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The 10 BEST Trader Joe’s Items You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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best trader joes items – grocery cart with flowers

Wonder what the best Trader Joe’s gotta-have-it items are?

We love Trader Joe’s because there’s value around every aisle, including the most innovative, hard-to-find, and great tasting foods you won’t find at other grocers. Here are the top 10 best finds you just won’t find anywhere else!

1. Seasonal Sensations

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Grahams

Trader Joe’s should be your go-to stop for all the seasonal essentials throughout the year. From a pumpkin explosion of products in the fall to just about anything you could need for a holiday spread, there’s an endless array of fun and delicious options for everyone.

Hip Tip: Curious about what Trader Joe’s offers each season? Check out these posts for all their must-have holiday, summer and fall goodies!

2. Flowers

best trader joes items – trader joes flowers

Love sprucing up your home with fresh flowers? We love the seasonal floral arrangements that Trader Joe’s offers year round. With beautiful bouquets starting at just $3.99, there’s something here perfect for any occasion. And if you have a big party (or even a wedding) coming up, they also take large flower orders upon request!

3. Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend

best trader joes items – everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend

This versatile blend of sea salt, garlic, sesame, and onion can be used in a variety of ways and is absolutely delicious. It’s so affordable at only $1.99, especially when compared to other name brand seasoning blends!

Hip Tip: Want a fun way to use this Trader Joe’s seasoning? Make these crazy simple 2-ingredient air fryer bagels and sprinkle on top for a delicious and easy breakfast or anytime treat!

4. Speculoos Cookie Butter

best trader joes items – Speculoos cookie spread

If you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s cookie butter, you haven’t been living! The first time I actually went to Trader Joe’s was to try this popular treat, and I may or may not have finished the whole thing in a few days! 😂 These delicious cookie spreads are so good, you could just grab a spoon and eat it alone. And if you’re a fan of frozen desserts, TJs has this flavor available in ice cream form as well!

5. Mandarin Orange Chicken

best trader joes items – mandarin orange chicken Recently Trader Joe’s fans voted their Mandarin orange chicken their favorite overall item to purchase at Trader Joe’s; that’s enough of a reason to add it to your shopping list right now! We love this quick and easy meal with its savory chicken and addictive sauce. Serve it over steamed rice and veggies or go the no-fuss appetizer route by sticking a cup of toothpicks next to a platter of the tangy bites!

6. Toasted Coconut Pancakes

best trader joes items – toasted coconut pancake mix

These toasted coconut pancakes are downright delicious — and all you have to do is add water! Spread some butter on a sizzling griddle, pour the batter over the pan, and you will have fluffy toasted coconut pancakes with a perfect crust on the outside. This box of goodness is perfect for whipping up a quick snack or for any morning.

7. Vegan Kale, Cashew, & Basil Pesto

best trader joes items – basil pesto

Trader Joe’s vegan kale, cashew, & basil pesto is an impressively versatile condiment that can be tossed with pasta or chicken, spread on a wrap or sandwich, or enjoyed as a dip on veggies or crackers. This is a fresh staple item that makes adding flavor to any dish extremely simple!

8. Coconut Body Butter

best trader joes items – coconut body butter lotion

Trader Joe’s is so much more than just food products. Their body butter is rich and ultra soothing. I love that after applying it on my skin, there’s no oily residue left behind. It’s great to keep on hand year-round to keep skin feeling silky soft all day!

Hip Tip: In the fall, make sure to scoop up some of their popular Pumpkin Body Butter, which is only available seasonally.

9. Dark Chocolate Bars

best trader joes items – dark chocolate bars

These Trader’s Joe’s dark chocolate bars are irresistibly good and come in unique, fun packaging. They’re so appealing, they’d even make a great gift – although the delicious flavors of caramel with black sea salt, toffee with walnuts and pecans, and coconut caramel may find you munching away, free from prying eyes so you don’t have to share them!

10. Wine

best trader joes items – two dollar wine bottles

While these may not be available at every location due to state liquor licenses, the wine at Trader Joe’s is a total steal! They’re known for their “Two Buck Chuck” because it’s actually just $2.99 AND it’s pretty good for what you’re paying for. If you like trying new wines, many come with recommendations from the Trader’s Joe’s staff. And if you end up not enjoying your pick, Trader Joe’s takes returns on anything you don’t love. What do you have to lose!

What is your favorite thing to buy at Trader Joe’s?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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Comments 108

  1. Lovin Him

    The thin Ginger snap cookies with pieces of real ginger are incredible! They smell amazing too and the sweet/spicy flavor lingers in your mouth long after the cookie is gone 🙂

  2. Bizzymama

    Where to begin…shredded Parmesan cheese, white cheddar puffs, organic foursome frozen veggies, green tea mints at register, garlic dip, frozen brown organic rice, Balsamic salad dressing are just to name a few. Love this place! The fresh flowers, the seasonal goodies which are always so delicious and the samples! So lucky to have one within a mile from my home!

    • Nicole

      I had to stop buying the white cheddar puffs because I could easily put away an entire bag over the course of a day….they’re SO good!

  3. Summer

    We have a tjs down the street and do 85% of
    Our shopping there – some favs :
    Individual pouches of guacamole

    Frozen breaded chicken tenderloins – awesome on salads or just plain – my kids love them

    The mocha coffee dessert bars – 40 calories I believe and to die for

    So many inexpensive organic options – allows us to eat mostly organic without breaking the bank

    Great organic SOFT bread

    The organic grape jelly is delish

    Chili lime seasoning and their Himalayan salt

    Bavarian chocolate pudding in the refrigerated section- thick and delicious

    Chocolate croissants that you proof overnight and bake

    New Zealand grass fed cheddar

    All of their Asian food is great – fried rice, orange chicken

    If you don’t like something they refund you no questions asked

  4. Summer

    I also love their lite mozzarella cheese and their cauliflower pizza crust in the freezer section

  5. Summer

    And if anyone didn’t know , tjs brand products are all non gmo – see their website for more info

  6. Mary

    I’m like a kid in the store at Trader Joe’s. I love their beauty products especially the body butter which I have been using it for years. I love the organic coffee beans, wantons and dumplings. I always get their cheese puffs and milk dunkers for my children.

  7. Nita

    Love their fresh produce, it’s the best tasting and the best prices anywhere! Bags of organic apples and pears for $2.99?? Wow 👍TJ also has the best meat section imo.. freshest poultry for a good price.. juices, cheeses, snacks, chocolates, condiments, ice cream, I get all my groceries from TJ n best pizza dough I’ve found, just add toppings and heat for 9 minutes.

  8. Susie

    The seasonal Danish Kringles. Delicious!!

  9. Roks

    Just off the top of my head…Mango and peach yogurt (my picky eaters, husband and kids love it), Gouda cheese, candied ginger (real ginger that tastes like candy, good for nausea too), golden raisins and all sorts of seeds, such as raw pumpkin seeds (shelled), dried shredded coconut ( no sugar added)

  10. Jocelyn Galick Steinberg

    We are obsessed. So many things….
    Organic Banana Chips
    Sesame Rice Crackers
    21 Seasoning Salute and all their spices
    Their Teas
    Yummiest Half&Half
    Ghee Clarified Butter
    Maple Bran Flakes Cereal
    Peppermint Joe-Joe’s
    Pumpkin Gluten Free Pancakes
    Orange Cranberry Sauce
    Cilantro Salad Dressing
    Baked Cheese Crunchies
    Lavender Hand&Body Lotion
    It goes on and on.

  11. Meg

    I’ve never had anything I didn’t love… Gluten free waffles, PB and jelly bars, Almond butter, crunchy okra snacks, soy ice cream sandwiches, Gluten free Mac n cheese, their gluten free turkey stuffing, organic grape jelly, organic raspberry spread, watermelon cucumber juice, their laundry detergent is amazing, gluten free joe joes, mini chicken tacos are the greatest ever!

  12. Martha

    Their organic chicken broth is the best chicken broth I’ve ever had! Wonderful for soups and cooking.

  13. Saundra

    I love their horseradish aioli. Unfortunately, it’s only out October and November! It’s great on steaks!

  14. Stormy

    I’m so sorry and excuse me but TJ’s…it’s not a membership type store, you can just go in? This post is serious making me consider a drive to (over an hour from me and I’m in a suburb of a big city that is always THE LAST to get anything…we just finally opened a Costco!) 🤷🏼‍♀️😳. Thank you!

    • SS

      No membership for Trader Joe’s! It is definitely worth the drive but I suggest you maybe write down some of the items people suggested because things are sometimes hard to find in the store. However, you can always ask staff to help you.

      Another tip I know about TJ is you can sample anything to see if you like the taste of it before buying it. I have never done it because I always just take my chances. Lol!

      • Stormy

        Thank you!!

    • Sara

      I think you are getting confused with BJ’S ? I think that’s a membership store. We don’t have one BJ’S here but they just opened one Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) not that far from my house!!! I am going today to show my daughter what I use to buy when I lived in So. CA. The banana chips and the ginger snaps and candy bring so many memories. Thanks Hip2save.

    • Lucy

      It’s open to all. No membership fee. I would suggest going early to mid-morning. Otherwise, it’s really crowded. And allot some time as you’ll want to spend much of it perusing each aisle, especially the frozen food aisle. Have fun!!

  15. Carrie

    I’m vegan and Trader Joe’s has some definite staples for me. One is their soy chorizo. I’ve been told by many people this is some of the best chili they’ve ever had: Also love the vegan kale pesto and their store brand of extra firm tofu. Another favorite is the tiny avocados they carry. Oh, also, they have the best prices on pine nuts. You can even buy them already toasted, which is so awesome! And during the summer months, they have vegan marshmallows that you wouldn’t know are vegan-friendly when you try to toast them. 🙂

  16. Meliza

    I love Trader Joe’s carne asada it’s delicious, no need to add anything, it comes pre-seasoned. Also their chocolate covered frozen strawberries. So good! My absolute favorite are their soaps, olive oil and lavendar triple milled soaps are the best! I feel so fancy when I use them and they leave you smelling so fresh and skin so soft. In the flower dept. You can’t go wrong but their sunflowers are absolutely gorgeous and low priced.

    • Julie

      I was disappointed with their chocolate covered frozen strawberries. There were so few in the box! and the pieces were quite small. It might have been the only miss that we’ve encountered.

  17. Stephanie

    The Lavender Salt Scrub is great. I also go there for greeting cards. They’re really cute and only $1.

  18. Veronica O.

    Lovr their coconut milk!! Best I have ever had!! And the Cheddar Puffs.

  19. Amy Muir

    Island soyaki!!!

  20. Q

    The chili. T.J’s chicken chili is the best I ever had…
    My 7 year old loves the PB &J bars and my hubby loves the almond butter.

  21. Shelly

    The candy corn popcorn is to
    DIE for!

  22. Jean

    We totally love the chocolate croissants (freezer section). When you eat them warm out of your own oven they are better than ones you can get in france!!!

  23. hollyp1234

    I love, love, love the bagel topping! I like to just use cream cheese and that on toast.

  24. Hill

    Mahi burgers
    Turkey burgers
    Cauli pizza
    All the seasoning mixes

    Oh a pointer- in things like pumpkin bread mix, buy at aldi- identical and 1/2 the price!

    • Suz OH

      I just read through many of the comments here looking for this sort of info as I am quite distant from a TJs. I was wondering if there are any other Aldi comparables?

      • Lana

        The maple sandwich cookies in the fall.

        TJ prices are crazy high in my area. Not worth the trip or fighting the crowd.

      • Rachel B.

        Definitely the flowers. I think I’ve gotten even better deals with Aldi’s $3.99 bouquets lately. It’s hit or miss more than TJ’s, but awesome when they’re fresh.
        Mandarin Orange Chicken – not at Aldi, but IMHO the brand sold at Costco is better. More identifiable white meat, fewer odd chewy chunks. (I know, heresy for a TJ’s devotee; I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.)
        As for some of the other specialty items, watch for seasonal “limited time” items at Aldi. In January, for example, I’ve noticed a selection of plant-based, vegan “meat” and “cheese” products that they don’t normally carry.
        Meanwhile, keep writing to TJ’s and asking for a local store; it worked for my area (Grand Rapids, MI) eventually!

  25. ET

    Love TJ’s. It’s 5 minutes from my house so I’m there at least once or twice a week. It’s the only store where I can find Melatonin in the 500 mcg dosage. The lowest dosage that I’ve found elsewhere was 1mg.

  26. Sara

    I think you are getting confused with BJ’S ? I think that’s a membership store. We don’t have one BJ’S here but they just opened one Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) not that far from my house!!! I am going today to show my daughter what I use to buy when I lived in So. CA. The banana chips and the ginger snaps and candy bring so many memories. Thanks Hip2save.

  27. Jeanne

    cookie butter sandwich cookies. yum yum

  28. Mom

    We do not have a TJ where we live so every time we are in a town with one (closet is 3 hours) we always buy about 20 taco seasoning packets. Use half a package with a can of rotel –add to chicken and steak and instant fijitas!!! Never any leftovers!!! I love their chocolate drizzled popcorn, dark chocolate almonds, and so much more!!! I always grab an orchid or plant–nabbed mistletoe this year!!! Love it!!!!

  29. Mindy

    A few of my regular buys:
    Pineapple juice
    Strawberry / banana yogurt cups for kids
    Reduced Guilt guac made with greek yogurt
    Mini chicken tacos (frozen) to dip in above
    Chicken taquitos (also frozen) to dip in above
    Reduced Guilt frozen mac n cheese
    Organic riced cauliflower (use in stuffed peppers, etc) – frozen
    Frozen berries for smoothies
    Reduced carb tortillas
    Reduced Fat cheese puffs
    Salsa verde
    Mini chicken won tons (frozen)
    Organic unsweetened applesauce

    • Tara

      What do you do with the mini chicken wontons? I’ve heard others talk about them.

  30. Tricia G

    The rosemary chicken breast in the refrigerator section, over bagged field green salad with their mozzarella balls. I also love their jarred antipasta items and keep those stocked in my pantry. Add some roasted peppers, artichokes, and sundried tomatoes to the salad and you have a gourmet dinner.

    I’m not sure what it’s called but the seasoned peppers, onions, potatoes in the freezer section are amazing. I use them with shredded cheese and eggs to make frittatas. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Other favorites not already mentioned by others…

    Corn salsa (jar)
    Chocolate crepes (frozen)
    Banana chocolate chip protein muffins (bread aisle)
    Frozen apps for parties
    White bean hummus
    Snickerdoodles (free of all major allergens firvwhen you need an allergy free snack to share)
    Frozen French toast (high in protein)
    Roasted pepper tomato soup
    Trail mix mini snack packs

  31. Cara

    If you love Everything Bagel seasoning, Costco now carries a huge bottle of it. I just bought some and I love it just as much as Trader Joe’s brand.

  32. Brenda

    The lacey’s cookies are to die for!! 😋

  33. Sashamanda

    Trader Joe’s Premium 100% Greek Kalamata EVO is fruity, never bitter.

  34. Kathy

    I agree about the flowers– they are beautiful and priced great. When my son got married last year, they over ordered roses so they would have a bunch for the wedding rehearsal dinner. I had about a dozen white roses on the middle of all the tables at the rehearsal dinner. We put different colored roses on the tables where the parents and bride and groom sale. The entire place was gorgeous, I have to say, and I didn’t spend a fortune like I would have if I had gone to a florist. It was really amazing!

  35. Heather C

    Omg Trader Joe’s is seriously the best!!
    Orange Chicken is our weekly staple in our house! My boys can’t wait till it’s OC night every week. We pair it with Tjs jasmin rice and it’s amazing and easy! I eat the fried “riced cauliflower” and Kung Pao chicken for reduced carbs.

    Also love their pesto Gouda, guilt free guacamole and pub cheese dip.

    And TJs is the only place I’ll buy flowers. They are cheap and live much longer than any from a grocery store!

    Thanks for sharing hip2save!

  36. Jo

    I’m that person that goes in and buys 10 boxes of Trader Jie’s Corn bread mix one time a year. If you haven’t, you really must. You’re welcome.

    Also love their blueberry covered goat cheese.

  37. Laura

    The green tea in the bottle

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