Mammo-Grahams (Breast Cancer Awareness Treat)

Mammo-Graham Cookies

yield: 7 SERVINGS


For Marzipan:

  • 7 oz package of Almond Paste
  • 1 and 3/4 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup
  • 1 sleeve graham crackers
  • Gummy Worms (Red Hots or pink M&Mโ€™s could also work!)
  • Pink Decorating Icing for ribbon



Combine almond paste and 1 cup of the powdered sugar using an electric mixer.


Once combined, add the remainder of the powdered sugar and continue mixing. Mix in the corn syrup until you get a crumb-like mixture.


Knead on a flat surface until dough forms. Divide dough into seven balls. Press ball onto half a graham cracker and add the tip of a gummy worm to one side.


Cover with other half of graham cracker and draw a ribbon with pink icing on top of cracker. Makes about 7 treats.

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mammo-grahams treat recipe

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! If you’re looking for a fun treat to make in honor of this month, check out these cute and clever no-bake Mammo-Grahams! Inspired by the cookies created by Apron Strings, I’ve made my version using marzipan which can easily be made from almond paste found in the baking aisle of the grocery store.How to make marzipan Mammo-grahams


Mammo-Graham Cookies

yield: 7 SERVINGS

Make these Breast Cancer awareness cookies, makes an easy sweet treat.


For Marzipan:

  • 7 oz package of Almond Paste
  • 1 and 3/4 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup
  • 1 sleeve graham crackers
  • Gummy Worms (Red Hots or pink M&Mโ€™s could also work!)
  • Pink Decorating Icing for ribbon



Combine almond paste and 1 cup of the powdered sugar using an electric mixer.


Once combined, add the remainder of the powdered sugar and continue mixing. Mix in the corn syrup until you get a crumb-like mixture.


Knead on a flat surface until dough forms. Divide dough into seven balls. Press ball onto half a graham cracker and add the tip of a gummy worm to one side.


Cover with other half of graham cracker and draw a ribbon with pink icing on top of cracker. Makes about 7 treats.

Additional Notes

Marzipan recipe from

Brought to you by Hip2Save.

Breast Cancer awareness Mammo-Grahams Hip2Save

You can also make these Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies!

 Lina ( loves cooking new recipes, thrift store shopping, and DIY home decor projects.

About the writer:

Lina has a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Arizona University with 11 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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Comments 116

  1. Amelia

    Almond paste mushed between two graham crackers mimic breasts some canned icing on top for breast cancer? This seems so misguided and tacky!

    • Dee

      I have to agree. This crosses the line of good taste.

    • meg

      Then by all means don’t make them. Some times people have to laugh to keep from crying.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Amelia-

      I am so sorry that you feel these are tacky. My goal (and Lina’s goal) with this recipe was simply to introduce a creative way to remind all the women out there the importance of getting regular mammograms.

      • Nicole

        Can’t wait to see what you do for Movember. Don’t forget to check your balls, boys!!!

    • jac

      I think it’s intended to mimic a mammogram, in which a breast is actually squished to look much like this. I can’t imagine serving these anywhere, but in the right setting they could be an appropriate and lighthearted way promote breast cancer awareness and encourage women to be vigilant about preventive medical care. Thank you, Lina, for sharing your idea. Kudos to all who help promote awareness!

    • meg

      My mom had breast cancer and she would be the first one to laugh and say whatever it takes to get woman motivated is great!!!

      • Tia

        The OP’s wording wasn’t the best, but I don’t see anything wrong with leaving an opinion. I’m sure Collin and Lina can handle someone disagreeing with something. It’s all a matter of HOW we say things, online and in person.

    • irene

      Oh No!!!!! Laughter is ALWAYS, ALWAYS the best medicine! I think these are awesome! Made my day.

    • Amy W

      Yeah, I think it is in poor taste. Would we make a similar “treat” for prostate cancer awareness month?
      I think this is degrading to women.

    • Rebe

      Do women really feel offended by the sight of edible compressed boobs? That’s a 10 in the “uptight-o-meter”! Our beautiful breasts were made to feed babies and that’s a wonderful thing, breast cancer, on the other hand, is devastating. Thank you Lina and Collin for raising awareness!

  2. Julie

    This is the funniest thing ever. Pinned!!!

  3. shop4mybabies

    I’m laughing so hard

  4. Jo

    I find this to be a bit vulgar! Not necessary!

    • jaksmom8

      Lighten up, Jo! I’m a breast cancer survivor and I find it hilarious. I’m getting together with a bunch of women for a Relay For Life (American Cancer Society) fundraiser this weekend and I’m making these! What a great way to remind everyone to get their mammograms!

      • Abigail

        Way to beat cancer, Jaksmom8! Blessings to you and all other survivors and fighters.
        I think these are cute and a fun way to remind those to have a potentially life saving mammogram!!

    • Annie

      Hmmm, Almond paste is vulgar? It’s to raise awareness about breast cancer with a little humor. I’m a nurse on an oncology unit, I think it’s cute. Anything to bring a smile to someone’s face who is in pain and suffering ๐Ÿ™‚

      • meg

        Annie..thank goodness for people like you who work everyday helping people with cancer. Anything to bring a smile to someone’s face is worth it!

      • rama

        Thank you Annie… and everyone else who help the sick and make it easier for the families during difficult times!

  5. Dana

    I agree. It’s tacky.

  6. Terri Iker

    This is the funniest and best breast cancer awareness treat I’ve ever seen!!!! I am a breast cancer survivor and I love it! Not misguided or tacky in any way, Amelia. I will definitely be making these soon. Thanks Lina & Collin for posting this! You made my day.

  7. Anna


  8. Ink

    Oh geez here we go again. Collin had to address negative and unnecessary comments last year. Not every deal or post caters to everyone. Just kindly move on if don’t agree with something posted. No need for rude or negative comments.

    • Jodi

      When I saw the post had 81 comments, I feared what I would see. True enough: Haters gonna hate. I almost wish Collin or Lina had pre-empted the comments by acknowledging that not everyone will like this recipe. Now, time to schedule my mammo!

  9. Delia

    It take a lot more than this to bother me lol however let me lighten the mood. Someone take my shutterfly mug code: KE59-93E8-12ZN-MBG8FZ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jaksmom8

      Thanks, Delia, I got it! I’ll take pics of all my friends eating the Mammo-grahams and put it on the mug. LOL

  10. J

    It gets people talking/thinking of breast cancer awareness and testing and therefore did what it was intended!!! Good job Collin and Lina! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Jackie

    If you don’t like it why wouldn’t you leave the post without a comment. Its 2014 people talk about these things its a part of life that is affecting women around the world. Ignorance is bliss

    • sherry e

      So your saying that if ppl don’t agree with the majority then they shouldn’t leave a comment? This is 2014…day of jumping on the bandwagon and being a follower is gone! So exhausting that ppl think others should agree with what they think. I wonder why you felt the need to leave a comment about a reply you didn’t like? I don’t know why a single person is taking this personal when someone disagrees on here. Ppl act like bees on here and attack anyone that disagrees. My mother died of breast cancer when I was 8. I think it’s a tiny bit over the edge on this one. But its great collin had good intentions. If u like making a breast smashed between graham crackers and eating it…go for it and enjoy lol. And don’t forget some people get sad memories dredged up by this stuff. So Jackie please don’t be narrow about this subject and learn to accept both agreements and disagreements. We ALL have a right to have an opinion. On top of this it gives collin and her crew a realistic feedback on her post and the food post lina writes up.

      • Amy W

        Well said.

      • Dee

        Sherry, I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for adding such a thoughtful answer to this thread.

  12. Amy

    While these are probably not something I would serve up and I will refrain from posting my personal opinion (tacky vs. not tacky), I think there is no need to bash anyone. Don’t like it? Don’t look at it and don’t serve them. I was laughing on the ground with the posts Collin had on April Fool’s Day. Everyone needs a good laugh every so often. I would be offended if someone said they had cancer and didn’t (someone I know recently did this) or something of that nature. This post is just to remind everyone that prevention and early detection are best.

  13. Carol

    Just not a good idea.

    • meg

      Well then just don’t make them.

      • Renee

        Everyone has their own opinion on these. I don’t understand why those who don’t like them are subject to such negative comments. Play nice!!

  14. Em

    If you don’t like the post, simply start your own blog, spend years pouring your days and nights into finding deals and ideas for others, and then you can filter your comments to exclude the ones where people are telling you they don’t like how you run your blog. No need to spend your time criticizing.

    • J

      I couldn’t have said it better Em!

    • Jenn

      Exactly!! Well put, Em!

    • Josie

      Just because someone doesn’t agree doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to voice an opinion. I think Collin would want it that way because we can leave comments on the blog she created. Anyhow, I truly, strongly dislike bakery items in the shapes of body parts, and I wouldn’t want to eat these, but they’re creative…I’ll give it that. And I do appreciate the work Collin and her other contributors do, so thanks Collin and the others that help her out!

  15. gaby

    I โ™ก the idea!!!!

  16. debora

    so cute and creative! i love it! great cause

  17. Suzyq

    Did anyone see on the news the young man that is rolling a giant inflatable ball mimicking male genitalia across the US to raise awareness about testicular cancer?? The point is to promote awareness as these cookies most certainly would do. Anything to bring awareness to the cause and help prevent is a great thing!

    • Kidsallgone

      I saw him (& his giant ball lol) on TV the other day. It might have been on The Doctors or Dr Oz. the point was well taken as is the one with these cookies. Lighten up people! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Christi

    I think these are hilarious! thanks Lina and Collin!

  19. Jennifer K.

    Very cute and funny! Would I serve these at a fancy dinner party? Probably not. Would I make up a batch for my mom and aunt? For a Girls’ Movie Night? Even for the ladies at church? Why, yes. Yes, I would!

  20. theladyprefers2review

    I think this is adorable! Honestly, people should be more concerned over the fact that 40,000 women will die from breast cancer this year alone, this includes men as well, and not over almond paste. As someone who suffers from PCOS, who will have to be concerned with breast, ovarian, and Fallopian cancer possibilities in my life, these cookies are uplifting! Besides, any cookie I make that has a breast attached would make my husband grin for days, and while on topic, I might use this idea and make ovarian shapes treats to celebrate the fact that I’m on a pcos diet, and working towards a healthier lifestyle. To all of the patients, survivors, caretakers, and medical workers reading this, my hats off to you, and be sure to have a cookie!

    • jaksmom8

      Thank you! Best of luck to you with your diet & healthier lifestyle, and I, for one, will enjoy my smashed booby cookie!!

      • Suzyq

        Hahaha smashed booby cookie. Just had a nice chuckle reading that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stacy

      Could you share a link to your PCOS diet soulcyster?

  21. Amanda

    While I appreciate the thought, sugar, certain preservatives, and artificial colors can possibly contribute to cancer, which is ironic. No offense, just trying to educate about eating natural foods and avoiding chemicals especially when given the health risks.

    • Tiffany

      It’s all about moderation, IMO. Someone who is going thru Chemo would certainly be fine with having one cracker with marshmallow and a bit of icing if they felt up to it.

    • terri

      I agree Amanda, people boast that they ‘walk for a cure’ and then drink gatorade and eat cookies for a ‘treat’…unfortunately, those treats are too common and real food is not.

  22. meg

    Anyway….thanks lina for posting this. Looks cute and I bet they taste yummy!

  23. Caitlen

    Haha, these are so clever and cute! Way to go Collin and Lina for posting!! It’s Breast Cancer awareness month, people!

  24. Sarah

    THANK YOU Collin for everything you do–please remember you do so much more than help people save money. You make us laugh, make us think, and make us more clear of our values and opinions, and (hopefully) make us more open-minded to opinions different than our own…all good for growth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Sam

    Love it, such a cute idea!

  26. Melissa

    I think this is delightful! The first woman I thought to send it to is a breast cancer survivor. I know she will get a kick out of it!

  27. sunee

    Reminded me to get my mammogram appointment!!

  28. Bev

    Ouch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. cidadams

    My first response was a chuckle. The second thing that came to mind was ouch!

  30. GH

    Good Grief. Who doesn’t know about breast cancer? Uh no one.
    Enough!! with all the “awareness” BS. How about some prevention?
    Mammograms cause a huge majority of breast cancer in the first place.
    Let us all get more educated on why breast cancer is so prevalent and stop buying into all this awareness baloney; that, by the way, is just about making a butt load of cash off us and throwing a few cents of it at the “awareness” campaigns. How about we make October “Lets all stop being a bunch of dummies” month.

    • jenn

      What scientific research do you have that states that mammograms cause the majority of cancer?

      Also, there is no reason to be so ugly. If you want people to make more informed decisions about how to spend their money or donate to charity, you should cite some legitimate research or sources.

      • jenn

        *breast cancer

    • meg

      Good grief is right! Awareness baloney??? Wow.

    • Brittany

      Wait… You’re saying mammograms cause cancer. That’s a new one! I’ll have to let me Dr. husband know that.

    • sherry e

      You would be amazed at how much the public is not aware of when it comes to money and breast cancer awareness. There is a docum. On Netflix about this very subject. Made my jaw drop.

    • Tiffany

      GH. What do you propose to do about it then? What are you doing to bring prevention?

    • Heather

      I’m a nurse – that’s 100% inaccurate.

      With that said, as a light hearted person – I laughed a little when I saw them. Weird? Yes. Would I make them? Definitely no. Did it get people talking and as a result make more people remember to make their appointments? Yes!!! So, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. steph

    I totally understand the “reason” behind these but if I made anything like this my DH would smell my breath and take my temperature to make sure I was “ok”.

  32. Mj

    Thanks Lina for the lovely recipe. It definitely serves the purpose. Had it not for this post as a reminder, I would have totally forgotten to make my appointment.
    To all the negative comments: Go run a mile or so and remove your frustrations. If the Brest cancer survivors are getting a smile out of this then who cares what is going on in that small crowded brain of yours.

  33. Yesenia

    So funny! Way to go Lina and Collin! I work scheduling mammograms and you’d be amazed how many women (including breast cancer survivors) skip years between their mammograms. Anything to raise awareness

  34. squishy

    I like the idea, but don’t like the consistency of the cookies. They seem like they will be a bit too squishy – I guess that is the point, but I don’t think I can take a big bite into it, especially with it looking just like a breast!

    Kudos on the idea though!

  35. Aryanna

    Thanks for posting Collin! Not sure why some of you are so offended. If breast cancer survivors like this idea…why are you knocking it!? Can’t please everyone, I guess. smh

  36. Aly

    Collin, thank you ever so much for posting such a fun and wonderful way to honor Breast Cancer Awareness. My Grandmother past away 10 yrs ago from Breast Cancer. Her first mammogram at 65, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was in such advanced stage, that she refused treatment and lived her life the next year the best she could. I think of her everyday and I know she would have loved having these graham crackers to snack on ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you again!!

  37. dana

    FLASHBACK!:-) ON A LIGHTER NOTE– I went last year for my mammogram and the tech put this really cute sticker on one of my breasts. When I ask about the cute sticker I was told it was to mark a mole.”Oh, my children get a sticker for doing good at the pediatrician so I thought you were rewarding me for not hollering when you squoshed the life out of my boob!” She then gave me a handful of stickers.

    • Ann

      Ok that made me laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • theladyprefers2review

      They should hand out handbags, more women would go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Beverly

    It took me a minute to realize what the pink thing was sticking out, lol

    • JA

      Yeah, for a minute I couldn’t even understand why everyone was so upset. Then it dawned on me as to what exactly I was looking at……..

  39. Erin

    People! Boobs were made to feed babies, not to be a sex symbol! If you have a problem with these treats, it’s because you see boobs for something more than what they are intended…now who’s tacky?!

    • meg

      Ha! Best comment I have read…thanks for making me laugh!

    • Rebe

      Run for President Erin! Some people need to relax. Thanks Collin and Lina, you rock!

    • RB

      That’s an interesting observation, Erin. I was a little confused about what I thought were nipples on the dessert and wondering whether folks would be offended or amused. I didn’t anticipate how divided the opinions would be– although maybe that shouldn’t surprise me, since I have lived in both the North and the South.

    • Erin

      And vaginas are made to give birth, but do you want that depicted on pastries? Some clearly think it’s a great idea for baby shower cakes (Google Cake Wrecks). To each his own. According to the CDC, colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. Those treats should be interesting. . . .

      • theladyprefers2review

        Actually they have vagina-shaped pastries at the Vagina Monologue performances, and in fact, concessions alone have helped to raise over one million dollars nationally for domestic violence advocacy groups. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Sabrina

    Since there are people are talking about it then Colin and Lina have accomplished something great! I’m glad people are offended and I hope everyone talks about it tomorrow at work and share the page! At least one person will think “that reminds me…” and who knows what that could lead to! Thank you Colin and Lina!

    • Lynn

      Well said!

  41. Julie

    To each their own…I have no opinion either way. It’s all good…

  42. Amber

    Definitely funny… And I think something like this to promote prostate cancer awareness would be doubly funny!! Thanks for sharing Collin. Sorry that others were offended.

  43. Sara

    Why is everyone so uptight?! I think these treats represent a great cause. Period.

  44. Angela

    Not really my thing…neither the breast thing or the ingredients (I like healthier snacks), but rock on to those who want to make it!

  45. Jennifer

    I find it a bit funny how readily those that are offended feel the need to share their opinions. If you like it, share it/make it/laugh at it. If you do not like it, move on. Personally, I think these are cute. I love your sense of humor Collin!

  46. Erin

    I always make my hubby treats to take into work. I just showed him these and said I was making them next. He was horrified and said no way was he taking them in. Then we had a good laugh when he realized I was joking. Cute idea but don’t think I could do it.

  47. ihearthip

    From someone who had one of these done today, for the first time, I have to say this treat provided me with some comic relief. It was not fun, uncomfortable but necessary, and seeing this reminded me that there are tons of other women who get this done (or need to be getting it done) and that I am not alone. So let’s all just have a laugh and eat some yummy food and, be proud of ourselves for doing something good, and get over the awkwardness. Thank you, Lina!

  48. Kam

    Lol, I had no clue what these were. I thought these were some kind of Halloween eyeball worm cookie lol!

    • denise

      Thank you, I thought I was the only one initially confused….I should’ve read the caption first. LOL here I was wondering…’what’s the worm for?’

  49. Jamie

    It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out what the gummy worms were simulating. Ha

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