Our Team Had a No Deodorant Debate – Which Side are YOU on?

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No deodorant = no problem. Here’s how to keep armpits from smelling without deodorant!

woman smiling holding up arms how to keep armpits from smelling with no deodorant

Consider a new minimalist morning routine. ☀️

We found something you can skip buying next time you’re at the store, and over time it can save you big. Not to get too personal, but I don’t wear deodorant, and I’m here to tell you keeping your armpits from smelling without deodorant is totally possible! It could be the secret to an ideal daily routine you didn’t know you needed…though some of my Hip team members may not agree. 😂

woman holding up dove deodorant and laptop standing in kitchen how to keep armpits from smelling without deodorant

Deodorant is a frequently talked about topic within our Hip team but not wearing deodorant at all is a hot topic that shocked a lot of our Hip sidekicks. Yes, you heard that right! Turns out some of us on the Hip2Save team don’t even wear deodorant at all and it’s saving us money in the long haul. 😱

Here’s what one Hip reader shared about recently ditching deodorant:

“I found myself wearing deodorant less when the pandemic hit and I wasn’t going anywhere, but I would wear it when I had to leave the house. However, since I was getting used to not wearing it, at times, I would take a shower, get dressed, and leave the house realizing way after that I forgot to put on deodorant. Then in January 2021, I had shoulder surgery so I couldn’t lift my arm and I stopped wearing it altogether. Now, I don’t wear any deodorant at all, and even when I go for a brisk walk at work, and come back sweaty and I do not smell! So, no more deodorant for me!”

woman using a macbook in bed

Turns out that a significant amount of people stopped wearing deodorant altogether when working from home became more common. According to CNN, deodorant sales slumped significantly in 2020.

More recently, they noted the fact deodorant isn’t actually a medical necessity, but rather a cultural and personal preference.  

The deodorant industry was worth $5.59 billion last year and is expected to make a steady increase over the next few years despite some people’s lifestyle changes since COVID. And while some are satisfied spending just a few bucks on popular drug-store brands, many are splurging on more health-conscious, natural deodorants. Designers like Tom Ford are in on the game too. Astoundingly, some consumers are spending a whopping $129.99 for just one stick of luxury deodorant. Say what?! 😱

This leads me to believe many of us could be saving if we thought twice about how to keep armpits from smelling without deodorant.

woman using finger to smear homemade deodorant on armpit how to keep armpits from smelling without deodorant

According to Statista, you could save on average about $26-$50 a year to ditch deodorant. However, it’s pretty clear deodorant is a must-have for the majority of our team. I did a very scientific poll 😉 and here were the results:

Final count: Deodorant – 30 vs. No deodorant – 2

I was shocked to be one of the only ones who don’t wear deodorant on occasion. 😂 That said, just because some of us are ditching this traditional and socially acceptable product, doesn’t mean we aren’t taking care of our pits. And it certainly doesn’t mean we’re walking around with a musk.

Did you know that sweating is not only totally normal but it’s also healthy and necessary?

Here’s what one of my Hip sidekicks shared about going no deodorant:

row of clear and brown amber dropper bottles with the ordinary labels on front how to keep armpits from smelling without deodorant

“For years I’ve been using The Ordinary Glycolic Acid instead of deodorant. It won’t keep you from sweating but it does keep you from getting stinky and may even help with hyperpigmentation. It works by changing the ph of your pits and gets rid of the bacteria that cause odor. You can add it to a spray bottle for easier application but I just drop a little onto some Shiseido cotton pads and wipe it on. I never do it right after I shave though and I always apply it at night, once my armpits have cooled down from my shower. I probably use it once or twice a week in the summer and I love it!” – Cass, Hip sidekick

Here’s what another Hip sidekick shared:

“Get ready for a super personal fact about me. I don’t wear deodorant and haven’t since I was a teenager. I promise I don’t stink! 😆– Paige 

woman smelling armpit

Here are some of the benefits of not wearing deodorant:

  • Less bacteria build up in sweat glands
  • Your skin will be more clear of dirt, oil, and debris
  • Your skin’s natural microbiome can reset
  • Money-saving
  • You’ll likely accept your body’s natural aroma
  • According to MeMD, the body odor of other people also affects attractiveness on another level

Still convinced you need to cover up? Did you know that there’s a difference between Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

woman holding tube of green goo deodorant

Deodorant is specifically made just to prevent body odor. This means you’re still going to sweat with it on. Deodorants can be applied not just to your armpits, but also to your feet and other parts of your body too.

Whereas, antiperspirant is just applied primarily to armpits. It also contains antimicrobial agents which prevent sweating by blocking sweat glands. This in turn reduces moisture on your skin, but in all actuality, this could be making you smell worse since it alters the composition of bacteria in your armpits. According to other studies, you’re also risking a paradoxical increase of sweat production in other areas of the body.

woman holding arms up with aztec healing clay detox

An armpit detox is a great idea for how to keep armpits from smelling without deodorant.

Body odor can also be a reflection of your gut’s health or other underlying health conditions (among other things). Thankfully, this quick and easy home remedy will help eliminate toxins and release odor-causing bacteria that could be building up in your body and contributing to foul body odor when you do sweat.

All in all, this simple tip could make it easier to start using a much more natural deodorant. Or ditch it all together like some of us. 😉

woman spraying crystal deodorant under arm

The truth is, I really don’t stink with no deodorant (promise!). I’m also super sensitive to smells so I truly do love the natural smell of my body. Luckily, my partner does too. 😆

So, if it’s just me and my laptop working from home, you can bet I’m normally not wearing deodorant on the day-to-day. 😏 Plus, the frugal side of me loves the added savings! However, for special occasions, I do still love a good natural deodorant or my go-to DIY deodorant. BUT I never wear it to mask a bad smell.

So we want to know — what do YOU (or don’t you) use?! 

Choose a deodorant with clean ingredients that’s right for you.

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger & photographer and brings 9+ years of experience to her craft. Her work has been featured in numerous esteemed publications, spanning building, travel, and fashion. Beyond her creative pursuits, Sara’s primary mission is to empower others to embrace a toxic-free & sustainable lifestyle.

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Comments 158

  1. patricialavenz-goff

    I usually stock up when they are free so it doesn’t cost me anything and then there are the free samples in the mail too.

    • Sara

      That’s a great way to “buy” deodorant, patricialavenz-goff! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. je

    I don’t use deodorant either. I tried it once as a teen and I didn’t like it so I never started using it.

    • Sara

      So glad I’m not alone, je! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. sue-4

    It costs around 3-5 dollars and last a month or more. I can save money elsewhere 😉

    • Zara

      👍 It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee!

  4. mrsHartwell

    I don’t wear deodorant either. I don’t need it

    • Sara

      Glad I’m not alone, MrsHartwell!

  5. Pamala

    There is a gene, which I have, that is responsible for dry earwax and the absence of underarm odor. I found this out after many years of having to be extremely careful with my deodorant, since I would break out with most.

    • Dee

      Huh – who knew?! I think I must have that gene also. As did my father and my siblings – don’t stink AND don’t sweat!

      • kina

        Most of us who has dry earwax doesn’t really have odor, because of we have less or none apocrine gland which causes the odor.

    • Sara

      That is so interesting, Pamela! Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

    • patricialavenz-goff

      Maybe I have that gene. I always thought it was because I don’t drink enough to sweat. 90% of my liquid intake is coffee. I drink it all day and night. I usually have about 4 cups a day. Might have a cup of hot tea at work if the pot is empty. Guess it is the German in me or maybe my Army upbringing. There was always a pot of hot coffee either in the pot or in a thermos on the counter.

  6. hip2trade

    In the south it feels like deodorant is a must lol. Not too sure about ditching it completely. However I may try some different avenues and see how it goes.

    • Nancy

      Yup, not an option (okay maybe less of an option for me) in 100 degree Houston. Works better for drier or cooler climates.

      • Sara

        I would agree there, Nancy! I have an all natural deodorant recipe hitting the site soon if you’d like to try it. A few of my friends SWEAR by it and so far it has worked wonderfully!

  7. ZJ

    I don’t wear it either, haven’t for a couple of years now. My underarm skin actually started peeling when I started using Tom’s deo, so I just stopped using it all together. The times when I would need to use deodorant are also times when I needed to just hop in the shower. To me, it’s not about saving money even though that’s a nice plus, it’s about not covering my skin with a product that irritates my skin.
    Crazy thing is, my husband didn’t even know I stopped using deodorant. He was shocked when I told him so it’s a change that should go unnoticed. 🙂

    • Sara

      I love your prespective, ZJ! I agree, it’s definitely more about the not covering my skin aspect than anything else! Thanks for sharing some feedback with us. 🙂

  8. LeeF

    Same!! I haven’t worn deo in almost a decade and can verify that I sweat less and almost NEVER smell- this from a person that since puberty had major issues with both😬

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing, LeeF! Glad I’m not alone!

  9. Dee

    If you don’t wear deodorant, you won’t have the expense of entertaining friends. Everyone will stay far, far away. If you’re staying home alone, no problem.

    • Lunafalls

      I would ask a very, very trusted friend, on a hot day, if it’s true I don’t stink when going without deodorant, before I would be so sure I didn’t.

      • Sara

        I have a homemade deodorant hitting the site soon, Lunafalls! Perfect for hot days like you mentioned. 🙂

  10. Amy

    I don’t mean to offend anyone but often people don’t notice their own scent. Nobody thinks they stink but we all know stinky people haha.

    • Dee

      Agreed. And throwing on extra heavy perfume doesn’t mask it like they think it does.

    • BlueWaterGirl

      Totally agree! We get used to our own odors, like the house, car, general body smell. Other people notice your smells, I promise!!!

    • Laura L

      Some people don’t smell. I think it was Dr. Oz who had a segment on it. It’s a genetic thing.
      I also read some place nervous people smell but sweat from working out doesn’t smell that much.

      The people who have the strong smell probably don’t bath or wash their cloths often.

      As for me, if I’m working close to people I wear it.

      • Amy

        Oh I believe both are true. There are people who naturally don’t smell and there are also people who think they don’t but by the end of the day have a little musky smell they don’t notice.

        • Dee

          Every human being has an odor, unique as a fingerprint. Your armpits are a dark moist place where bacteria grow, which causes the funk. No amount of “detoxing” changes that. Only your liver and kidneys detox. Antiperspirants and deodorants are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, making work places and gyms livable for those of us with sensitive noses.

          • Gina

            I did a “detox” that did work. When I first gave up deodorant, there was a trial and error period where I knew by the end of the day, I would have a little funk. Now 10 years later, I have settled on a Thai Crystal and it does great. It did take a while for my body to get used to being able to sweat but now that little bit doesn’t stink (coming from a 3rd person’s opinion, not myself) like it used to.

          • Lel

            My husband does not use deodorant and does not smell. His hair and face can get oily but there is no arm out odor.

            • Sara

              Thanks for sharing, Lel! Glad I’m not alone!

              • Latat

                My husband doesn’t get BO. He smells like soap all day if you check. I thought he was making it up but nope. He does have dry ear wax and I didn’t realize there might be a connection btwn the two until someone above noted that. So yes, some people cannot tell they smell and some people do not get rank body odor.

                • Sara

                  That is so interesting, Latat! Thanks for sharing. 😊

      • Jen

        If only I didn’t stink when I sweat. My hubby legit doesnt stink … ever and he works in construction. Me on the other hand, smell like a stinky man in the morning most days. It is beyond frustrating. I have switched to natural deo. Which was a process, but well worth it. Still I stink, I tell myself at least the natural deo is a step in the right direction.

    • rochellemcgee

      Yup, came here to say this. My husband doesn’t think he smells at times…but he does 😬

    • Em

      Yes. I know a few people who brag about how they went all natural and they don’t smell.. they talk about how they’ve asked people and everyone confirms it.

      But they do. I don’t want to be the one to tell them either.

  11. Carole

    After breast cancer in 2017, I use only natural deodorant. The chemicals are believed to be a cause of breast cancer.

    • Valyou

      Agree with you Carole. It’s saving your life more than even saving money. The chemicals are directly applied to the breast and lymph nodes in the armpit. No DO and no BO for me 🙃

    • PNW

      Yet, isn’t amazing that millions of people wear it and don’t have any cancer or anything else from it.

    • Sara

      Glad you are still here with us, Carole! And happy to hear that you went all natural! 🙂

  12. Allison

    I prefer a more natural deodorant, so I use Native, which is roughly $10 per stick, but I do try to only stock up on it when there’s a coupon or sale. And I can usually go close to 2 months on the sale stick. I do sweat and I do stink, plus I live in the South, so I’m not about to go without 😂 Kudos to those of you who can!!!

    • Jill

      They changed their formula to be vegan friendly. It doesn’t work as well anymore.

  13. I'll stick with Deodorant

    Sometimes trying to save money goes too far…


      I agree. Have these posters ever smelled a smelly person? EWwww!

      • Susan31652

        Experiencing a non-air conditioned subway in London or Paris during the summer is all I need to say on this. 😬

    • CathyB


  14. Lana

    Hubby and I have used mineral salt crystals for almost 30 years. They work and only cost us about $5 each a year plus we are not putting all those chemicals on our skin.

    • Sara

      I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the recommendation, Lana!

  15. Momof6

    My husband and I both go without. I have friends who are shocked when we say we don’t wear it. They asked how does that work- you don’t stink. Aren’t you suppose to stink. To the person who made the comment about entertaining – we entertain plenty at our house and are invited plenty of places. Some people may not need it while others may. Everyone is designed differently and that is perfectly OK!

  16. savvyshops

    There are so many ways to save, Ill save elsewhere and keep my deodorant, regular or natural I’ll buy and use whatever. But I roger a lot of freebies and coupons/rebates it’s easy to find deo on sale.

  17. Shawna

    Not for me, sorry. I understand jumping in the shower but how many times a day can you do that. Wiping armpits with baby wipes but it doesnt solve the problem. You cant wipe every 5 mins outside. Also, i read that many stars are soing this and cant smell their selves. Their body guards and others that work with them talk about how much the smell and dont know it. So, for now i will stick with deodorant. For those who don’t sweat a lot or can be indoors all the time it may work for them.

    • AngieM

      Agree! So people don’t use deodorant to save money but Your using wipes and showering more. So ultimately they’re Not really saving lol. Even if I am home alone and I don’t stink. I prefer to smell nice 🙂

      • tipaye

        That’s what I thought…wipes, sanitizers (chemicals in both) and increased showers. I don’t see huge savings (or health benefits, unless it’s natural deodorant).

        • Sara

          That’s for your feedback, tipaye! I do have a homemade natural deodorant post coming soon, stay tuned!

  18. Sue

    I have not worn deodorant for years and never will again. I got a blockage over 15 years ago that caused swelling and had a lump in my under arms and so I stopped using it. It took a few years for it to go away and also was recommended by my doctor not to use it anymore. So when I worked I would tell people to keep a distance from me cause I don’t wear it not to sound gross but I would rather not have cancer or any other problems and most of the time the smell of deodorants are so bad for you anyway.

    • Sara

      What a scary experience, Sue! Glad you’re okay now.

  19. DealAddict

    I’m sorry but some of you are nose blind to your own smell.

    • tipaye


  20. Kristie

    I started using the Aluminum Free Dove deodorant and I found I actually started sweating less when I stopped wearing an anti perspirant. I don’t regularly wear the deodorant either. I seem to smell a little by the end of the say whether I’m wearing it or not, so nothing a shower won’t fix.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing, Kristie!

  21. Csandst1

    I usually pay 50 cents for a stick of antiperspirant/deodorant with coupon and on sale. One stick lasts me around 6 months so I spend about $1 a year. I can’t stand sweaty pits. Who are the people spending hundreds?

    To save money I stopped using body wash daily (just once a week now) and I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar in my hair. No one has complained about me smelling rank. I still shower daily. I use water and a rough scrubby to wash my skin. Made the changes because my husband was laid off 2018–still waiting for him to find a job🍀🙏 We’re close to a new job—God is opening many doors for us.

    • Cherryluva

      Oh my, what do you do on period days? I could never skip washing down there with soap when I have my period.

      • Metronoma

        Not everyone gets their period…

      • Kristie

        I use a cup and my hygiene doesn’t need to be any different than any other time of the month. Kind of a strange, personal question to ask someone.

      • PNW

        My doctor said not to wash there not even once a month.

        • DealAddict

          Sorry. I think this is TMI but I have to respond.. Your doctor means don’t put soap UP IN there. You still need to wash the outer part.

          • AngieM

            👍Exactly! Idk about people sometimes…

            • tipaye


        • ohjodi

          Your doctor meant do not douche or put soap up inside your vagina. You still need to wash everything outside.

          • Joni

            Actually using water on the outside is all that is needed. Ask a GYN or Derm if you don’t believe it. The vagina has delicate skin not just on the inside, but outer as well. A good rinse with water is all that is needed.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing that with us, Csandst1! Best of luck to your husband on finding the perfect job!

  22. Snazzy

    I switched to a natural deodorant a couple years ago and found that after I few months I didn’t stink anymore. I might use deodorant once or twice a week, more out of habit than anything, but that’s it. And nobody else can tell. I have very opinionated, vocal teens who wouldn’t hesitate to tell me if I was stinky!

    • Kristie

      Same! I often ask my husband because I don’t want to be smelly and not realize it. He definitely would tell me if I stunk.

    • Breann

      I just started using natural deoderant and I stink. So it Will go away in time? I’m about to give up.

      • Kristie

        It took trial and error for me to figure out what worked. Some just didn’t not matter how long I gave them a try.

        • Sara

          I agree, Kristie! I have an all natural deodorant recipe hitting our site soon, so keep your eyes peeled (it works amazing!!) 🙂

      • ohjodi

        It will go away. It can take several weeks for your armpits to clear out all the deodorant from your pores. In the meantime you will feel gunky and smelly. When I did it, I almost gave up several times. I had to wash my pits a few times a day, it was annoying.

        I haven’t worn any deodorant in five years. I can go a few days without even washing my pits. I had my sister smell and she couldn’t smell anything other than skin. I do sometimes use a salt stick in the summer, if I’m going to be out in the heat for a while, to help hold back sweating, although that’s rarely an issue at all.

        • Sara

          So glad I’m not alone, ohjodi!

    • Sara

      Teens are so good at being honest, that’s for sure, Snazzy! haha! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  23. Mothball

    Piper Wai is all natural and AMAZING! It was featured on Shark Tank and I believe you can only buy online. They have a stick version, but the jar formula works best in my opinion! Smells great. Neutral scent for both guys and girls!

    • Sara

      Thanks for the recommendation, Mothball!

  24. Sara

    It’s actually not a good sign if you don’t sweat much. I haven’t used deodorant in years bc I don’t ever sweat. Turns out that’s not good bc your body can’t detox properly. I thought it was great bc I was saving so much on deodorant and stuff 🙁

  25. J. Sweet.

    My daddy hasn’t worn deo in YEARS…he never stinks!? Crazy! I on the other hand…Sweat and stink…Hyperhydrosis (which means excessive sweating)…I have tried to go “cold turkey” on the antiperspirant but needed at least a deodorant. (the antiperspirant never helped anyway. 🙁 ) I now just use a deodorant for the odor control…

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing that with us, J. Sweet! I have a homemade natural deodorant hitting the site soon and it works amazing if you’re interested in trying it out. Keep your eyes peeled!

  26. Gisette

    So, those saying they don’t wear deodorant and they don’t smell, I hate to break it to ya, but you do. I wouldn’t dare say anything to someone, but man, some ladies at the gym just plain right down stink. I’ve moved to a different treadmill because I could taste their stink lol 😂 🤣🤣

    • Zara

      So true!

    • AngieM

      Definitely! Alot of these post say “people don’t complain about my stink” newsflash people, most people friends or not, will not tell you that You stink! 🤭

      • tipaye


  27. Rebecca

    Obviously it’s a personal decision, but I think it’s ignorant to come on here & tell everyone they stink, they just don’t realize it. 🤦 Some people legitimately don’t, some people do, who are you to question it?

  28. jobird78

    There may be people that don’t sweat/stink and can be fine without it but I think they have to be in the minority. There is nothing worse than people with BO, (maybe cat ladies), but seriously, there are other ways to save money. Don’t wear while quarantined in your house if you don’t want to but please consider wearing it when in public.

    • Susan31652

      Resident Cat Lady here, 👋. I have 3 cats, and 3 litter boxes, automatic and checked daily. 3 vacuums and countless lint rollers. I happily wear scented Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant every day (on sale for Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom now). We do not do stinky here.

      • Sara

        Glad you found a deodorant that works for you, Susan! I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, too! 🙂

  29. melissast

    A hybrid approach perhaps? I indulge in an unhealthy but effective antiperspirant/deodorant for a wedding to endure a night of dancing with a dry clean only dress, but if home wearing a cotton t-shirt I’d rather make the healthier choice. We do like the crystal deodorant but don’t find it as effective as the antiperspirants that aren’t great for you. Three options depending on the days wardrobe, weather and events!

    • Jen

      Yes, that’s what I do now. I tried using natural deodorants while pregnant but found myself so stinky. After I gave birth and hormones normalized I found I don’t really need deodorant (or care if I’m just around the house). If I’m working or going to something important I put it on but when I’m home chasing 5 little kids around I don’t bother. And on the off chance I’m nose blind and stink who cares when I’m just at home

      • Sara

        I totally needed deodorant when pregnant, too, Jen! Those hormones are no joke, lol!

    • Sara

      Glad you found a system that works for you, melissast! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  30. Paulric51

    Trust me, you stink. If people don’t mention it it’s because HR policies would make it a hostile work environment to tell your smelly coworker that they smell like rotting garbage. It’s like when you pass gas, you don’t think it smell bad, but the paint is peeling off the walls behind you. You likely smell so bad that skunks get high off you. Deodorant is a good thing, try to use it, otherwise you will have to sneak up on the bath water. Don’t smell so bad that you are classified as a chemical weapon. Be kind to others, and keep that stink home from your family’s enjoyment. The is is a free public service announcement, you’re welcome.

    • ohjodi

      No, sorry, but I don’t stink. I’ve had my sisters smell my pits after not wearing deodorant for years, and even not washing for two days, and they smelled nothing but warm skin, and a little salt.

      And have you ever ASKED a smelly person if they’re wearing deodorant? No, you haven’t. They can be wearing it and STILL STINK. The people who do not wear deodorant AND don’t stink you’re not even aware of.

      So you really can’t say that people who do not wear deodorant stink, because people who DO wear it can stink, also.

      • Sara

        Yes, that’s so true, ohjodi!

  31. Josie

    Is Hip2Save under new management? I used to see Collin.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hey Josie!

      I am still here! 😃 Our team has just grown so it has been fun to let other team members share content and tips about things they’re passionate about and fun products they are trying etc.

  32. Janessa

    This is EMBARRASSING, but if it can help anyone else then it will be worth it. I used regular deodorant since way back in my teenage years. I was always normal sweat-wise. I sweat a lot if working out, but was fine if I was just taking a walk. I’ve been through some messed up things and as a result I get really nervous talking to people I don’t know. For example, being rung up by a cashier would cause me to get nervous and sweat a lot. That would lead to armpit sweat spots. Obviously I knew when I had sweat spots and would try to keep my arms down so they wouldn’t show, but just like a paper towel absorbs water and the wet spot gets bigger, that would happen to my armpit sweat spots. They would get bigger than I could hide. I wore zip up hoodies all the time to hide the sweat spots, but summers were hell. A few year ago I started getting botox injections in my underarms. It has been such a lifesaver! I still get very nervous talking to people when I’m out in public, but I don’t get sweat spots, which in turn helps me to relax some. Of course it is pricey, but soooooooo worth it. It is not a weekly or monthly expense, it can last up to 6 months. If your situation is similar to what mine was before botox, please do something for yourself and do the research. There is some help out there.

    • Sara

      Thank you for opening up with your story, Janessa! I’m sure it will help someone, thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  33. gentledogwalker

    I’ve used every kind of deodorant on the market but right now I’m just using a rock crystal that I got at Whole Foods it was marked down for three dollars. So I bought two of them. It works well but you have to use it right from coming out of the shower in your armpits are wet from the shower which is fine. I perspire and I can really smell some days so I sometimes use secret deodorant as well but other days

    • ohjodi

      The salt stick works best if you, as you said, use it right out of the shower. Also, wet the top of the stick, and rub, rub, rub it on until the stick is dry.

      Kiss My Face brand has a liquid rock roll-on that works as well.

    • Sara

      So interesting, gentledogwalker! I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  34. elabella814

    I thought I was alone in this! I never wear deodorant, with the exception of days when I know I’m going to be sweating excessively (and I live in hot, humid Florida 🙃). Thanks for sharing this interesting post!

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing, elabella14! I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂 And you’re so welcome for the post, keep your eyes peeled for my homemade deodorant coming soon!

  35. Manda

    I don’t understand how you’re saving “ hundreds of dollars “ though, I buy secret for $4 or less every 3 months. That’s around $24 a year… Most people spend more than that on lots of more trivial items than deodorant, lol. At this rate it would take me like a decade to claim hundreds saved. Showering more often probably costs more because of cost of water, soap, etc…

    • Amanda

      I meant every 2 months btw, not 3

  36. Zara

    I’m sorry but this is funniest post I’ve ever seen about money saving. Deodorants don’t cost that much! Even natural ones! Everyone stink!

  37. Mel

    Braggs Apple Cider vinegar works just as well as any deodorant! Just spritz a few times. Keeps the smell away without nasty chemicals on my skin!

    • Sara

      Awesome, thanks for the tip, Mel!

  38. Hilary

    Wellness mama has a diy deodorant that i make and wear. Takes about 5 min and works. No chemicals. You buy Shea butter once and it’s lasted 5 years. There is also salt sticks that work good. You wet them and rub.

    • Sara

      I love her deodorant too, Hilary! I actually have an all natural deodorant DIY hitting our site soon, so keep your eyes peeled! I actually got the inspiration from Wellness Mama but instead used beeswax and it works wonderfully!

  39. Evie

    Bodies change over the years. I never needed, but now do. The .99 does not work. I like secret non aluminum with lavendar. I garden, it is 99 degrees here in PA.
    If this is global warming there are much less cars on the road, airplanes in the sky and tankers in the ocean.

    • Sara

      I’m in PA too, Evie! I have a natural deodorant recipe that I SWEAR by if you’re interested in trying it, keep your eyes peeled, it’ll be hitting the site soon! 🙂

  40. Dawn

    Lume is the best natural deodorant I’ve used. It says it lasts 72 hours but that’s not really the case, at least for me. I wash and apply it once in the morning and once at night so it seems to work well for about 12 hours.

    • Sara

      Glad you found something that works for you, Dawn! That’s great! 🙂

    • Lora

      I bought a small tube of the Lume tangerine at Target and it smelled like bo mixed with tangerine in the tube. I gave it a try and I couldn’t stand the smell of wearing it. I feel like it tries to acclimate you to the smell of bo so you get used to it. I tried to like it, but I couldn’t. Some people get used to the smell of bo and are nose blind to it, including their family members.

  41. Miranda

    This is so strange to me. I use prescription strength deo twice a day. I guess I have the smelly gene.

  42. Cindy

    Deodorant doesn’t cost very much and most people I know need it. They think they don’t, but trust me, they do. I would say taking a shower every time you sweat like your post suggests would be more costly. Or how about all the Starbucks trips you guys always share? That seems to be more along the lines of spending money on useless stuff.

    • Sara

      Thanks for your valued feedback, Cindy! We try to share tips and savings for all different walks of life. Although one post might not be valued by one reader, it might be another readers favorite. We have lots of content on our site and I hope you’ve found many valuable posts that enhance your life. Have a great day!

  43. Amy F;)

    It depends on what I am eating. If I am taking my magnesium supplement and not eating very much sugar, then I don’t need deodorant.

    • H T in VA

      Interesting that a magnesium supplement helps you because I’ve found that “nfuse” magnesium deodorant helps me. A lump appeared under my armpit a few years ago; thankfully a biopsy showed that it’s just breast tissue that has migrated. I was using Secret Clinical Strength but didn’t like the idea of all of those chemicals so near to sensitive tissue. GMA Deals & Steals had nfuse for 50% off and after reading up on it, I decided to try it and haven’t used anything else since.

      • Sara

        Glad you found something that works for you, HT in VA!

  44. Joni

    I haven’t worn deodorant in years because my armpits are very sensitive. I had a cyst the size of a golf ball grow under my armpit and was terrified it was cancer, thankfully it was benign, but it had to be surgically removed. And then a lymph node under my right pit became enlarged after using Tom’s natural deodorant. So unless I’m going somewhere special, I don’t wear deodorant. I’m not going to say I never smell ripe at times, but I’m not that bad where people step away from me either and I have family that have no problem telling me if I smell like funky town.

    • Sara

      So sorry you went through all of that, Joni! Glad you’re just doing your thing! 🤗

  45. ZCardenas

    When the pandemic hit, I found myself wearing deodorant less since I wasn’t going anywhere. I would wear when I had to leave the house to work or for any other reason. But, since I was getting used to not wearing it, at times I would take a shower, get dressed, and leave the house realizing way after that I forgot to put on deodorant. Then in January, 2021 I had shoulder surgery so I couldn’t lift my arm so I stopped all together. Now, I don’t wear any deodorant at all and even when I go for a brisk walk at work and come back sweaty, do not smell! So, no more deodorant for me!!

  46. ElitezLeo

    Team No Deodorant 😎
    Did a full detox 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. Most natural deodorants gave me a rash so I stopped using them altogether. Once or 2x a week, I’ll do a pit mask and wipe w/Glycolic Acid. Everyday, I use a glycolic acid serum (w/ Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid).
    I still sweat of course but it’s way less stressful.

  47. Jen

    Team Deodorant 😎 I live in Florida and ‘nuf said. I wear Native though since it’s more natural and better ingredients.

  48. Angela

    It’s also a medical issue bc people with autoimmune issue or ezcema have trouble maintaining a good skin PH and therefore they are more prone to bacterial and viral skin infections. So yeah they do seem more prone to BO and it’s not bc they need a detox or aren’t eating right etc: it’s a condition. If you cannot go without – no worries find what works for you and what works for the people around you – I guess I’m not lucky enough to know anyone with no BO after a grueling bike race – we need industrial strength cleaning lol

  49. alaskajoy79

    Hormonal sweating here! Lume was terrible and made things worse. I smelled for a good year 😆 the only thing that helps is secret without aluminum.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing what has worked best for you! I haven’t tried that one! ❤️

  50. Renee

    I live in Florida, and I hope you are using some form of deodorant or anti-perspirant 🙂 🙂 :-).
    About a year ago I switched to using more natural deodorants like NATIVE, HELLO, DR. TEAL’S, etc.
    These deodorants seem to last longer throughout the day than other brands like SECRET, etc.
    Have an allergic reaction to most “stick” deodorants, so i was having to use the kind that “rolled up through tiny holes”. But don’t seem to have any issues with the more natural ones. I stock up when they are on sale or use CVS extra bucks and coupons for these purchases.

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for letting us know that the more natural options of deodorants seem to be working well for you, Renee! I have been a Native user for years, so I’m with ya on that one! 🤗❤️

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