup and delivery [at Smith’s Marketplace] every time. It has saved me SO much time because I can sit and plan out our meals online from the comfort of my couch and not leave things off my list. It also saves me money because I’m not randomly grabbing things I don’t need. I only pay $4.95 for pickup and $9.95/delivery.


SO worth it. And my place substitutes for me with higher-end products, which is sweet! They also read all of my notes on produce and get exactly what I want.” — Michelle

“I like using Kroger pickup, but my biggest downfall with them is it seems like you have to order a day in advance to get a slot. I’ve tried hopping on in the morning to grab a slot around 4pm for my husband to pick up on his way home, and it’s always booked solid.


That being said, Kroger’s pickup is awesome. Our local stores usually offer a bottle of water or a sweet treat when we arrive, and they have some of the best coupons available for ClickList. The one time a ClickList coupon didn’t come off, she went right in and took it off manually — no questions asked.” — Stacy

“I have used Harris Teeter and Lowe’s Foods pickup delivery service. I loved both. Great customer service with both. I love the convenience and the ability to see exactly what I am spending. I feel like I saved money, time, and frustration — and I left with exactly what I needed.


The biggest convenience was when my daughter was a newborn, and shopping with her was a very difficult task. I took advantage of the service until she was a toddler!” — Jami

If your local grocery store doesn’t have their own service in place, they may operate through one of the third party grocery services. There are quite a few available, but while they all aim to save time and money, some simply stack up better than the rest. Here are some of our favorites that help get your groceries to your kitchen with ease…

Walmart Grocery

Collin picking up groceries at Walmart using online grocery pickup and delivery services

Why we love it: It’s Walmart, so they have seriously everything you could ever need. Grocery pickup is free and delivery is a low fee of $9.95, though new customers can get their first order delivered for free with promo code FRESHCAR  – OR instead use code WOWFRESH for $10 off your first order of $50!

Walmart is even testing a new concept in very select areas where they shop, deliver, and even put away groceries in your FRIDGE for you. Head here for more details (be sure to read all of the comments).

Hip Tip: Check out my experience testing out this grocery pickup service!

“We use Walmart Pick Up regularly. I love the variety of items I can order right from my phone. I pay online and then send a teenager to the store to pick everything up. Customer service is tremendous, and we get high-quality items every single time. One thing to watch out for is substitutions, however. If you’re not keen on Walmart making substitutions when an item is out of stock, remember to tell them no. I’ve had good luck with produce substitutions, but I’m brand and product loyal, so I don’t like having non-produce items substituted.” — Jamie

“As soon as they started offering [Walmart Grocery Pickup] in my area, I immediately signed up. It is the BEST. THING. EVER! I use a meal planning email service (Six Sisters) and simply order what I need according to the recipes I’ll be making. I have the app on my phone, so they let me know when my order is ready. When I get to the store they load everything up — I don’t even get out of my car! I also have to say that their customer service is top notch! The workers are so friendly. I have only ever had one issue and it was a something added that I didn’t order. I called them and they said to just keep it. I highly recommend this service and tell everyone about it. 🙂” — Paige

“This service has been a lifesaver for me and my family! I can get my grocery list together the day before I want to pick it up, and I am usually able to choose any time I would like the following day to pick up our order. The Walmart Grocery site is super easy to navigate and their search feature works really well.

I love that it saves items to a list of things that you purchase often so you don’t have to search for every item you are looking for. I often start my order by going through this list, and it’s so fast!

I will say that I am not in love with their produce and will often not order my produce from Walmart. Instead, I do make a second trip to grab those items that are needed.” — Angie

Amazon Prime Now

Why we love it: This service is free with your Amazon Prime account and you can get free 2-hour delivery whenever you spend $35 on products from Amazon, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and more! Keep in mind that this is only available in select locations. Customers in these participating locations have a wide variety of natural and organic options available to shop through, and they can choose a delivery time slot that’s most convenient for their schedule.

On occasion, the prices can be a little higher online than they are in store, so it’s probably not best for everyday grocery shopping (but it’s helpful as a backup when needed).

Hip Tip: Check out our review of that service here!

“Sometimes paying a little extra to have someone shop for and deliver fresh groceries (or flowers! 🌹) to your door is JUST PLAIN WORTH IT. Yep — stay in your PJ’s and take a nap while someone else does the running around for you!” — Mary


Online grocery pickup and delivery services — instacart shopper holding bag of groceries

Why we love it: Instacart is probably one of the most common grocery delivery services and fills in when a store doesn’t have their own service. It does come with delivery fees between $5.99 and $11.99 and an unlimited free delivery option if you buy an annual Instacart Express membership for $149. Prices can sometimes be higher than they are in-store, and you can’t use coupons (though there are special promotions available in the app for extra discounts).

If you’re new to the service, sign up through this link to get $10 off your first $35 order plus free shipping!

“I tried to use Costco Instacart delivery once last year. I went through the trouble of ordering and they kept changing the delivery time — scheduling it out further like 3+ times. So I got annoyed and canceled! Maybe it’s better now though, but wasn’t a great first experience so I haven’t tried again since.” — Lina

“We ordered a bunch of stuff via Instacart from Aldi for my son at college, and the delivery-person in his area just kept pushing back the time. It was very annoying, and we were fortunate it was his day off. However, the few times I have done Instacart from Aldi, I’ve had wonderful experiences. Same driver every time. Very good at keeping me updated, picks great produce, and they bring the order over quickly. I don’t do grocery service often, but when I do, Instacart is one of my first choices. I love that they usually deliver in under two hours.” — Stacy

But if you actually enjoy grocery shopping…

online grocery pickup and delivery services — Prefer to shop in store? Use this sam's club scan and go app on iphone

Skip the checkout line and try Sam’s Club Scan and Go! This super helpful app lets you shop at Sam’s Club without having to wait at the registers when you’re finished! Then, after you’ve paid and your transaction is complete, just show the e-receipt barcode on your mobile phone to a greeter standing by the door and you’re on your way — check out more on this service here!

So… are you an online or in-store grocery shopper?!

Let us know in the comments!

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