10 Of Our Favorite Costco Staples That Are Worth a Membership Alone

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chicken taco kit from Costco - what to buy costco

You asked & We’re sharing the best things to buy at Costco!

Well, we’re gonna tell ya, friends! Whether you’re a club member yet or not, we’re sharing the best things to buy at Costco the next time you’re planning a shopping trip. And while many of our readers love Sam’s Club, we found that people who favor Costco are in it for way more than just great prices and Kirkland’s products.

In fact, we’re absolutely sure these 10 Costco buys will be worth the membership alone!

1. Costco sheet cakes are forever Collin’s favorite cheat meal.

rainbow sheet cake half eaten

Available in-club by special order only.

While we were sent on an emotional roller coaster last year when news hit Costco was no longer doing sheet cakes, they redeemed themselves by still offering half sheet cakes. While these are now for special order only, you don’t need a birthday celebration to enjoy one of Costco’s sheet cakes.

In-store sign about sheet cakes

I first learned about how amazing these cakes were when I found out Mrs. Hip, herself, loves indulging in a Costco sheet cake occasionally.

“I was shocked to find out just how good their made-to-order cakes are! And at a great price!” – Cindy, Hip2Save reader

Hip Tip: Speaking of cake, these grocers offer FREE smash cakes for your baby’s first birthday! Plus, we rounded up plenty more birthday freebies you can score on your special day too. 🙌

2. Costco’s $4.99 rotisserie chickens are the top-selling grocery item in the whole club. 

Rotisserie Chicken - what to buy costco

Available in-club only.

Did you know Costco sells an average of 157,000 chickens every single day and over 60 million every year?! 😱 It’s no wonder considering they’re one of the best deals in all of Costco.

Weighing in at about 3-pounds, each rotisserie chicken sells for just $4.99 each – no coupon needed! Costco even reportedly loses money on their chickens but refuses to raise the price since they’re one of their best-selling items (Oh, how we love you, Costco!)

woman holding a rotisserie chicken

Hip Tip: Lina shared 12 different & easy recipes you can make using Costco rotisserie chicken.

3. Our entire team loves stocking up on Costco’s coffee selection.

clear storage container full of kcups

Coffee lovers, unite! Whether your cup of joe comes from whole beans, a K-cup, grounds, or even a Nespresso machine, Costco delivers incredible prices and quality on many different types of coffee. In fact, plenty of ladies on our Hip2Save team have their own favorite so if you’re looking to mix up your mornings, grab one of our top recommendations!

Lina’s favorite K-cups:

“Sometimes Keurig coffee can be bland and weak, so if you are wanting a bold cup of coffee, try these pods. We love Kirkland brand everything because of the high quality, and these K-cups don’t disappoint. Plus we always do cost comparisons and this is always the best deal on K-cups, especially when on sale. We store ours in a large Anchor Hocking glass jar!”

Two team members love these coffee beans from Costco:

San Francisco French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 3 lb, 2-pack$39.99 (or just $6.66 per pound)

“I always buy garlic powder and San Francisco French Roast coffee beans at Costco!” – Emily Spurlock

“I love these coffee beans too! I usually get them at Walmart since I don’t have a Costco near me, and I’m always impressed by them for the price.” – Emily Saramak

Erica’s favorite ground coffee:

Kirkland Signature Medium Roast Coffee, 40 oz.$13.49 (or just 33¢ per ounce!)

“This coffee is so YUM! I always make sure to buy coffee that is made of 100% arabica beans! I drink lots of coffee literally all day and this bag lasts me quite a while! Plus, you can’t beat the price!”

Steph’s favorite Nespresso pods:

“I stopped buying Nespresso capsules online after I found these compatible ones at Costco! Soooo much cheaper and definitely my favorite coffee!”

4. Send flowers to a loved one at the best price (and quality) with Costco.

bouquet of flowers on table

Costco flower bouquets$37.99+ for delivered flowers (prices in-club will vary)

Flowers are always a good idea, whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one. Regardless of the special occasion, Costco is our tried & true place to count on for amazing & affordable bouquets of flowers – with a great price to match them!  This is definitely one of the best things to buy at Costco.

They even have 50-stemmed roses for JUST $39.99 that you can have delivered the very next day – all without stepping foot in a club! WOW!

Roses on display in store

“Wow! Talk about beautiful flowers – these are IT! They came packaged beautifully, they stayed beautiful for 2+ weeks (still going strong) and they smell amazing! As I get older, I appreciate fresh flowers even more – they are such a thoughtful and beautiful surprise. They bring such life to your home.” – Amber, Hip sidekick

“Costco is the only place I use now when I deliver flowers to people. The flowers have always turned out gorgeous and it’s so easy, affordable, and they often offer deals around the ‘flower holidays’.” – Jessica, Hip2Save reader

Hip Tip: Still searching for the perfect bouquet? These are our other favorite places to buy & send flowers for any occasion.

5. Costco’s street taco pre-made meals make for an affordable, delicious, & easy dinner idea.

hand holding premade street tacos meal in store refrigerator - what to buy costco

Available in-club only.

You can find the packs of street tacos freshly pre-made and ready to eat in the refrigerated section! Complete with all the fixings, you can’t go wrong scooping up this festive dinner idea. Plus, our entire team and plenty of readers are just as obsessed!

holding a costco street taco

“Oh yes, their Chicken Street Tacos are AMAZING! The best corn tortillas are in this kit!” – Angie, Hip2Save sidekick

“Lina got me totally hooked on Chicken Street Tacos – they’re amazing!” – Stacy, Hip2Save sidekick

dishing up Costco chicken enchilada bake

If you’re looking for more prepared meal ideas, we actually compared a bunch to Sam’s Club and they paled in comparison to Costco’s amazing prepared meals!

My Hip sidekicks, Lina and Erica, basically say you can’t go wrong with any of them! Plus, fewer dishes is certainly always a win too. 🙌

“I love their ready-made meals! I really haven’t been disappointed with any of them! They recently had a Shepard’s Pie ready-made meal and it was so YUM for not having to do any work!” – Erica, Hip2Save sidekick

6. Many people shop at Costco just for the awesome toilet paper.

package of kirklands toilet paper on table in store - what to buy costco

Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 425 sheets, 30 rolls$19.99 ($0.66 per roll – or just $0.0015 per sheet!)

Tons of my Hip sidekicks and many of our loyal readers swear by Costco’s Kirkland toilet paper. Even more convincing, compared to Sam’s Club, Costco even has the cost totally beat considering you’ll pay $0.018 per sheet at Sam’s Club on their lowest priced TP! Even sweeter, we just saw their toilet paper go on sale just this past April – something you don’t really hear of these days anymore! 👏

“I love Costco Toilet Paper – it’s soft & affordable and each roll seems to last forever!” – Bryn, Hip2Save sidekick

“Kirkland toilet paper. We will never use anything else! When the toilet paper shortage was happening last year I had to break down and buy a name brand, but now we buy an extra pack just so we don’t run out ever again.” – Danielle, Hip2Save reader

“I love it because the kids don’t clog the toilet with too much TP anymore!” – Lori, Hip2Save reader

7. If you love Chick-Fil-A, you can have it at home with Costco’s identical Just Bare chicken nuggets.

just bare nuggets in costco shopping cart

Available in select clubs only.

Just Bare Chicken Nuggets are only $13.99 for an entire 4-pound bag which is just $3.50 a pound! They’re a Costco must-buy according to many of our readers! Compared to an order of 8 nuggets at Chick-fil-A sold for $3.85, it’s easy to see who the winner in the price category is and they absolutely live up to the hype!

The only caveat is that not all locations across the country have them so if you’re lucky enough to spot them, don’t hesitate to scoop them up!

hand holding chicken nugget dipping into sauce

“My family loves these nuggets in the air fryer! They get mad when I buy anything else now.” – Michelle, Hip2Save reader

“We get at least 3 bags every time we go! These nuggets are just like Chick-Fil-A’s!!!” – Jacke, Hip2Save reader

Hip Tip: Read what our team had to say about these Chick-Fil-A knockoff nuggets.

8. Costco even has great home goods too with luxury towels priced at just $5.99!

stacks of boxes of towels in store with price sign - what to buy costco

Available in-club only.

As if Costco couldn’t get any better in the food department, we’ve got some wonderful ideas on what to buy in Costco’s home goods section! My Hip sidekick, Lina, is totally obsessed with how great the Charisma brand towels are at Costco and she loves that they’re incredibly affordable, super soft, and the quality is on par too!

We’ve seen them go as low as $5.99 for a towel and $7.99 for bath sheets! Ya just can’t beat it, friends! 👏

Don’t miss Lina’s full review on these towels over here. She definitely thinks these towels are one of the best things you can buy at Costco!

Hip Tip: Try this laundry stripping hack to bring your old towels to new life.

9. If you need new bedding, Costco’s Kirkland brand has you covered.

two packages of bed sheets on display in store

In the market for some new bedding? The Kirkland Costco brand sheets are what you need to buy at Costco next! They’re true luxury on a dime with all their high-end features too. Crease Control technology offers wrinkle-resistant smoothness while their Grip-On corner fit technology keeps the fitted sheet in place to prevent shifting!

made bed white white sheets and pillows on top

“I have purchased so many sheets over the years at every price point and every thread count. These sheets came on sale one month at Costco ($20 OFF!), and after reading the comments on the FB page about them, and trusting that the Kirkland brand is the best quality, I bought some. Also, knowing Costco has a remarkable return policy, it was easy to take the plunge!

Boy, I was not disappointed at all! After taking them home and washing these sheets, they are sooooo super silky and soft. They have stayed white after lots of washes, and definitely my favorite sheets that feel like LUXURY.” – Lina, Hip sidekick

10. Dog food at Costco is also remarkably good & inexpensive too.

stacks of dog food in store - what to buy costco

Kirkland Dog Food – $27.49+ 

Numerous Hip2Save readers swear by Costco’s dog food and wouldn’t ever buy it anywhere else. Not only is there food for every type of dog, but the prices are unbeatable too. For example, their largest-sized 40-pound bags are priced at just $1.12 per pound! 😱

“I love the Kirkland brand dog food! You can get a HUGE bag for only around $30.” -Lacey, Hip2Save reader

Hip Tip: Love to buy fresh dog food for your pup? We rounded up the best dog food delivery services & how to save on all of them!

After you’re done reading about all of the best things to buy at Costco, we have all the latest Costco deals over here!

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Comments 21

  1. A.B.

    I LOVE the Costco baby wipes! My children all have sensitive skin, and we love them! They’re $19.99 on the website with free shipping, but once in a blue moon, they’ll be $15.99 with a promotion, and that’s when I try and stock up. I know they’re cheaper in store, but we are a 45 min drive from any location, so the online price is fine for me to not make a drive… but then again… street tacos are always worth the trip! Thanks for sharing H2S, love y’all!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, You’re SO very welcome! Thanks for letting us know how much you’ve loved the wipes and tacos!

  2. Jackie

    Sams club has the exact same tray with the street tacos and they are our favorite thing to get there. Funny how both stores sell some things that are identical. We don’t have a Cosco near by so I didn’t know that they share identical items. Wish we had a Cosco near by.

    • jenniferzimpferdewees

      I was going to say that exact comment! When I first looked at the picture, I thought it was the tray from Sam’s Club. It is the same right down to the salsa and cilantro lime crema!

      • Jackie

        I know! Even how they place things on the tray is identical. Chicken, cheese (both sauces on top), cabbage (lime wedges on top), tortillas the order is identical.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Good to know!

    • Ktice11

      I feel like the chicken taste different

  3. Mrsyancy

    The ones at sams club use flour tortillas vs Costco using corn. My family prefers flour, but that’s just us. That’s the only difference that I’ve noticed.

  4. BossMom3

    We justify our membership in ABS (annual bacon savings). Buying a pack of bacon at the grocery store will set us back $5-$6. Kirkland sliced bacon is under $4 per pack. So one pack a week for Sunday breakfast and our whole membership is paid for by our ABS!

    • Jen

      This cracked me up! Love it!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! LOVE it! 💕🥓

    • julie

      Love it! Bacon for the win!

  5. jeannesymonscard

    My bigger dog uses the sweet potato and beef dog food after discovering he had a chicken allergy that manifested through recurrent ear infections. So I saved money both from cheaper dog food and vet bills!

    • Chrissy

      Ok this might be saving us, our dog has ear issues all the time and recently I figured out chicken makes him sick! I didn’t know these were related! I am going to try that food! Worth trying at this point.

  6. Casey

    Heading to Costco today for a chicken and gas. LOL! I’m also hoping to pick up some hurricane supplies. I bought a flashlight there last year that is amazing. It lights up the entire room and it was such a good deal.

  7. Jessica Gillette

    I don’t love the tacos, not enough flavor in my opinion, BUT I love the taco salad! $15 and feeds our family -we add some more chips and hot sauce and feels a little healthier than comping home with a pizza every time 🙂

  8. Pattyd

    Love their sheets and towels. Really great quality

  9. mariagandhi

    When I clicked on the link about rotisserie chicken it sent me to a page that was full of posts regarding how badly the chickens are treated. 🙁

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh darn! Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention. This has been updated.

  10. Angie

    You forgot one of the best indulgences & frugal priced options…their food court whole pizza for less than $10. Yum!

  11. Robin

    Their bakery croissants are the best! Super cheap for a dozen.

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