15 Genius Dollar Tree Items You Never Knew You Needed – AND All Just $1 Each!

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Dollar Tree cart full of random items in store aisle

Expect the unexpected at Dollar Tree!

We are obsessed with all things Dollar Tree, from trendy jade rollers to cheap storage & organization solutions, there are many things you didn’t even know you needed! We hit the aisles for the 15 genius and unexpected items we not only love in our own homes, but we think you’ll fall hard for, too!

Even sweeter, everything is only a buck! 

1. Store all your favorite velvet scrunchies on this $1 paper towel holder.

scrunchies on a paper towel holder from dollar tree

Cooking Concepts Nickel Colored Wire Paper Towel Holder
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36-count)

Scrunchies are back and they’re super trendy, so if you’re in the middle of upgrading your little girl’s bedroom to a tween bedroom, then this $1 paper towel holder will be such a great hack for putting all your girl’s fashionable scrunchies on display in her new room.

2. Relax and have a spa day at home with these cucumber gel eye pads.

cucumber shaped eye pads in clear packaging

April Bath & Shower Hot and Cold Eye Pads – 2 pack
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36-pairs)

Great for reducing puffiness around the eyes, these eye pads will be perfect to have at home while you’re getting ready or just to relax and enjoy some spa time. Since they’re so cheap, you’ll be able to score a set for you and a friend for your next spa treatment.

3. Continue your self-care with a facial and use this jade roller.

green jade roller in packaging

Sassy+Chic Facial Jade Roller
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (24-count)

Want the ultimate treatment at home every day? These affordable jade rollers are taking over the internet and we know you won’t find a better price for this trendy item anywhere else!

You could even consider creating an affordable gift basket for a friend by stocking it up with a roller, the eye pads I shared above, and some of these popular Bolero Beverly Hills products.

4. Use some self-adhesive contact paper to clean up your kitchen cabinets.

hand holding a roll of contact paper

Con-Tact Quick Cover Gray-Floral Self-Adhesive Shelf Liners
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (16-count)

Have you recently reorganized some cabinets or starting some spring cleaning soon? This self-adhesive paper will be an easy way to spruce up your hidden spaces while spending way less than what you’ll get at other retailers.

5. These plastic storage bins with lids are stackable and cheap organization solutions.

hand holding a black and clear storage bin

Clear Plastic Storage Boxes with Split-Hinged Lids
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36-count)

Getting organized is easy and affordable with these containers! As a bonus, the lids are already attached so you never need to worry about losing a lid. They’ll be perfect for closets, lockers, craft rooms, classrooms, supply closets, and much more. Basically, anywhere you need some stylish and functional organization! 🙌

6. This round vintage-style silver serving tray is going viral online.

hand holding a silver serving tray

Nickel-Plated Metal Serving Trays
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (48-count)

Viral posts on TikTok are proving that people love these classy silver trays – it’s no wonder they’re sold out online! Many are painting them, using them as photography props, putting them in their bathrooms, or displaying small trinkets, soaps, and even candles. The options are endless and we’re pretty sure no one will even know you only paid a buck for these beauties!

7. Grab stemless wine glasses for a fraction of the cost when compared to popular name brands.

hand holding a clear stemless wine glass in store dish aisle

Simple Stemless Glass Wine Glasses
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (24-count)

At higher-end stores like Crate & Barrel, you can pay as much as almost $5 for just one stemless wine glass! That’s why we love these stemless Dollar Tree wine glasses because not only are they trendy, affordable, and gorgeous, but we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy sipping on your wine even more knowing how much you saved.

8. Add some inexpensive faux flowers & greenery in a vase for a beautiful centerpiece.

white pitcher vase with colorful faux florals inside

Faux Flowers, Bushes, & Greenery
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (6 up to 48-count)

The Dollar Tree might not be the first place you think of when you’re looking to get some vibrant faux florals, but thanks to Jen on our team, we now have a whole new appreciation for this Dollar Store find! You’ll be able to create many gorgeous centerpieces for your home or any upcoming occasion.

9. Carry around cheap dog poop bags the next time you go for a walk outside.

hand holding a package of black doggy waste baskets

Greenbrier Kennel Club Dog Waste Bags with Dispensers
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (24-count)

If you have a dog, you already know that waste bags can really add up, but at the Dollar Tree, they offer an affordable solution. Plus, their bags even come with a handy dispenser so you can walk around town with peace of mind and convenience right at your fingertips.

10. Food storage is easier with these handy silicone dressing containers.

hand holding a clear and red silicone dressing bottle

Cooking Concepts Silicone Travel Dressing Containers
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (36-count)

These little containers are so great if you make your own salad dressings at home and/or if you are following a strict diet and want to take along your own condiments like sugar-free ketchup, homemade sauce, & more.

11. Use these Command hook knockoffs for life hacks and hanging things on walls.

hand holding a package of white hooks in store aisle

Self-Adhesive and Removable Hooks
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (20 up to 48-count)

trashcan with hook and hanging measuring cups in cabinet

Just as functional as Command hooks, but way more frugal, these versatile hooks are a must buy the next time you head to the Dollar Tree.

Jennifer, one of my Hip teammates, uses theses hooks on small trash cans around the house to secure bags – “they’re super easy to use and they keep the bag from collapsing in!” She also uses them to hang small items inside her cabinets. So clever!

12. These large storage containers are collapsible and totally versatile.

aisle of canvas storage container bins

Essentials Collapsible Storage Containers with Handles
Only $1

*Minimum order of 4 units if ordering online (4-count)

These are perfect for storing toys, art supplies, books, clothes, socks and underwear, hair accessories, cleaning and emergency supplies in a car trunk, and more.

13. From small storage to spices, you’ll love having these handy magnetic tins.

hand holding a blue package with two metal round tins

Jot Small Magnetic Round Tins 2-Count
Only $1

*Minimum order of 1 case if ordering online (24 packs)

These magnetic tins adhere to your range hood or refrigerator and have a clear lid so they work well for holding Box Tops, spices, and other small items like paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, and so much more!

14. Keep a drain snake handy for when you need to unclog your bathroom sinks.

hand holding a drain rooter in store aisle

Drain Rooter Drain Snake
Only $1

*Minumum order of 1 case if ordering online (24-count)

This plastic drain snake incorporates a wave design and has triple barbs to help snag hair and clogs so you can easily remove clogs without the need for abrasive chemicals or costly plumbing professionals. Check out all the positive reader comments about this product.

15. Have your own little hardware store or nail salon at home with these plastic storage containers.

hand holding a hardware storage case in store aisle

Tool Bench Hardware Plastic Compartmented Storage Case
Only $1

*Minumum order of 1 case if ordering online (24 organizers)

clear storage container with various types of fake nails inside

We’ve seen such clever uses for this Dollar Tree container, like organizing Impress Nails as well as jewelry when traveling. So smart!

Hip Tip: Check out why Lina loves her one-step Impress Nails to give herself the most affordable and easiest manicure at home!

21 genius camping hacks that just made Dollar Tree even more amazing.

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 42

  1. rachellambert

    They also have their vacuum seal bags! They are large enough for multiple small blankets, towels, and sheets! They work amazing and literally helped me consolidate a whole shelf into one stack!!!

  2. Leavesbegintofall

    The dog poop waste bags are great to have in the diaper bag for yucky diapers, spit up on/soiled clothing, wet toddler swim suits, sick bags, snack trash, and emergencies in general. Very convenient. 🙌🏻

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YES! Great ideas for sure! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

    • Allison

      I was just wondering if these were big enough to us useful in the diaper bag!!

      • Leavesbegintofall

        They’re not very big but I can totally fit a little swimsuit in one! 😃

    • Sue

      Newspaper sleeves work well too for both diapers and dog poop. I even use them for keeping food in the freezer until trash day. I know not everyone gets the paper anymore, but if you know of someone who does, they are probably inundated with the sleeves. It is a great way to repurpose.

      • Kritters847

        I do this 2 we get a free sample paper with coupons but I still buy the dollar store ones also they’re good for pet Supplies bowls,brushes,treat jars and little t-shirts for little dogs ! Coloing books 2!

      • PNW

        I use the newspaper sleeves for my wet umbrella when I’m shopping.

  3. Malinda

    The drain snakes are fabulous. I use them regularly to remove hair from the shower drain. I get a few uses out of one before I toss it out.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh good! Glad to hear they have worked well! Thanks for the feedback, Malinda!

    • stephaniekeefer

      Thank you for this comment!!

  4. Sara

    I love their knock-off Command hooks! They have an even larger size that I use to hold my elementary kids’ backpacks. They aren’t sturdy enough for my heavy middle & high schoolers’ backpacks but they’ve held strong for well over 6 months with the lighter backpacks. They would also be great for coats or towels.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I love them too, Sara! I hang my curling irons, flat irons and blow dryer under my bathroom cabinet with them! SO nice!

  5. Shelly

    The hardware storage case is perfect for earrings!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOVE that idea, Shelly! Thanks for commenting!

    • MrsG

      Also good for road trip snacks!

  6. Kristine

    I always get the knock off neosporin for our camping first aid kit at dollar tree. Thanks for all the tips! I’m going to look for the drain snake next time I go.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are welcome, Kristine!

  7. paul

    Yesterday, I saw that they have that plastic film window insulation. I guess, the hairdryer in not included – LOL

  8. Angela J

    Yes – love all those ideas!! I carry hwcream for my coffee to work in their dressing containers. Just discovered two packs of door wedges there for a buck. Ours also carries fresh Thomas Bagels and Sara Lee bread. Such amazing deals.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I love the idea of the heavy whipping cream in the dressing containers! Thanks!

  9. ChristieG

    There is a facebook group for crafts and decor with stuff from the dollar tree! Great use of items and they are crafty…

    • Tracy

      What is the name of the fb group please?

      • Brenda

        I think she’s referring to Dollar Tree Craftaholics on fb. There’s also Dollar Tree Addicts. Love both groups!

  10. hellotashakitty

    The knock off 3M wall hooks for the most part are really great, but they will take paint off with them. I’ve learned the hard way , lol. And if you have any special type of paint (I did metallic glitter stripes in my closet) the hooks will not stay put. Falls off about every other day.
    The drain snake is a must have! I recommend picking up more than one though because over time the little pieces of plastic that grab the hair do start to break off.
    The jade roller is another must have, you can’t beat $1. And the silicone dressing bottles are one of the best things DT has ever offered lol.
    Other items I would recommend that aren’t listed if you can find them would include their battery operated fairy lights, window/electronic wipes, toddler tooth brush packs, and their food cover tents just to name a few 🙂

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the other recommendations, hellotashakitty! I’m going to look for the electronic wipes for my household!

  11. Toni Potts

    The hooks are not good. Spend extra and get command.

    • NLD

      I agree. I use them to hang towels they fall off after a couple of weeks. Sometimes I find 1 pack of command hooks at dollar tree those work better but I guess if your just using them for something really light they’d work. Also have had them take off paint before too. (The dollar tree ones) remove them carefully.

    • sierra4900

      The knock off hooks did not work for me. I bought about 20 of them to hang Halloween masks on a wall and they keep falling off. The masks are not even that heavy. Some took the pain off the wall too.

  12. Jill

    I love the knock off command hooks. There exactly the same. I have never had a problem with them plus there cheaper a win win in my book. Has anyone actually used the jade roller does it actually work?

    • hellotashakitty

      I have the jade roller , and I would say it works like any other jade roller. Nice and cool effect and i use with all my oils

  13. kbmum

    Don’t use the magnetic round tins for spices or food. They aren’t made with food-grade metal, so your food could come in contact with any number of chemicals.

  14. Loren

    Love the silicon salad dressing container! I use it as a travel size face scrub container, face scrub are thicker and very hard to squeeze out in those hard plastic travel bottles, so these soft silicone bottles works much better.

  15. Mamamia

    I actually just updated my daughter’s room with the black and white floral contact paper! Wish I could post a pic!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      It sounds awesome!

  16. Grace

    The drain snake works wonders! Brilliant!

  17. Denver

    Solar lights! Tomato plant stakes!

  18. Lori

    I use the salad dressing holders for hand sanitizer. I could only find a big bottle of sanitizer and poured it into the dressing containers for carrying around.

  19. anny

    I love the knock off hook. I wipe the wall with alcohol first, then put the hook on. It has been more than a year and it is still staying there. I put it near the door entrance, so my 4 yo daughter learned hang her own coat that way.

  20. Debbie Thompson

    I found shower caps three pack for $1 and you can put shoes in them so you do not get dirty shoes on packed clean clothes when traveling.I also use to keep from washing hair every time I take a shower.

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