Here are the Winners of Our 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways (Over 200 Winners Total!)

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woman holding Christmas advent calendar

We’re finally announcing the winners of our HUGE 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways! 🎅

For the last 25 weekdays, we’ve been counting down every day with tons of prizes for all of your to win! 🎁 While we wish every single one of you could be winners, the chances are still high since we’re giving away over 200 prizes valued at over $10,000!

Even if you’re not a winner, you can scroll through this post for our favorite gift ideas this season, all vetted by our Hip2Save team so you can spread joy with the confidence they’ll be well received!

All winners will be receiving an email from Hip2Save within the next 24 hours! If you have any questions, you can email

Here are the winners of our 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways:

DAY 25: 10 Urban Outfitters Blankets

sherpa blanket folded with ribbon on green cushion

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Sandra B – sly****
  2. Traci A. – traci***
  3. Sheila M. – smari*****
  4. Andrea R. – al****
  5. Anna H. – a***
  6. Kathy N. – ka****
  7. Trissie F. – trissie****
  8. Dana S. – d****
  9. Marcie N. – ms****
  10. Ethan F. – sar*****

Day 24: 20 Packs of Swedish Dishcloths

pile of swedish dishclothes on counter with christmas decor

Here are the 20 lucky winners:

  1. Molly L. – molly*****
  2. Lisa B. – kil******
  3. Jennifer G. – jenn*****
  4. Rochelle F. – rochell*******
  5. Ruth C. – ruth******
  6. Peggy H. – mm*****
  7. Carol K. – carol*******
  8. Kelly K. – kma*****
  9. Sue H. – sue****
  10. Lory S. – lesan****
  11. Katie A. – ka*******
  12. Amber C. – c******
  13. David F. – david*****
  14. Robin L. – robin*****
  15. Leigh J. – ljso*****
  16. Betty B. – ba*****
  17. Anjanette W. – anjanette*****
  18. Jessica C. – Jessj*****
  19. Fran D. – girlfran***
  20. Same T. – sam*****

Day 23: 10 Personalized Name Necklaces

name necklace in gift box

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Charlette T. – let***
  2. Gina A. – gina*****
  3. Norma O. – o****
  4. Tammy D. – d*****
  5. Bunny W. – bh****
  6. Edward D. – ed******
  7. Caroline G. – gu*****
  8. Jennifer M. – jenn*****
  9. Sara A. – sara****
  10. Brittney G. – brittney*****

Day 22: 5 LectroFan White Noise Sound Machines

lectrofan in box with red bow laying on green and red plaid blanket

Here are the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Karen O. – cla****
  2. Julie D. – d*****
  3. Tiffany T. – one******
  4. Renee N. – re******
  5. Jo. B. – br****

Day 21: 10 Lap Desks

open laptop on black lap desk sitting on white couch

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Chris C. – c*****
  2. Jack W. – jack****
  3. Robin R. – r*****
  4. Melanie F. – melan*****
  5. Dollie M. – dol****
  6. Lisa S. – lisa******
  7. Sue A. – susa******
  8. Alexis R. – rob*****
  9. Dwight W. – dw*****
  10. Gem M. – gem*****

Day 20: 10 Pura Smart Diffuser

pura diffuser in box with red bow on top

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Diana S. – ru*****
  2. Kellie M. – tk****
  3. Tanya C. – tt*****
  4. Jodie D. – jamda******
  5. Cassidy C. – drcassidyc*****
  6. Delilah J. – d*****
  7. Megan G. – megan******
  8. Tiffany S. – tiff********
  9. Stacy L. – y*****
  10. Angela C. – ang************

Day 19: 10 Mini Brand 5-packs

hand holding mini brands balls sitting on table

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Cathreen C. – Co****
  2. Missy R. – m1ssy*****
  3. Cindy E. – e*****
  4. Michelle N. – luv******
  5. Lauren B. – bu********
  6. Brianna M. – brianna******
  7. Charlene L. – c****
  8. Jolene M. – jo*****
  9. Jen L. – jenn*******
  10. Jennifer R. – jennifer*****

Day 18: 10 Strata Cup Tumbler Sets

woman pulling pastel colored cups and straws out of box

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Joe L. – je*****
  2. Amy B. – po******
  3. Lindsey R. – lindsey****
  4. Ashley M. – b*****
  5. Mary N. – mis*****
  6. Lori E. – mla*****
  7. Anna B. – ann****
  8. Bev. S. – bj*****
  9. Katie L. – kate******
  10. Shannon H. – h.j****

Day 17: 10 Turbo Mop Bundles

woman holding green turbo mop with extra pads

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Trish D. – trish********
  2. Jenny H. – pur*****
  3. Kimberly M. – kim****
  4. Peggy M. – pe****
  5. Debbie I. – d******
  6. Connie H. – ly*****
  7. Cheri D. – cheri*****
  8. Brandi B. – da*****
  9. Jenna M. – st*****
  10. Sheri H. – ssh*****

Day 16: 10 Picasso Tiles Gift Sets

two sets of picasso tiles sitting on carpet with christmas bows on top

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Lisa H. – pi*****
  2. Melissa B. – lo****
  3. Jessicah S. – a*****
  4. Spencer H. – ba*****
  5. Kendra H. – kendra*****
  6. Ka Yan L. – ka******
  7. Diana M. – diana*****
  8. Michele M. – mic*****
  9. Penny D. – penny.d******
  10. Bethany M. – bethany.m********

Day 15: 10 Highlights Books Gift Sets

hand pulling out highlights books from bag

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Samantha D. – smnt******
  2. Amy W. – am*****
  3. Jennifer C. – lot****
  4. Kathryn T. – kit*******
  5. Kristen T. – K***
  6. Nancy H. – tn******
  7. Nina H. – nin*****
  8. Nikki S. – tig*****
  9. Ana C. – ac*****
  10. Alora R. – alora*****

Day 14: 10 Lekesky Travel Backpacks

gray travel backpack with christmas tree and lights in background

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Widlande R. – rec*****
  2. Katie M. – katie******
  3. Sarah K. – e******
  4. Judy T. – ma*****
  5. Karen C. – kare******
  6. Lindsay M. – s******
  7. Shelly B. – she****
  8. Jen C. – jen******
  9. Juanita E. – juanit*****
  10. Nancy S. – x****

Day 13: 6 Pairs of Tiosebon Duck Boots or Shoes

woman holding duck boots

Here are the 6 lucky winners:

  1. Jacqueline D. – wo*****
  2. April M. – april*****
  3. Brandy K. – bn******
  4. Allison G. – ali******
  5. Dawn H. – d****
  6. Kathy I. – ken******

Day 12: 6 Ninja® Foodi™ Indoor Grills

ninja foodi grill on countertop with christmas bows on top

Here are the 6 lucky winners:

  1. June A. – ja******
  2. Marlene S. – s******
  3. Jodi S. – ja****
  4. Mamie P. – m*****
  5. Jennifer S. – Ma*******
  6. Nicole H. – nicole*****

Day 11: 15 Pairs of Dearfoams Slippers 

hand holding gray dearfoams slippers in front of white christmas tree

Here are the 15 lucky winners:

  1. Mariama H. – m*****
  2. Kathy T. – bo******
  3. Holly F. – tod*****
  4. Cynthia P. – s*******
  5. Joye G. – gr******
  6. Christine S. – cm*****
  7. Marla C. – mar****
  8. Janice L. – janice****
  9. Jacquelyn D. – tak****
  10. Jack F. – iam****
  11. Claudia A. – rock******
  12. Sara D. – ks*****
  13. Katie D. – kt*****
  14. Amie G. – am********
  15. Mary G. – gre******

Day 10: 5 The Plant Club Boxes

Plant of the month club

Here are the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Carol S. – cl****
  2. Patricia G. – m*****
  3. Emily W. – e****
  4. Lindsay K. – linz.k*******
  5. Patricia M. – ev******

Day 9: 5 $25 Winky Lux Gift Cards

hand holding red clear and gold winky lux lipsticks in front of christmas tree

Here are the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Shanequa B. – ni*****
  2. Pamela C. – ho******
  3. Dara T. – p*****
  4. Alison F. – alison****
  5. Kimberly M. – k******

Day 8: 2 Breville Nespresso Machine Bundles

woman holding cup of coffee on breville machine

Here are the 2 lucky winners:

  1. Mis L. – ze****
  2. Kristine Y. – kr******

Day 7: 10 OtterBox + PopSocket Phone Case

woman holding up purple phone case

Here are the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Betsy D. – pw******
  2. Danielle L. – danielle*****
  3. Sarah H. – sarah*****
  4. Angela K. – fri******
  5. Mitsy Y. – md******
  6. Deanna L. – dean*****
  7. Vickey D. – k*****
  8. Barbara R. – barb******
  9. Nancy T. – nancy*****
  10. Joy M. – go*******

Day 6: 15 Hydro Flask Tumblers

hand holding purple hydro flask bottle

Here are the 15 lucky winners:

  1. Michael N. – michael******
  2. Natlie W. – natand******
  3. Jennifer C. – Jenn******
  4. Ro H. – birc*******
  5. Penny B. – Penn*****
  6. Jenny S. – s*******
  7. Erin W. – erin*****
  8. Mini B. – mini*****
  9. Susie L. – susie*******
  10. Trena S. – sc****
  11. Megan L. – megan*******
  12. Amanda S. – alw*******
  13. Kara K. – pandk******
  14. Kristin G. – k*****
  15. Stephanie G. – ra******

Day 5: 3 Acrylic Calendars

woman pointing to clear acrylic calendar on wall

Here are the 3 lucky winners:

  1. Jessica W. – health********
  2. Teresa L. – teresa****
  3. Suzanne P. – enn*****

Day 4: 5 White Instant Pots

A woman holding an instant pot

Here are the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Rhonda W. – wid*****
  2. Denise R. – mar*****
  3. Anneliese R. – pu******
  4. Wendy S. – wy****
  5. Kathy W. – kathy******

Day 3: 5 Shark Robot Vacuums

shark robot vacuum box with green bow sitting under white christmas tree

Here are the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Christin P. – p*****
  2. Linda G. – ldmr*****
  3. Tammy M. – lt*****
  4. Melissa F. – melissa*****
  5. Jenna P. – jenna*******

Day 2: 5 Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers

woman holding cuisinart ice cream maker box wearing santa hat

Here are the 5 lucky winners:

  1. Erin C. – erin*****
  2. Billie B. – billie******
  3. Ann L. – ala*******
  4. Kelly C. – ksc******
  5. Brianna Z. – butter******

Day 1: 20 Purple Vertigo Candle Boxes

hand holding candle subscription box


Here are the 20 lucky winners:

  1. Michelle T. – michelle******
  2. Rebecca M. – m*****
  3. Barb M. – boo*****
  4. Paula G. – paul*****
  5. Amber F. – fox******
  6. Lynda M. – mc*******
  7. Sandy G. – tea******
  8. Cheryl M. – chery*******
  9. Stacey B. – co*****
  10. Isabelle A. – au*****
  11. Linda M. – lm******
  12. Jaimee E. – jai******
  13. Yvonne C. – yvonne*****
  14. Valerie R. – pea*****
  15. Dena A. – hea*******
  16. Lisa G. lg****
  17. Betsy B. – bwb*****
  18. Jenni W. – jen****
  19. Veronica D. – goa****
  20. Pam L. – lan******

Bummed ya didn’t win?!

We wish we could have everyone win something, but the good news is we’re continuing the giveaway fun over on our Hip2Save Instagram page with an all NEW giveaway coming this week! WOOHOO!!!

Be sure to follow us on Insta as we’ll be sharing the giveaway details soon.

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  1. Joy Fickad

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  2. Connie

    Do we just enter once to be included in all the giveaways?

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  3. SavingsMama

    So if we don’t enter each day, but have been doing that…will our entries be valid? Thanks for these giveaways!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! No worries! You’ll still be entered for them all if you’ve signed up at least once. Hope that helps!

  4. Terry Moseley

    This lap desk-wow!

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    Wow! So excited for this giveaway

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      Aww, You’re SO welcome! Thank YOU for the sweet comment and for being a valued reader! It sure means a lot! 🤗💖

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    Wow !!! What a nice giveaway ❤ Good luck everyone. Ty hip2save.

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      You’re welcome, Liz!

  9. Ella

    Do you need to have instagram account to enter?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Nope! Just be sure to enter through the sign up link above!

  10. Dee Bishop

    I have this exact same Lap Desk that I bought in 2016 and its still good. Not a rip, tear, or anything.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for letting us know how well it has held up for you, Dee!

  11. chesca

    How do we get to see all the winners?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! All winners will be announced on the Hip2save site on December 5th.

  12. Suzanne

    Thank you! Something to look forward to in this difficult year. 😌

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome, Suzanne!

  13. Sand

    I would love to win one of these!

  14. Elizabeth Rendon

    You are awesome! Thank you for always finding great deals for us. It’s really helped me through the years ❤️ I’m super excited about your giveaways 🤗

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Thanks, Elizabeth! I sure appreciate the sweet comment. 💕

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    Wow. This sounds like an item worth trying

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    Blessings to everyone for helping us all get though 2020. I’m super duper excited for awesome giveaways!!

  19. Dawn1029

    Thank you for doing all of these giveaways! People definitely need some extra Christmas cheer this year 🙂

  20. Karen

    If I win I will get an email correct? What if I happen to miss the email? Can I wait to see If i am on the list at the end of the sweeps then claim the prize? Thank you in advance

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      All winners for our entire 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways will be announced on Monday, December 7th, 2020! So you can check the list on that day and let us know if you missed an email!

  21. Mary

    Thanks for all you do for your readers. It has been a tough year and looking forward to a little “Christmas cheer” to brighten up these last couple months. Looking forward to what you come up with next, and hope your year ends on a high note too.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. We love to brighten you day!

  22. Julie

    You all are a hoot! THANK YOU!

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      You’re welcome, Julie! 😊

  23. Claudia D

    Thanks for doing these great giveaways!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You bet! Good luck!

  24. jessie

    My daughter loves the mini brands! So cute

  25. Tiffany

    Thank you very much for doing these

  26. Kay

    My girls n I r crazy bout 5 Surprise Mini Brands. I even joined FB groups n there is a cult following. I first heard about these toys right here on H2S, maybe 1-2 years ago, before they became this popular. But H2S called it. H2S prophesied that these toys would become a hit, especially for miniatures fanatics. I always wanted to thank H2S for being so hip n so right. Now that H2S is giving away these balls, it’s time to thank u.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Kay!

  27. Vivi

    How do we know if we win?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Vivi! All winners will be announced on the Hip2save site on December 5th. 😊

  28. Patricia Goff

    Thanks. I have never won anything in my life but my fingers are crossed. My mother always said that if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. LOL Always made me laugh.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      LOL! You’re so welcome! Thanks for sharing that with us! Good luck!

    • Cathy

      Best of Luck to you! I hope you win!

    • Terra

      This is me also.

  29. Beach Is My Happpy Place

    Thank you Hip2Save For the chance to win!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  30. Wendy Newman

    I texted the word HOT but when I filled in name and all that, it kept telling me to enter a valid city, which I did but it won’t let me accept and finish.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hmm, that doesn’t seem to work for all devices or carriers. You should still be signed up for texts. If you don’t receive a text today, be sure to reach out to your carrier as they may be able to help.

  31. Cikota

    I’ve been entering daily. I didn’t know it was a one time thing. Oops!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      No worries!

    • AMFC4292

      Same here and I was sad I missed a day or two…. Thanks for this awesome opportunity Hip2Save!

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        You’re so welcome! 💕

    • lindseyvicencio

      Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize it was a one time entering thing either and have been doing this every day. Thank you guys/ girls for clarifying lol

  32. Sharron

    I love these tiles, I never got to play with them, I think the kids would love to have them! I watch you last night and you are not a dork!!! My oldest daughter always tells me I act like a child playing with the kids, it brings me joy💕 Thank you for all you do💕

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are SO very welcome, Sharron! 🤗

  33. LauraM

    I’ve been a loyal fan for about ten years now! Love this app and I often share it with everyone. Love the deals and the videos, thank you! Hopefully this year I will be fortunate enough to win something!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, You’re most welcome! Thanks a TON for being a longtime fan! We’re super glad you have been enjoying all of the deals with us! Good luck! 🤗

  34. Staci

    My kids adore these sets. My 8 year old down to my 2 year old enjoy them. Thanks Hip2save for making my holiday shopping so much easier, especially when I can’t get to the store.

  35. Shra G.

    I don’t think you understand the level of excitement I’m enduring as I look to see how cool the next prize is everyday. Thanks for the fun in my life!! 😂 Love all the practical prizes!! Thank you!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Woohoo! You’re very welcome! SO glad you are loving the giveaway items! 💖 Good luck!

  36. Mama2Nine

    How kind! Thank you for the chance.
    To everyone that wins.. congrats! ❤️

  37. Lisa

    These are so A-dorbs! My elf on the shelf has a new hiding spot… you know, til we can all travel again.

  38. shammerle

    LOVE this.! Awesome.!

  39. Sheila

    I have to say that right more than ever I so appreciate this. My husband has Covid and double pneumonia and is in the ICU and this gives me a tiny little bright spot to my day. I’ve been subscribed to Hip2Save for years and have found some great deals and I appreciate all you do to help save us money.

    • Ariavenew


    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Sheila. We wish him a speedy recovery. 💕 Thanks so much for being a longtime reader. We certainly appreciate YOU! 🥰

  40. SamShops

    Love H2S! You’ve saved me so much $$$$ Fingers crossed I win something this year! I followed for as long as I can remember and have never won🤷‍♀️

  41. silvgoddess

    Thank you for doing this! I had entered every weekday up until now , I didn’t realize I only had to do it once until I read through these comments. Sorry, hope you can remove my duplicate entries.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome! No problem at all!

    • jimntab

      Yikes! I’ve been entering every day as well. Sorry.

    • JMShires

      Oops! I’ve been entering everyday as well. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry!! 😬

  42. janice bedo

    Code is not working:(

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! I still find the code to apply for me. If it won’t add for you in your cart, be sure to add at the next step of the checkout process. Hope this helps!

  43. Barb

    Sorry. I thought you had to enter each day

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      No worries, Barb!

  44. fleurny

    These are great deals!! Thanks for posting! Definitely helps to save in these times!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome!

  45. Deanna

    Thank you thank you… Love it all.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! I’m so glad! You’re welcome, Deanna!

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    Thank you for the chance and all the work you put into posting 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re most welcome! Good luck!

  47. MH

    Thank you Hip2Save!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You bet!

  48. Susi

    Amazing! I use my Ninja Foodie 5-7 days a week. That grill would be awesome! Thank you Hip for having this great drawing for all your loyal subscribers You are appreciated for all your hard work on the money you save me daily!

  49. Karen

    Great prizes and great deals! Good luck everyone!

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