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Amazon Just Released its HUGE List of Deals for Prime Day 2020!

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Amazon packages on porch

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2020!

Amazon Prime Day is October 13 and 14 this year, and we’ve been eagerly anticipating these two days full of deals since this annual shopping event was postponed over the summer. Although we were disappointed that Prime Day was postponed in July, we’re loving how these deals will be going live at the perfect time to start shopping for holiday gifts!

amazon prime box

Things are getting real now, because Amazon just issued a press release listing all the deals you can expect to see during Prime Day 2020! There are way too many deals to list here, so check out Amazon’s list to see them all.

In the meantime, we’re sharing just a few of our favorite Prime Day deals that are sure to be HOT this year. Keep reading to see a few of our picks…

Hip tip: Keep your eye on Amazon’s Prime Day Hub for all the deals, or just stick with us on Prime Day! We expect the sheer volume of Prime Day deals to be overwhelming, so we’ll be sorting through them all and calling out the hottest deals so you don’t miss a thing!

boy using Nintendo Switch

Save on a Nintendo Switch Membership & Additional Content.

No matter how your family uses its Nintendo Switch devices, Prime Day will offer you a way to save on content! Prime members will be able to save 36% on a 12-Month Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership, + SanDisk 128GB Memory Card. You can also save up to 33% on select Nintendo Switch titles.

hand holding round white smart speaker above wood table and vase of flowers

Get 60% off the Echo Dot (3rd Gen).

On Prime Day, members can grab Amazon’s most popular Alexa-enabled speaker for just $18.99. That’s a whopping 60% off the regular price of $49.99!

iRobot roomba shown cleaning dirt

Save 33% on iRobot Roomba vacuums.

If you’ve always wanted a robot to do your dirty work for you, now Prime Day is your chance to get a Roomba for less! Select iRobot Roomba vacuums will be offered at up to 33% off.

instant pot apple sauce

Select Instant Pot products will be 50% off!

We’re big fans of the Instant Pot around here and we can’t imagine the kitchen without one! If you have yet to discover the joys of Instant Pot cooking, now is a great time. Select Instant Pot products will be offered at a whopping 50% on Prime Day!

barbie dreamhouse in box from targets hottest toys list

Get started on your Christmas shopping with deals on this year’s hottest toys!

We’re expecting to see a ton of toy deals offered on Prime Day this year, featuring popular brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Nerf, and more. Watch for arts & craft sets, board games, outdoor toys, STEM activities, and building toys, too!

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Comments 82

  1. Materof6

    It would be awesome before all the robot vacuums hit low prices for Prime Day/Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, etc…for Hip2Save to feature all the options and do a review of some of the best choices. We are in the market for one, but I find it overwhelming to choose! Reviews are helpful, but not as awesome as the Hip2Save reviews (your reviews on the Instant Pot a few years ago sealed the deal for me!). Thank you!!!

    • JES

      After much research and pestering of friends and family, we settled on the Shark IQ-XL with Self Emptying Base. We love the vacuum, but have problems with the self emptying feature. We have three large doggies and it has a hard time transferring the dog hair to the base. If dog hair is not an issue for you, I would completely recommend it. We run it daily, but have to empty it ourselves every few days. If I had to replace it, I would buy the same vacuum, just not with the self – emptying base.

      • lisabestboyer

        Thanks for the info JES. I want a new one for cat hair and long haired girl child 😆 and I was really considering one with a self emptying feature. Then again we have to empty ours after every use so maybe it would be worth the investment 🤷🏻‍♀️ Something to think on for me I guess 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

      • Amy

        We have this one and our dogs shed a ridiculous amount. I use the app to return ours to the base before it returns itself. I run it daily because there’s so much hair and it fills the vac bin it just in one room, often fills it several times. It seems like it tries to keep going and doesn’t return until it’s jam pack full of pet hair. Then it has trouble emptying at the base completely by itself. So I send it back about halfway through a room and that seems to help. It’s easier for it to empty if it isn’t quite completely full. It only seems to do the overfilling and catching with pet hair. We had a roomba before, without a self emptying base, and I had to manually empty it probably 5-6 times throughout a cleaning. I’d rather return the shark to the base via the app or check it after it’s done than empty the base so many times during a cleaning. I was working more emptying the base than if I just used a regular vacuum. The roomba was moved upstairs where the dogs don’t go very often and it is great using it up there. I think the robot vacs are just not built to handle massive shedding dogs. I still run a regular vac a few times a week too. The Shark Apex has been great, no more cleaning out the brush roll every room because it’s wound with hair. I do have to clean the wheels occasionally from hair that gets wrapped around, but before the apex cleaning the brush roll on a regular vac was something I had to do every time I vacuumed.

      • LAURA

        No pets but we have the roomba i7 that self empties and would highly recommend. No regrets at all.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass this along to the team!

    • Amy F;)

      I’ve been a roomba user for years and could answer any questions that you have….I actually am confused about instapots…I have a sort of basic one and now they air fry and do all sorts of things….I don’t think they vacuum the floors yet though. Anyway, i would love a review of newer IP styles.

      • Shannon

        Our roomba has stopped working after a couple months. I think it’s a computer issue, has yours ever kept turning around in a circle and saying it’s stuck? We’ve tried all kinds of troubleshooting.

        • Nonee

          Just FYI
          I ordered a roomba from Hammacher Schlemmer and they have a lifetime warranty. You can send your old one back and they will replace it. You can even upgrade and pay the difference. I have replaced mine 2 times so far. Just remember to keep your invoices and box to return in.

        • Kathy Pyke

          call Roomba support they will help you

        • Christel

          Take it completely apart, the front little wheel has something stuck in there.

      • Gables Girl

        Amy F – can you provide a general review of the latest models, trade offs, & recommendations on which is best for who? Thx!!

    • MD Palladino

      I love my Eufy 11S
      It is easy to use and holds good battery life. I use it on carpet primarily but hardwood works well too
      I had never heard of the company but we did a lot of research before buying.

      • Elaine Kasten

        We like ours too. Have had it for almost a year.

      • Jennifer Lisa

        Yes! We have one for each floor now. Got the others for $100 refurbished on Woot after we got the first one new for $150. We run them daily with a toddler and dogs and our regular Shark hardly finds anything when we manually vacuum every two weeks!


          I would love one, but my husband thinks it will get stuck on our toddler’s clutter. Is that a problem for you? Do you have to coral the clutter each time? Thanks!

    • Amy

      I have a Neato brand and it’s wonderful! I did the research before scoring a deal on Groupon several years ago and liked that it outlines the room then goes back and forth in a methodical pattern, as opposed to randomly zig zag going around.

      • alevdean

        Which model did you buy?

      • Erin

        We have a Neato D5 but it’s recently stopped connecting to our WiFi. We have to manually connect it every time before running. Several app issues also so that’s why I’m thinking about making the switch to roomba and moving the Neato upstairs where I don’t vacuum as often.

    • April

      Yes! Would love to hear comparison reviews as well.

    • DawnPuhalsky


      • Kathy

        Neato for me…I have two !

    • Jillian

      Check out vacuum wars on youtube, they have great robot vacuum reviews!

    • Dee

      Echoing I love our Shark. We may or may not have named him “Baby Shark” (whereas the big manual vacuum is “Mommy Shark” since mommy is the only one who actually runs the thing!) and “doo doo doo” when he auto starts during the day. Primary job: dog hair! We don’t do the self clean base because of that.

    • Tammy

      I have had the eufy RoboVac 30 for over a year now and purchased a second one — tried a few others and sent them back because they did not match up to my eufy. I have 2 dogs here full time and 4 dogs when my daughter brings hers over for a visit along with sand here in Florida — so I bought a 2nd to run while the first one is charging. The first one was gifted to me as I never ever thought I would use one but they leave the floors amazingly clean — no sand — no pet hair. I also just purchased one with a mop option — I just got it so don’t really have any opinions just yet as I am still learning how to use it

      • Nicole C

        It is good with the sand? We have sandy soil and I’ve found most vacuums just kind of shoot it around. I’d love a good sand vacuum.

  2. cindy

    I like gift card deals.

    • Terry

      Amen! I don’t shop for kids or appliances, so I get really bogged down in these lists.

  3. Amy F;)

    I checked out some of the deals for using the amazon credit card and there wasn’t anything super remarkable.

  4. Ashley

    Can we spend the $10 credit from a small business purchase on anything on prime day, or just on things on this list?

    • Kim Tennyson

      Wondering same

    • Sylvia

      Only on Amazon’s choice items

    • Tori

      From the FAQ on Support Small business Terms & Conditions:
      3. What can I spend my credit on?

      The $10 credit is good for purchases on or the Amazon shopping app. It does not apply to purchases of digital books, alcohol, Amazon Gift Cards, subscriptions, tax, shipping costs, gift wrapping charges, Prime memberships, digital products, or Prime Now orders. Other exclusions may apply.

    • bfunkwa

      Tori quoted the correct answer, you’re NOT limited to Amazon Prime specials.

      • Sylvia

        The $10 account credit is good for purchases on or the Amazon shopping app on products sold by (look for “sold by” on product detail page). Products sold by third-party sellers or other Amazon entities will not qualify for this offer.

  5. Alicia Holman

    Do you expect prices to go up on items with postage increase due in late October? TY

    • Ashley

      Amazon is frequently delivering their own items at this point and have their own delivery infrastructure- I think out of any online company they would be least impacted with postage increases.

  6. Casey

    Woohoo! Switch games on sale!

  7. Liz Suber

    For the $10 credit with the purchase of Amazon books, does that mean physical books or kindle books also? Thanks for the help!

    • Jeanne

      I didn’t see anything about a credit on the books? Is this the annual book sale they have?

      • Jeanne

        Oh I see it now. Doesn’t say kindle. There is a kindle unlimited special offer though

        • Liz Suber

          I looked on Amazon, but couldn’t find anything in the book section that talked about it.

    • Polara

      I believe it means with purchase in Amazon Books which is a physical bookstore—they list it in amongst he other brick and mortar/physical shopping locations like Whole Foods and Amazon pop ups.

  8. Jim D

    I’m hoping they put some nice air fryers on sale!

  9. Polara

    Aw I was hoping for a deal on a Roku—any suggestions on when they go on sale?

    • Sbhart

      I’m pretty sure I saw one on the Walmart sale that is going on right now that is competing with this.

  10. Tammy

    If you see any deals on the Breville Barista can you please post? I have been looking but nothing shows up, hoping that they go on a better sale soon.

    • Ashley

      I didn’t get mine on sale but I LOVE mine! It completely has deleted my Starbucks habit and saves me tons of money. Also when you do find your deal- purchase the ghirardelli White chocolate powder from amazon. (If you like flavorings in your coffee. Makes the most smoothest spectacular white mocha latte!

      • Becky

        Ashley, I’m a barista at our local coffee shop and we use that Ghirardelli powder for our frappes!

        • willowcat

          Good to know! (we use it also).

    • Amy

      Hi Tammy! I bought mine on Overstock this summer with a 14% off coupon promo! For some reason I couldn’t get it to do the 15% off (maybe restrictions) so if you can’t wait maybe that could work for you too! I absolutely love it and no more overpriced starbucks for us! The Torani natural syrups are a delish addition too!

    • Valerie Jennings

      Which one you are looking at? Just curious for my own reasearch.

  11. Charlene

    I have a Shark robot that self empties. I have a lab that shed profusely and it does wonders. Ive had no issues with it returning to the Previously I owned a Roomba and it jammed daily. I’m so pleased I converted.

  12. Janice Loza

    My husband got a $50 credit for adding a qualifying debit card. It seems that is only for select members, because I didn’t get it.

  13. Amy

    I got $100 for applying for the amazon Visa card. Totally worth it! I plan to buy the $40 gift card to get the $10 credit as well.

  14. mrswagley

    My shipping dates for Amazon are still weeks out.😓

  15. Shirley Yeo

    Any suggestions for S.A.D. (or “Happy Lights”?). We moved to PNW 2 years ago and really noticed how the rain and VERY short days begins to affect you. LOVE any great suggestions, friends! 🙂 Never tried one but thought it may be a good idea on what full spectrum lights others have used and if it made a difference. I was hoping that there may be a deal on Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      YES! We actually just posted a great deal on one over here. We used to live in Alaska and while the shorter days never bothered me, they really bothered some of my friends and they used similar lights.

      • Shirley Yeo

        Thank you, Jennifer, however, looking for one that is UV free as it can be damaging to your eyes – especially related to glaucoma or cataracts. Those lights are about $100…so if you happen to see a deal 😉
        Yes, the shorter days didn;t bother me at first either but we moved to a house that is surrounded with TALL trees so it gets darker even earlier 3:30 – 4pm with lots of cloud and rain in the winter. GORGEOUS in the summer, though! 🙂

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          That’s right about the eyes! I’m glad you are aware! We sure will post if we find a deal on one that is UV free.

          I lived in Oregon for 15 years and it was beautiful! I’m in Oklahoma now and we do have the longer days (or so it seems), but I miss the cool crisp weather. I’d love to be back in the PNW! I sure hope you can find a workaround soon. 🙂

  16. DeborahMc

    Toys, toys and more toys for all the grandchildren. Also, curious about the deal to buy the $40 gift card to get $10. Can anyone explain? TIA 😀

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You can read about that gift card deal here.

      • DeborahMc

        Thank you for your assistance. Have a super day!

  17. Erin

    I’m assuming this is the best time to buy the Amazon tablets for kids? What’s been the lowest price on them in the past?

    • Dana

      This is the lowest they go in my experience. We’ve bought a lot of them, and this is the price I watch for.

  18. Mich

    The free prime 30 day trial doesn’t seem to work for me. Is it limited to a new account that never used the free trial before?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Mich! I just spoke with customer service to be sure. You can sign up for that once every 12 months. Hope this helps!

  19. Esra

    I need a new vacuum, however, I can’t decide between dyson ball animal 2 or shark vacuum. I have a dyson animal but it starting to loose suction. Any recommendations?

    • Jen

      I have a shark and love it! 2 kids and 2 pets and it gets the job done!

    • AmyA

      I’ve had both and would definitely recommend the Shark.

  20. Em C

    I would love a deal on a good air purifier if anyone has any recommendations!

  21. Andrea H

    I wonder if they will have a deal on the ring doorbell.

    • Carrie

      From the Amazon List posted: Get your smart home started with Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Echo Show 5, just $149.99 Good luck!

  22. Dee

    I’m pretty new to Amazon prime. This might be a dumb question. Where can I check my amazon credit of $10 from purchases from small business deal? Thanks in advance!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      That’s a great question! You can see if you have credits here.

  23. Jenny

    Anyone think tomorrow will be the best price on a Barbie dreamhouse?

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