This Fiesta Dinnerware Dupe is JUST $1 Per Piece – See How They Performed in My Drop Test!

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blue orange and yellow dishes on granite countertop

Get new dinnerware on the cheap!

You may have heard of the popular Fiesta dinnerware dishes before, but did you know there are $1 look-a-likes at the Dollar Tree!? I’ve tested out the inexpensive Dollar Tree dishware to Fiesta dinnerware from Kohl’s to see if they’re really worth the savings.

hand holding a yellow bowl with chocolate cocoa puffs inside

At Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s, you can score sets of colorful Fiesta dinnerware… except it’s going to cost you a very pretty penny!

If you’re set out to buy just one or two dishes, they’ll run you about $13 to $23 per piece! 😱

However, I know most people are really after an entire set so if you’re wanting to host a 4-person dinner party (or more), it’s going to cost you well over $100. 😳

woman holding fiesta dinnerware dupes in the kitchen

That’s where my excitement for the Santa Fe Dinnerware at the Dollar Tree comes into play because – you guessed it… each piece is only a dollar and it’s the perfect dupe! 😍👏

And just like the popular & expensive sets, you can still get many of the same bright & fun colors as the original fiesta dishes!

Grab some blue, green, orange, or mix and match all your shiny new Fiesta dishes from the Dollar Tree – the possibilities are endless.

hand holding an orange plate in air

Serve up your favorite recipes with their variety of dishes. From dinner plates, small plates, bowls, and mugs, they’ve got the complete set and everything is just $1 each! 🙌

Plus, if you’re really looking to go all out, you can even grab some matching Santa Fe placemats, kitchen towels, and even cactus margarita glasses!

colorful dishes on granite countertop

At first glance, there’s not much difference between these two sets. Both of them have vibrant colors, similar structures, and even the detailing around the edges are pretty identical. Granted, the expensive Fiesta sets have more colors to choose from, but considering the price savings, I can totally make one of the 3 colors available at Dollar Tree work. 😏

All in all, if you’re sticking to a frugal budget when buying some new dishes, I would be scooping up a set of Santa Fe dinnerware from the Dollar Tree in a heartbeat! 🙌

broken plate on granite kitchen countertop

But… to give these dishes the real test, I dropped them on the kitchen floor. 

You heard that right! I dropped them on the floor.

Unfortunately, the Dollar Tree Santa Fe dinner plate I bought didn’t make out too well! 😫 Whereas, the blue Fiesta plate I bought at Kohls didn’t even bat an eyelash. Okay, not literally, but it didn’t crack or chip anywhere – and that’s from dropping it 4 feet in the air on a hard tile floor! 😱

woman holding Dollar Tree plates in kitchen

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this test, it’s that you certainly get what you pay for, but for how often you may drop and break a dish, the affordable Dollar Tree dinnerware far outweighs the price of the real Fiesta Dinnerware.

These are the best items you can buy at the Dollar Tree.

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 68

  1. acarol

    Ok but these are super fun place holders for the remaining plates I have not justified buying yet. Ty.

  2. cooper929

    Dropping the dish on the floor is kind of silly. Even many expensive dishes will shatter. A better test of quality might have been to see how the finish holds up in the dishwasher, or if the dish easily scratches with forks and knives. But I don’t think anyone expects exceptional quality from as $1 plate from a dollar store. Still, a great value for normal use and if they break? You can still buy 12 more to replace it– for the cost of one Fiesta plate

    • Julie

      I appreciated her drop test. I have toddlers that are very prone to breaking things and am in search of sturdy dinnerware.

      Even if I could buy 12 for the price of 1 of the real deal, that’s 12 messes I won’t have to clean up. (Not to mention the environmental impact of 12 cheap dishes cluttering landfills)

      • Luna

        Unlike many people, I by no means can afford Fiestaware (don’t tell me to save up, because I have medical and school expenses that are astronomical and leave no wiggle room). So, I love there are these choices at Dollar Tree! And, I have used many mugs and dishes from DT. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. Great splurge for me!

        • Luna

          Sorry- did not mean to post the above as a reply.

    • Princess'Mom

      Fiestaware is nearly indestructible. I’ve had mine for years–dropped pieces many times, been through the dishwasher, had forks and knives all over them, etc. Eventually, they’ll start to how marks from the utensils. Use a little Bartender’s Friend, wash them, and good as new again!

      I worked in restaurants that had Fiestaware when I was younger so I knew it would stand up to a beating and still look great, otherwise I don’t know I would have made the investment to buy it at home. You can usually get a good sale/coupon pairing at Kohl’s a couple of times a year, though, and I add pieces then.

    • Mom of Toddlers

      If you have little kids this test is very relevant! I use my fiesta dishes BECAUSE my toddlers can drop them and they don’t break!

  3. H

    I’m a tried and true fiesta gal here- but my husband keeps breaking my fiestaware butter holder dishes! I finally got a Rubbermaid one and he managed to melt that one 😂 the rest of my fiesta is amazing and I’ve had most of it for 20 years. I love adding to my collection!

    • Amy D.

      Love my Fiestaware!! We have only broken a gusto bowl by accident, that’s in almost ten years.. I look forward to adding to my collection and the rainbow of colors!

      • H

        It’s addicting lol! I’ve found some fun pieces, like dog bowls for the dog, canisters, juice glasses are so cute! Flower vases. I have a trinket box with a lid too I think I found on belk. I love collecting all different colors- makes me happy! My new fav is the smaller cereal bowls!!! I love the size! Enjoy your collection!

        • Casey

          I live close to the factory seconds store. I love my Fiestaware and all my pieces are “seconds!”

          • PrincessMom

            I would LOVE to visit a Fiesta seconds store. I’d leave with a trunk full! lol

            • Mary Ann

              Are they lead free? Unfortunately imports probably not. Fiesta is lead free. If you have kids this is important. Also made in USA.

    • Emily

      I am the queen of clumsy, and I’ve only ever managed to break two fiesta dishes – a plate that cracked in half when I dropped it and a disk pitcher (that one hurt) also when I dropped it. I’ve had my fiesta dishes going on 8 years now. The durability is great. Not to mention it’s so fun to look at second hand shops for discontinued colors that I don’t have 🙂

    • Arizona Abey

      I use a Fiesta corn on the cob tray for a butter dish and I love, love, love it!

      Try it, you’ll like it.

  4. joni shandle

    Love my fiestaware I am forever banging it on my granite countertop without ever chipping it. Color never fades. And I agree that it is more costly than the dollar store variety but every so often Kohls has amazing deals where with coupons or percent off deals I have been able to add a complete place setting for 16 dollars to my collection. which is only 4 dollars a piece not much higher then the inferior quality dollar store one.

  5. Donna

    I would not give up my Fiesta for anything! I have been married for 35 years and for the first 15 went through many dishes and sets……Corelle, Pfaltzgraff, etc. My kids would constantly break them! 20 years ago I bought my first Fiesta and absolutely love it! I have so much and would never get rid of it! The 9 x 13 pans, 8 x 8 pans, loaf pans, mixing bowls, spoon rest, salt & pepper shakers, platters, casserole dishes, butter dish, bread tray, ALL AMAZING! Even the cat bowl is worth the money! As my kids started to leave the nest, they all asked for Fiesta for gifts! They all have full sets and it’s easy gift giving, a new piece for birthday, Christmas, etc.

  6. Haley

    The don’t believe the dollar tree dishes are microwave/ dishwasher safe and the Fiestaware is made in AMERICA and in the great state of West Virginia.

    • Haley


    • Mer

      I agree! The mugs from dollar stores burn hot on outside when microwaved.

      • KellZoll

        I don’t have Fiesta Ware, but some of my more expensive dishes also get hot in the microwave.
        My sister uses a glass Pyrex measuring cup to heat liquids up then pours it into her Pfaltzgraf mug.

        • Lu

          This is wise to do. The glaze on my pfalzgraf gets tiny crack lines in it from microwaving, so I’ve also switched to heating in Pyrex.

        • Shari

          I have the whole rare set of Chrismas Buffalo plaid red & black Pfaltzgraf… I use them all year and bought them cos the bowls were so cute for chili bowls. Gave away solid red mugs as not micro safe… let them mess w pyrex heating…lol!

    • Kathleen

    • Wendy

      I’ve been using the dollar tree bowls and plates for 7 years in the microwave and haven’t had a problem at all. They are totally microwave safe.

  7. Caroline

    Is fiesta dish light weight like correlle? My kids broke tons of corelle. Even my friend told me their set is from their marriage and it’s been with them more than 15 years. Maybe now the quality of corelle is not as good as then. I’m wondering whether fiesta is light weight.

    • Krista

      Fiesta is going to feel quite heavy next to Corelle. I love corelle, and have never found anything that I like the feel of as much, but I wanted more “grown up” dishes. I went with Mikasa. It still feels too heavy, but lighter than others. The other, VERY expensive option, is to get some bone china. It is lovely and light weight but fancy and expensive 🙂 But so lovely to hold- I’ll wait until I’m really grown up to get that!

    • Jan

      Yes! Older correlle has different stamps on the bottom and is much more durable than the new stuff!

      • Julie B

        My Corelle ware is about 30 years old and I’m sure I could throw it like a frisbee and kill someone. I have never broken or chipped any of it. It was great quality way back when….

  8. Beckah

    Fiestaware is fairly heavy – I wouldn’t call it lightweight, but solid. I’ve had it for over 25 years – it was my “wedding china” – love it! 🙂

  9. Celena

    Please check online before purchasing dishes from dollar tree. Many sites like lead free mama test these dishes that are made in China. These dishes have unsafe levels of lead for children.

    • Kathleen

      Yes I wouldn’t use Made in China products from the dollar tree for anything you’ll be ingesting, especially if microwaving or freezing

  10. Momof5

    I say buy the fiesta I have mine 10 years and they are great. Before I bought my fiesta I bought a look a like and they were chipping in no time and I didn’t even have kids then. My fiesta has lasted great with the kids

  11. Gina

    Fun dishes at a good price! But I have to say as cheap as I , my fiestaware was well worth the investment. I think we have only one plate with a chip in 6 years….and that’s with kids who drop everything doing the dishes!

  12. Quinna

    Fiesta has a five year chip warranty and wears like iron. I love that it’s oven safe, and it’s made in the USA. Often you can score a great deal at a thrift shop or on marketplace. IMO the knockoffs aren’t worth it.

    • Gina

      I recently had to use the chip warranty and it was easy and had a new one mailed to me within a week.

    • J

      I wish I knew about that chip warranty! I’ve had just one piece chip but I’m past the 5 years now!

  13. Jacks

    I saved my $$ and finally got some Fiestaware dishes from Kohl’s last fall! Was SO excited…however now I’m a little disenchanted and confused. I thought the colors were dishwasher safe, but on one of my blues (Lapis) the rings are starting to fade through almost to “white”. My other set of Lapis remained colorfast.
    Also, my two sets of green (Meadow) have faded overall significantly, just in 4 months. Almost a complete color change. I’ve tried to Google it with no avail—everywhere insists they are dishwasher-safe. I have 6 people in my house and waaaay too many dishes to wash by hand anyway without throwing regular dishes into the mix 🙄
    Has anyone else at all had this experience in color fading/changes just with simply putting them through the dishwasher??

    • Quinna

      Do you use a dish detergent with lemon/citrus? Sometimes that can do bad things to the finish. What you’re describing doesn’t sound normal for Fiesta. I would contact their customer service.

      • Jacks

        Good thought! I always stay away from the lemon & citrus dishwasher tabs for that reason…mine only have Dawn inside.
        I was wondering about contacting Customer service too, but am not normally the type to complain—esp when I wasn’t sure if it was my fault somehow 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks for the reply and advice! Will probably reach out, then 😉

    • Jen

      I’ve used mine daily for 13 years and always run through the dishwasher and they all look like new. I have dark blue and orange colors. If they’re that new and you’re having that problem, maybe contact the company!

  14. micnic1027

    Love my fiesta! I actually collect the antique/vintage to decorate my kitchen with. We went to the Fiesta outlet several years ago. Their seconds room is awesome. I have also bought from Kohl’s and have been given fphalgraft (sp) as gifts in similar colors. May have to check out Dollar tree for some accent pieces!

  15. Meg

    WV gal here! I LOVE my Fiestaware! Yes, it’s expensive, but personally I feel it’s worth it. It’s heavier that my Corelle, so I don’t use it for our daily meals. I’m lucky to live a few minutes from the Fiestaware outlet store and regularly go to the “seconds room” to look through all the crates…it’s like finding a diamond on the rough! The selection in the seconds room is limited, so I do have to splurge if I’m looking for a specific color/style.

  16. Galillo

    Thank you everyone who mentioned real Fiestaware is made in the USA! Buy American whenever possible!!

  17. Lee

    I love my Fiesta!! I have been collecting for all 25 years of marriage. I use all the pieces, even the vintage and collectable pieces in day to day meals.

  18. rachyb

    We purchase our Fiestaware at the factory by us. We purchase seconds that look like firsts and they last forever for pennies on the dollar!

  19. Ricci

    I buy Fiesta bc of the way it’s made . It has no lead in it . It’s worth the price . I’m sure the Dupe is made in China of clay with lead in it .

  20. Patti

    Sorry, I pay the extra money for Fiesta as it is made in the USA. Not China like that crap that Dollar Tree sells.

  21. Brittany Soule

    You could drop a minimum of 13 plates to match the price of the $13 dollar price point. Give me the dollar store one lol

  22. Pamela

    I am a lucky person who lives 40 mins from the fiestaware factory. I buy a lot of my fiesta there. The seconds room is so much fun and dishes depending on the time of year are around $3. Can’t beat it. The only fiesta dish that has broken in our house was a salad plate which my son knocked off the counter. We have tile floor. It didn’t have a chance. Luckily it was a second

  23. Laurie

    I’d buy the real Fiesta again and again. I’ll gladly pay more for American made products, and even made in my state of WV.

  24. Patrice Redman

    I have only Fiestware because they are lead free. ALL STONEWARE from China and most from US are loaded with lead that will leach into your food. I would never buy anything from Dollar Store in the way of stuff that would touch your food

  25. Lynne

    I have a cabinet full of fiesta ware that I’ve had forever (a really really long time🤭) and they still are perfect. Most importantly they are made in USA.

    • Julie

      Yes! This other crap is made in China! You get what you pay for. And you support products not made in America.

    • Falcon

      Yes – made in the USA!!! The Dollar tree knock offs aren’t close to the real thing. Do you really want to fill up landfills with knock offs? Sure – you can buy 13 plates for the cost of one Fiesta plate but if you have to keep replacing them are you really saving anything. So much more to consider besides price alone. Save up and buy the real thing.

  26. Julie

    My mother had the original fiesta ware in the 1950’s. If you want the cheap made in China crap at dollar tree, just know it’s like ‘disposable’ and you get what you pay for.

  27. Nicole

    Instead of China, we opted to register for fiestaware for our wedding. Best decision ever. We have picked up other pieces throughout the years from antique stores or the fiesta outlet in WV. We may have broken one bowl in the past 14 yrs. So worth the investment.

  28. Heather

    I love Fiestaware!! Worth every penny!! It never chips break scratches. The drop test is legit! My kids have dropped a few and we never had an issue. I’ll never go back to any other dishes!!

  29. catmom

    I’ve been collecting Fiestaware for 35+years! I even have the coveted Quatro set!! Just found 2 turquoise large platters at Goodwill for 3.00 a piece. A little Bar Keepers Friend and they look like brand new!

  30. Nina T

    My husband dropped my 6 week old blue fiesta salad dish and it broke into ten pieces! 😖😢😠

  31. Betsy

    We got Fiesta Ware for our Wedding China 20+ years ago and it’s still going strong. I have a few serving pieces too and a great light gray pasta serving bowl. And I picked up a yellow platter at Goodwill for $3 recently so that was a great find! I think I would pass on the Dollar Tree ones…

  32. Lindy

    I’d be more interested in lead testing. Anyone done that!?

    Using IKEA dishes for that very reason. No lead.

  33. Abigayle

    I purchased my 16 4-piece sets from Kohls and most of my accessories. I used Kohl’s cash & percents off coupons when they were on sale and paid less than $20 a set. I have no interest in purchasing a dupe nor do I think your test was that informative plus the styles aren’t identical. I was able to resale when downsizing and made a profit each time. Stick to the name brand…purchase over time and be patient for sales.

    • PrincessMom

      I also got my Fiesta sets under $20 each with Kohl’s sales and coupons. I think I paid around $16 each. I’ve added more pieces since then when they have good sales and even picked up a few pieces on clearance (open box, missing pieces, etc)

  34. Amy

    I’d much rather people buy Fiesta. It’s made in America and is lead and cadmium free. I’ve been using Fiesta for years because of this and the quality. It’s worth waiting for the right sale instead of buying Dollar Tree junk. Some things are just worth spending a little more for.

  35. Karen

    I bought the deep bowls in green and orange. Looks great with my Fiestaware. I also scored on Fiestaware look alike drink glasses. The stripes look very like the originals, without the high price.

    • Kare

      Oh Amy, those glasses and bowls are not junk. Dollar tree has amazing quality glasses and dishes. I’ve had them for a couple years now and they are chip free,, and still shiny even with using the dishwasher. I have a huge collection of Fiestaware and these bowls blend in well for every day use.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      So happy to hear that you are enjoying your set fro Dollar Tree, Karen! 💕

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