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White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, and Funny Gift Ideas Because Laughing is the BEST

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White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – farting animals coloring book

Sometimes a sentimental gift just won’t do.

These cheeky, unique, and totally outlandish finds will have all your friends and family rolling on the floor laughing! With something hand-picked for everyone in mind, we think you’ll love these hilariously funny gifts and enjoy gifting them even more.

1. Prank gift boxes

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Funny Gift Guide Prank Gift Boxes

Prank Gift Boxes are a hilarious way to gift presents to your friends and family. These boxes appear to contain absolutely ridiculous products from clueless companies, except you’ll get to fill them with something they’ll actually want.

Finally, giftees can take cream with their conditioner with this Bathe & Brew prank box, say goodbye to costly toilet paper with the Roto Wipe box, or DIY a candle that’s as unique as they are with this Earwax Candle Kit. 😬 Wrapping any gift inside a Prank Pack adds an extra layer of fun and enjoyment that’ll have everyone in the room laughing!

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Prank Gift Boxes at Walmart

Walmart also sells a variety of Prank gift boxes for just $3.97!

2. Hilarious games

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – you've got crabs game

There’s nothing that brings a crowded room together quite like a funny board game. These fun games are perfect icebreaking gifts to warm up anyone’s night. In You’ve Got Crabs, the family splits into teams, creates sea-cret signals, matches up drawing cards, and tries to communicate the secret signal to the other team before the opponents steal all their crabs. Even your friend’s kids can join in on this team building game, and your friends will love it and all its sea-crecy.

Hip Tip: If you find this game crab-tivating, make sure to scoop up this You’ve Got Crabs: Imitation Crab Expansion Kit to gift your friends all the crabs!

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas — that's what she said game

By now, most people have heard of the hit TV show “The Office,” and probably more famously the banter of the lead character, Michael Scott. If you know an Office fan, you’ve got to get them the board game that takes his coined phrase “that’s what she said” and turns it into a game of twisted innuendos. While That’s What She Said is not as raunchy as other adult games on the market, this card matching game is suggested for ages 18 and older.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – watch ya mouth game

Looking for a game to gift that absolutely everyone can enjoy? Your friends will be cracking up at the absurdity of Watch Ya Mouth! Using mouth expanders similar to what you would see at an orthodontist’s office, players shout out different phrases on their cards in hopes that their team will somehow understand the message they’re trying to get across. Oh, and they look ridiculous doing so! We’re pretty confident they’ll want to start playing this game right on the spot.

3. Cheeky books

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Porn for Women book

Books are always a wonderful gift idea, but why not gift one with some humor and funny pictures to really spice things up? Porn for Women is a hilarious book packed with photos of men showcasing the real love languages women desire while challenging us to reevaluate what is truly sexy. I love it when you talk clean to me. We think any woman would get a good laugh out of this book and find the sexy chores (that you didn’t even have to ask him to do) even more desirable. 😉

“I got this for my wife as somewhat of a gag, but it actually turned out to be constructive as well. It got me thinking about the kind of things that she is looking for in a partner and how I can better fulfill those (less salacious) needs. It provoked healthy relationship conversation.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steve

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – what's your poo telling you book

Let’s take this party to the bathroom! What’s Your Poo Telling You will be the perfect hilarious addition to anyone’s bathroom reading basket. Gift this book packed full of interesting nuggets from Dr. Stool, trivia, funny descriptions, and illustrations. And all potty humor aside, your friends will probably learn a lot about their body that they didn’t already know before!

“This book was literally the first thing my brother commented on when thanking me for his Christmas gifts! He said it was a really funny gift to receive (which was my intention). He also said that it was actually very informative and reads it several times during the week while in the bathroom!” –  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Erin

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – 50 shades of chicken cookbook

Who knew gifting a book about chicken could be so seductive? We love this 50 Shades of Chicken Parody Cookbook, a #1 Best Seller in Gourmet Cookbooks on Amazon. Get down and dirty in the kitchen with recipes like Chicken with a Lardon, Dripping Thighs, Mustard-Spanked Chicken, and more, more, more. There’s so much this book has to offer, so we think anyone who enjoys cooking will truly love this book and the recipes in it.

“Hilarious, hilarious book! I gifted this to both my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas and they both loved it! The recipes look great and on top of the fact that this reads like an insanely funny kitchen erotica book, I would highly recommend it as a gift or a coffee table book!” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Amazon Reviewer

4. Novelty socks

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – if you can read this novelty socks

We all have that friend (or spouse) who can’t walk away from a nail-biting football game or who’s ready to launch into a plea of, Oh, honey! Can you do me a huge favor?” while curled up on the couch. Gift these novelty “If You Can Read This” Sock sets, so your loved ones can be a bit more humorous and subtle when asking for another drink.

With pairs ranging from beer and wine to tacos and donuts, you’re sure to hit the sweet spot of anyone on your list. PSA: Husbands and wives beware… when buying these socks, you’ll be expected to fulfill these request, so you may just want to gift a pair to yourself, too. 😆

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – pizza box socks

Shopping for a friend who loves the popular and beloved Italian meal that is pizza? I think we all know at least one person in our life that would get a kick out of these Pizza Box Socks! Packed in a cardboard pizza box and rolled to imitate a real pizza pie, there are guaranteed laughs to be had when opening up this gift. Not only are they colorfully hilarious, but they are also functional and made of high-quality textiles to be enjoyed for years to come.

Hip Tip: Know a true pizza lover? Gift the Pizza Box Socks with a gift card to their favorite pizza place!

5. Coloring books for adults

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – the golden girls coloring book

Give this throwback Golden Girls Coloring Book to any Golden Girls fanatic. Whether your friend is a skilled artist or a casual doodler, they’ll enjoy the stunning pen-and-ink illustrations of memorable characters and scenes of their favorite long-running hit television show. This rare gift will be appreciated by any true fan!

Hip Tip: Pair this coloring book with some Crayola colored pencils, so your Golden Girl fan can really let their creativity flow.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – awkward family coloring book

A hysterical spin on the New York Times bestselling Awkward Family Photo books, this Awkward Family Photos: Adult Coloring Book is the perfect gift for anyone in a family filled with colorful characters. With a bunch of awkward photos to color, we’re pretty sure endless laughter will ensue.

“Coloring is therapy, and why not do it to something that will make you laugh your butt off while doing so? Honestly, I think it’s hilarious to unwind after a long day, grab a drink, and color a little bit! It would make a great gift for the holidays. I love flipping through the pages and just looking at all the pictures.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Verified Amazon Reviewer

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – unicorn farting coloring book page

These animals really let loose in this Farting Animals Coloring Book. Your friends or family, no matter their age, will enjoy laughing and coloring pictures of farting meerkats, dogs, pandas, giraffes, hippos, horses, kittens, and more! It’s the coloring book they never knew they needed.

Hip Tip: Love this coloring book? Gift a whole collection and have a smelly good time with the Farting Magical Creatures Coloring Book and the Super Cute Farting Animals Coloring Book.

6. Fun with food

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – star wars death star waffle maker

With these innovative designs to gift your friends, they’ll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. This ThinkGeek Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker is a great collector’s item to bring any Star Wars fan to the dark side. Plug it in, warm it up, and pour the batter onto the non-stick cooking plates. In just minutes, your friends will have golden, delicious waffles, tasty enough to destroy a planet for.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – kitchemy reusable toaster bags

Your friends can toast it all with Kitchemy Reusable Toaster Bags and skip the mess in the kitchen. Practical, portable, and so easy to use, these toaster bags can work in a toaster, oven, microwave, or on a grill. Plus, they can be reused up to 50 times at temperatures up to 500 °F without any worries. Also, since they’re FDA-approved, BPA-free, and gluten-free, they’ve made healthy habits a priority when manufacturing these bags.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – TriceraTACO holder

Just when you thought they were extinct, the TriceraTACO Tuesday is back! Your taco-loving friends are going to want tacos every night of the week with this TriceraTACO taco holder. Whether you gift them to your friends or to make dinner more fun for your kids, we guarantee they’ll be devouring tacos with style!

Hip Tip: Love this gift? Bring all the dinosaurs out from extinction and gift these NACHOsaurus and TACOsaurus Rex sets to complete their collection!

7. Toilet time fun

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Have a friend who loves to golf? Gift them this Potty Putter Toilet Time Game so they can get in some extra practice time while sitting on the toilet. This hilarious set for all ages includes its own putting green that fits perfectly around any toilet. It’s complete with a hole flag, two golf balls, a putter, and a “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. Sure it may be funny to you, but to an aspiring PGA golfer, this gift’s a hole in one!

Looking for more bathroom time gags? Gift this talking toilet spindle to your friends and family and turn an ordinary trip to the bathroom into a laugh-filled surprise they’ll never forget! Record your own messages and keep the jokes rolling with this motion sensor toilet paper spindle. This hilarious bathroom accessory is not only practical but makes for the perfect gag gift joke, stocking stuffer, or bathroom prank.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – public toilet survival kit

We all have that friend who hates to use public bathrooms, I know I’m one of them! They’ll never worry about another bathroom encounter with this Public Toilet Survival Kit. Each kit includes one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and one pair of latex-free disposable gloves which should be enough to keep them safe and sanitary in even the most challenging conditions. They’ll never be holding it in again with this practical, yet hysterical, gift!

8. For The New Parents

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – tortilla baby swaddle blanket

Eat your hearts out with this gift! The Tortilla Swaddle for babies is a functional and funny gift for new parents. The soft layers of this cotton-blend tortilla swaddle and cap will keep their baby so warm and irresistibly cute, you’ll just want to gobble them up! This gift will be sure to give a whole new meaning to wrapping up a little burrito baby.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – the babys owner's manual book

“I didn’t know babies pooped!” The Baby Owner’s Manual book is the perfect gift for those clueless, new parents that actually don’t know it all. This handy book, which takes on the verbiage of hysterical computer jargon, covers basic topics that every parent needs to know such as operating instructions, troubleshooting tips, and advice on first-year maintenance. With this book, your friends will be pro-parenting in no time, and their little ones will be operating at peak efficiency before they know it!



White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – freds buff baby rattle dumbell

Take it easy, baby! Any parent would appreciate the sense of irony that this BUFF BABY Dumbell Rattle will give them while they watch their baby get swole, rep after rep, in the living room. All joking aside, this gentle sounding baby rattle is totally safe for baby, has no phosphates, is BPA-free, and would make the perfect baby shower gift or Christmas present.

9. Close companions

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – bob ross chia pet

“There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” Give this extra special Bob Ross Chia Pet to one of your friends, and let them bring their favorite TV personality to life! This box features a cherishable handmade Bob Ross planter, chia seeds, plastic drip tray, and easy instructions. They’ll be enjoying their new favorite pottery in no time!

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Grow a boyfriend

The perfect companion! These Grow a Boyfriend or Grow a Girlfriend novelties are the perfect gift for any of your single friends or family members. If they can’t get a date, grow ’em a mate! Put them in water and watch them grow six times their size! Your friends may think it’s all fun and games, but it’s not pretend when you grow the perfect friend. And on a serious note, we guarantee these partners won’t nag you.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Rock Pet with Adoption Certificate

Whoever said that a man’s best friend was a dog clearly never had a Pet Rock! It’s perfect bestie for anyone on your gift list, and we guarantee your friends won’t have any allergies to this new cutie! The cozy gift box comes with everything they’ll need to care for their new pet like an adjustable leash, warm blanket, and even potty training newspapers. This #1 Best Seller even includes a thoughtful Adoption Certificate to make the transition to their new forever home a smooth one.

10. Outlandish finds

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – Instant underpants

“It’s better to have damp underpants than no underpants at all.” Gift this convenient and portable pair of Instant Underpants to anyone on your list who may be anal about clean underwear and who could use an extra pair of panties on the fly! Compressed into a compact pellet, all users have to do is add them to some water, and voila, Instant Underpants! These will be well received at any white elephant or secret Santa exchange, or as a stocking stuffer.

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – yodeling pickle

At last, the yodeling pickle all your friends and family have been waiting for! With a mere press of a button, this Yodelling Pickle will yodel its little heart out. Your recipient will feel like they’re in the Swiss Alps with its irresistible serenading. This toy is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

White Elephant Gifts, Gag Gifts, Funny Gift Ideas – giant jumbo playing cards

Have a card-game-loving friend or kids who love a humorous toy? These Pretex Jumbo Playing Cards are completely multifunctional and can be used to build a giant house of cards, use as poker placemats, casino party decorations and props, or gift them to your friends for their next casino night! These are sure to be big (literally)!

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  1. Emily

    Personally I love the nachosaurus version of the tacosaurus.
    I also have started giving a chicken, fish, pigs, etc for white elephant along with something else small. It’s a funny thing to read a pig has been donated in your name but at the same time is helping people in huge ways. There are several companies that do this but I’ll list my favorite because I know and trust the people doing the projects and know that 100% of the gift goes overseas and not for overhead.

  2. Sandy

    That taco swaddle is the cutest everrrr. I’ve never seen that before

    • Tina

      I thought so too until I saw it’s $48 lol

  3. Stefanie

    This Vampires Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Books) for $4 was one of the more successful gift exchange gifts I’ve bought!

  4. MS

    I LOVE these posts. haha.
    My FAVORITE gift like these still are the “Face Coasters”. If you search that on Amazon they are HILARIOUS. All my kids even put them on and we can’t stop laughing.

    • Rebecca

      They have these at Dollar Tree as well!

  5. Lauren

    Last year in our family gift exchanges, I gave away a squatty potty with the farting animal coloring book. They were a hit! Thanks H2S!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      LOL! How fun! You’re very welcome, Lauren! Thanks for taking a moment to comment!

  6. Mary

    We do a white elephant every Christmas Eve with family, even the kids come up with a gift and wrap it up. This year some lucky person is getting a FUGGLER from yours truly lol. Best Buy had/has them on sale for $7.99 and they are so ugly they’re cute. The price is good too lol

    • Lori

      Never heard of Fugglers before. Had to google it. Those are the most disturbing looking dolls! The teeth!!! Had to order one. My 21 year old daughter will be gaining a new friend on Christmas! 😂🤣😂

      • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        LOL! The teeth got several of us too!

  7. amy111

    Does anyone know where we could find the best political gag gifts?

    • Emily M

      I think they make Trump and Hilary chia pets on Amazon!

    • kandi fabri

      amazon has politician toilet paper!

  8. Sandra

    LOLed at the Porn for Women book.

  9. Ella

    I want the root -wipe one for my son who thinks potty humor is hilarious, but I don’t want to spend $8 for an empty box! I would totally get it for a couple bucks though.

  10. Vivian

    The instant underpants 😂😂😂

  11. Tracey

    I found the prank gift boxes at Kohl’s on clearance last year for a little over a dollar each; I got one of each one that had left including the earwax candle one. I am using that for our exchange game and adding in an ugly Christmas sweater I got for $6.00. (I’ll add a little gift card or something too though.)
    I wrapped a shirt for my BIL in a prank gift box with a “face warmer” on it. I told my husband that I had gotten the face warmer though. He looks at the box and says, “can anyone even see through that?” haha he thought it was real; I am still laughing.

  12. Traci

    I ordered myself the Bob Ross Chia. I always wanted a Chia pet when they were new and now that I can have my Bob it’s my personal Christmas gift.

  13. Jody

    I just ordered the Fishing for Floaters game (comes with plastic ‘poops’ and fishing rod) for my young nephews. It would be hilarious to give to a life guard or as a White Elephant too.

  14. Coby

    Our theme is 8.. any ideas? 😀

    • Stacy

      Cow Tails candy sticks- to go with 8 Maids-a-Milking from the 12 Days of Christmas.

    • Julia

      There are LOTS of funny mugs out there. Maybe one of those with 8 cinnamon sticks or 8 tea bags in it? (I just gave the “Moist” mug (Freds Say Anything Mugs) at a white elephant party, and it was a HUGE hit.

  15. Amy

    I gave my 21-year-old daughter the farting animals coloring book last year. She planned to tear out a page anytime she was sending a friend a gift or card, and enclose it for them to color.

  16. Julia

    Freds Say Anything Mugs or BlueQ socks! Hilarious!

  17. MS

    Has anyone been able to sing the prank boxes at their Walmart? Wish we could order those online! They are so much cheaper than amazons

  18. Suzanne H

    Thanks – just got the Farting Animals coloring book for a White Elephant exchange at work. Max price was $10 so I’ll throw in some crayons. Knowing my coworkers, they will think it’s hilarious!

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