13 Easy Ways Our Team Will Save Over $21K This Year!

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We save money for a living.

Our team is dedicated to serving you with the best deals to save you the most money, and we’re just as committed to helping you keep more money in your wallet. Check out these easy and smart ways to save money right from our very own Hip2Save team members, and see how much you can save in a year’s time!

1. Lina cut ties with her cable company and saved $1,200.

getting rid of cable remotes, wires, and hardware

Potential savings of ditching cable: $100 each month, or $1200 in a year.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you this: cutting ties with your cable company can free you from a hefty service contract, especially when you only watch a few of the channels. Streaming services are wildly popular, and you can pick the networks you actually want to watch. Lina made the switch and has saved $100+ each month!

If you’re ready to make the switch, check out some of these cable network streaming services:

On a related note, here’s how to watch TV Shows, movies, & live sports for cheap or FREE!

2. Bryn lowered her monthly bill to save $720.

directv remote on top of cash

Potential savings of lowering your cable bill: $60 each month, or $720 in a year.

Cable companies don’t want to lose subscribers. That’s why, when you call to tell them you’re done with the service, they typically pull out all the stops to get you to stay—most of the time by lowering your bill. Bryn used this hack not once, but TWICE, and has saved huge each time! In her second call to DirecTV, she was offered $60 off a month if she stayed with the service.


3. Jamie saved $2,145 by making extra principal mortgage payments.

front of home with for sale sign in lawn

Potential savings doubling your mortgage payment: In the $47.2k savings scenario below, you could save $178 monthly, or $2,145 each year.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. That said, you can still save on interest in the long run. One approach is to pay more on your principal each month, thus reducing the total that your interest payment is based on.

“We pay double our monthly mortgage principle, so we’ll have this loan paid off in 15 years (and we’ll save well over $100,000 in interest payments).” – Jamie

Another idea is to look into refinancing your loan for a lower rate. Then, by changing your mortgage term from 30 years to 15 years, you can save thousands on interest and pay your mortgage off quicker.

“We refinanced after about 2-years in our home to a 15-year mortgage. It ended up being about the same monthly, but we’ll pay it off much faster.” – Stacy

Really, any additional payment or speeding up your payback schedule can save you big time! On the average US loan of $215,500 at 4.1%, so you could save roughly $47.2K just by paying an extra $200 on your mortgage and have your home paid off 8 years sooner. Additionally, you could save $61.8K if you switch to bi-weekly payments over monthly installments.

Calculate the savings for your home scenario using this Mortgage Calculator.

4. Emily canceled unused subscriptions to save $420.

Stitch Fix Box

Potential savings of sharing a delivery membership and cutting 2 unused subscriptions: $35 each month, or $420 in a year.

Do you know how much your subscriptions are costing you? In a study by the Waterstone Group, respondents underestimated their monthly cost of subscriptions by 40%! List out your recurring subscriptions and their costs, and start slicing away at the money sucks you’re no longer benefiting from.

If it’s a service you can buddy up on, consider splitting the cost. Netflix allows you to have multiple viewers on one account so no one’s watch history or viewing queue gets tangled. Spotify has a Family account, so multiple listeners can benefit for less than the cost of separate accounts. Oh, and Amazon Prime fans: you can share your Amazon Prime benefits with another person, too.

Even better, share your Amazon Prime benefits with someone in your household, nix Stitch Fix, and watch Hulu with the commercials to spend less money.

5. Collin kissed designer brands goodbye and waved hello to $900 saved.

side by side comparison of collin in walmart peasant top compared to designer top

Potential savings of ditching the labels: $75 each month, or $900 in a year.

As someone who likes nice things, I’m not going to tell you that wanting a designer purse or a high-end outfit is wrong. But I will tell you that more often than not, you can find the same look for a whole lot less… at least 50-60% less. We are a nation of shoppers (with an average $1,803 spend on retail annually), but you can still get your shopaholic fix by turning to retailers like Amazon and Walmart (yes, I just said Walmart) for trendy pieces at a fraction of the designer cost.

“Another way I save even more when I shop is by using savings apps like Fetch and Ibotta. I have all the apps in a folder on my phone and when I get done shopping I upload my receipts. I generally use that money for ‘splurge’ buys like a new pair of shoes or spending money on a vacation. You do have to be careful that you’re buying items you would normally buy and not buying things just to get the cashback though.” – Chelsey 

6. Stacy saved $1,650 by shopping generic and on sale groceries.

Target brands of coffee, ibuprofen, nuts, and cleansing wipes

Potential savings of shopping generic and grocery sales: $137.50 each month, or $1650 in a year.

Did you know that many of the competing brands on store shelves are actually made by the same manufacturer? Heck, there are some products we think overshadow the name brands themselves. By giving up your brand loyalty and switching to the products that are cheaper (or are at least on sale), you could shave at least 15% off your grocery bill. And given the average family of 4 will spend $10,995 on average in groceries this year, that’s a potential savings of $1,649.25! 😱

“Like most couponers, we shop the weekly ads. My grocery list comes directly from what is on sale that week. If it is a loss leader item, like cereal for 99¢ or the like, I stock up. Even without cutting one coupon, you can save a ton of money just by following the sales cycles and stockpiling what you can while prices are at their lowest. It’s like bulk shopping without the club membership. If you can buy what your family will use for about three months, you’ll likely make it to the next big sale.” – Stacy

7. Jamie capitalized on credit card rewards programs to save $800.

hand holding fan of credit cards

Potential savings of using a rewards credit card: Based on the major credit card average earnings points, you could earn anywhere from $400 to $1000 in a year.

Let me start by clarifying that taking advantage of credit card rewards points only works when you have the ability and discipline to pay off your credit cards in full each and every month. Otherwise, you’ll load up interest or even late payment fees costing you money and your sanity.

If you think you’d benefit from earning rewards from your purchases, check out Nerd Wallet’s round-up of the best credit cards specific to your lifestyle.

“We use credit cards to pay all of our bills, but we also have the discipline to pay them off every month. This allows us to rack up points which earn dining out gift cards. We use those cards in combination with restaurant offers, like free kid’s meals, to eat out. That eliminates that dining out line from our budget so whatever we would have spent can go into saving us from accumulating debt or paying off debt, whichever the case may be.” – Stacy

“We shop (and pay off) our Kroger rewards credit card monthly, so we get $800 in free groceries annually. I use that card to pay for everything from roofing, to window replacement, to college expenses for kids–literally anything they’ll allow me to use it for–that way, I can max out my rewards points toward groceries.” – Jamie

8. Emily used an app that saved her $2,200.

digit app review — digit app account overview

Potential savings of using a savings app: $184 each month, or $2,200 in a year.

Emily has raved in the past about Digit, the app that moves small amounts of money from your checking account into a savings account without you even noticing. While it’s easy to set up and user-friendly, the biggest drawback is the monthly $2.99 fee.

Some will argue that paying this charge is counterintuitive to saving, but in her perspective, the $36 she paid to use this app in a year’s time was well worth the $2,200 she ended up saving.

9. Bryn saved $169 in 5 minutes with a car rental hack.

car rear view mirror

Potential savings of using this rental car hack: $169 one time or $507 a year if you rent a car at least 3 times.

Bryn shared a super easy rental car tip that was suggested to her by her father-in-law. And even better – the tip worked like a total charm!

All she did was sign in with her chosen rental car partner company site (which was Costco, since she’s already a member there) and searched for the car she ultimately wanted to end up with. Then every day she would log back into the site where she initially made her car rental reservation and performed the same search. Eventually, she noticed a huge price drop and was able to book her final reservation. There are some important tips that she shared, so make sure to read them here before you go booking a rental car yourself.

“It literally took me under 60 seconds each day to log into Costco.com and search for the rental car, and it totally paid off! Now my family can use the $169 savings to splurge on something else fun on our trip!” – Bryn

10. Sara started shopping at ALDI and has saved $5,280.

amber's meal planning — full grocery cart at aldi

Potential savings for dropping higher-end grocers and shopping at ALDI: $440 each month, or $5,280 a year.

We are huge ALDI fans over here and just by simply shopping for your groceries here, you can really save a lot of money compared to other grocers like Giant, Wegmans, and so many others. If you’re new to ALDI, we shared some of the best food items you can buy there!

Plus, thanks to their shorter hours, minimalistic product options, streamlined checkout, and exclusive brands, this grocer offers affordable goods for every budget and gives us so many reasons to shop there. That said, you’ll save even more money with these genius hacks.

“I recently started shopping at ALDI. The bigger my kids get, the more money I was spending at Giant and I couldn’t keep up with the close to $300 every 2 weeks that I was spending. So I gave ALDI a shot and I’m still shocked at what I’m saving every time I’ve gone. Organic produce and farm-raised meats are at least half the cost I was spending at Giant and I’m finding that I buy just what we need for 3 meals a day and have never spent more than $100 for a cart FULL of food! I typically spend around $80 and still can’t get over it! I also love that I’m using reusable bags every time I shop and I’m in and out in no time with their fast checkout! I literally can’t imagine shopping anywhere else again!” – Sara 

11. Jenna is savings $600 while shopping online.

yellow luna bars box with amazon box

Potential savings when shopping with Amazon Subscribe and Save: $50 every month, or about $600 or more a year.

If you’re having a hard time believing that you can automate your shopping to save both time and money, you can with Amazon Subscribe and Save! Jenna was doubtful at first, too, but her family has been using this service every month since their kid’s diaper days, and they’ve never looked back! She even shared her tips on how she shops and saves the most money on her orders.

Amazon offers a 5% discount on any item ordered through its Subscribe and Save program. That discount jumps to 15% when you order 5 subscriptions at a time! I always make sure to order at least 5 Subscribe and Save items every month to get that 15% discount. Don’t need anything this month? No problem! You can easily skip your deliveries or cancel your subscriptions at any time!

“I just went through some of my last Subscribe & Save orders where I’ve bought a little bit of everything – vitamins/health supplements, protein powder, lunchbox snacks for the kids, juice boxes, makeup & skincare, bar soap, hand soap, razors, cleaning products, garbage bags, batteries (I LOVE their batteries)… I probably save so much because I buy so much! LOL


Once you order 5 qualifying items, you get a 15% discount, and that discount alone usually makes everything cheaper than the in-store price. These things are almost always cheaper on Subscribe & Save without going to the trouble of cutting coupons for the store. It’s even cheaper than buying in bulk at Sam’s! It’s fair to say that I save an average of $50 or more every month.” – Jenna

Hip Tip: If you’re having trouble finding 5 items that you actually need, check out these filler items that are less than $2 so you can score your 15% off discount!

12. Chelsey saved $1,000 on her home in about 10 minutes.

picture of house with green grass and blue sky

Potential savings when switching insurance companies: $83 a month, or about $1,000 a year.

According to Nerdwallet, the average homeowner pays nearly $1,100 a year to protect their home. In Chelsey’s case, however, she was paying much more than that and in about 10 minutes she was able to switch companies and save about $1,000 a year!

Not only can you make a short phone call, but there’s plenty of other ways you could save on your homeowner’s insurance, such as bundling your home and auto insurances, improve your credit score, raise your deductible, make your home more secure so you can get a cheaper rate, or even obtain additional discounts for not smoking in your home or if you’re making automatic payments.

“Our family saved big this year by switching insurance companies. I’ve had the same home insurance for 5+ years but recently switched and will be saving over $1,000 a year. It was super easy too! I have all my insurance through Geico, and I set up my home through them, even though they aren’t the ones that provide it. I called and said I wanted to price out some other insurance companies, they looked up the cheapest ones, I picked a company and they transferred me over. It probably took me less than 10 minutes.” – Chelsey 

13. Our whole Hip2Save team saved $4,825 on home goods.

anthropologie store front picture on brick building

Potential savings when you’re not splurging on home goods at Anthro: up to $4,825 annually if you’re buying 5 major decor or furniture pieces a year.

We really love Anthropologie, but the prices definitely aren’t in the average shopper’s budget. In fact, they don’t really mesh with any practical budget. That said, if you haven’t already seen all the knockoffs we’ve shared, you can score some really incredible dupes on Amazon that not only look just like Anthro but cost much less! (Your budget and home will thank us.) 😉

From beautiful kitchen goodies to stunning, trendy home decor, we’ve already saved so much money by NOT shopping at Anthro – which I honestly never thought I’d hear myself say. You can thank Amazon for that since they’ve really stepped up their home decor game and made it all possible!

“I love shopping on Amazon! Not only is my Prime shipping always fast and accurate, but I can see so many great reviews on highly-rated products. Aside from all the fabulous home decor I’ve found, I have also scored plenty of clothing and accessory dupes that look identical to Anthro’s stuff – such as this monogram letter necklace (under $10), a blanket scarf for winter, and my new favorite chambray shirt!” – Sara

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Comments 82

  1. lucinda11

    We bought our home at the height of the housing market back in 2005. Talk about poor timing! After paying and paying our regular mortgage payment for about 8 years, we saw that we had barely even touched the principal (but the lender had earned 100k!). We decided to make extra payments towards the house that day. Extra money always went towards the house, even if it was just a few hundred dollars (and I would bring it to the bank the day that I got it to save as much as possible on the interest – every day counts!). We are now living mortgage-free! My husband lost his job for a while in 2018 and it was very comforting to know that no one would take the house.

    • lucinda11

      So we saved all the interest that the bank would have “earned”….!

      • Lauren

        Same! We paid off our 30-year mortgage in 8 years and saved $120k in interest. It definitely pays to buy a house that’s cheaper than your affordability limit.

    • Angela

      That’s amazing! Good for y’all, I always loving hearing about real people paying off their mortgage. It gives me hope to start making those extra payments. Thanks for sharing!

      • JD

        US bank will accept as little as $25 extra a month towards the principal. Even small amounts add up. Other banks might as well.

      • wah00153

        Yes!! It’s SO worth doing, even if just a small amount. We really buckled down the past few years and fingers crossed, if it continues as planned, I’ll be 38 years old with my house paid off!!

      • Suzanne H

        Make any extra payment you can! It really does add up. My husband and I have paid off 2 houses (moved a few years after paying off 1st house) by making extra payments as low as $20. We had online banking and they allowed any extra payment, regardless of amount (via online transfer). We would pay all of our bills, each get $60 in cash for 2 weeks and any extra $, even if just $20, would be transferred to our mortgage. We also applied any unexpected $ towards our mortgage. Once I had a friend that owed me about $2000 from years back; honestly I had written it off as lost $. They got back on their feet and were finally able to pay me back. It was completely out of the blue. We were thrilled to put that towards the mortgage! Tax returns, Christmas $, Ebates checks, etc. all on the mortgage. A lot of people gave us grief because we did not go on big vacations and we lived quite frugally for about 5 years but we paid off our house in that time. When we moved a few years later, we had to take out a small mortgage but paid that off the same way in just over a year. It feels so good not having a mortgage and knowing that your house is truly YOURS. Keep going everyone; it’s SO worth it!

    • dblD amber

      Best move ever. We have started taking our tax return and just rolling it right into the principal payment. Basically money we never saw come in. Right from direct deposit into our mortgage principal. Our 20 year mortgage will be cut in half.

    • Tammy

      Once you get 20% equity in your home, they can stop charging you PMI (mortgage insurance). If the value of your home has gone up since you purchased it, such that your loan balance is less than 80% of the value, you may be able to get your mortgage to drop it earlier than expected. We were able to use our county tax value as proof on our home. Once the PMI is no longer being charged, you can put that amount toward principle payments.

      • Mommyof3

        So glad you mentioned this I was going to come back and add this in addition to what I said earlier.

      • animity

        Avoid the PMI altogether and put the 20% down in the beggining.

        • Anne

          Ha, I live in LA. I wish the housing market allowed for that. For me, the math worked out in my favor to put down 10% and pay the PMI until I had 20% instead of continuing to rent. It’s not always best to wait until you have 20%.

      • Anne

        Yes! I put 10% down on my condo, and threw every extra dollar I had at the payments until I had 20% equity. Then I refinanced from a 30 year mortgage to a 15. I can’t wait to have it paid off!!

        • dropofrain

          is there an advantage in refinancing from 30 year mortgage to a 15 vs making extra payments on principal?

          • Mary

            I want to know too. What’s the benefit?

          • Kirsten

            Most of the time there is not if you’re disciplined enough to make the extra payments. You usually get a slight discount in interest rate by going to a 15 vs a 30, but there are cost to doing a refinance. Unless rates have dropped overall since you got your 30, you will usually be better to just make extra payments and turn it into a 15 yourself. Plus, I think there is a little comfort in having a lower payment in case you get in trouble with job loss, illness, whatever….I think it all boils down to your own personal motivation and discipline.

      • Stephanie

        Not always true. I called recently because my equity is over 20% and I was still being charged PMI. I refinanced 5 years ago. When I did that the fine print stated that I would have to pay PMI for 11 years regardless of the 20% equity. This wasn’t pointed out to me when I refinanced and of course I didn’t read all that jargon. Needless to say, 6 more years of PMI for us.

    • Laura

      You can also call your local county treasurer’s office and see if you qualify for any property tax breaks. We saved almost $300 last year (and every year going forward!) because we were eligible for a property tax credit that we hadn’t known about!

    • E

      Woohoo!! We bought our house last summer and have a plan to pay it off in 5 grueling years. But then we are setting ourselves and our kids up for financial freedom!!

  2. Becky08

    I wonder how much $$ Hip2Save has saved all of their followers!

  3. Casey

    I think the $36 shirt is way nicer!!

    • Kathy


    • dropofrain

      hands down

  4. Mimi

    I recently began looking at our services and re-evaluated our car insurance. I was paying $163 with a company I had been with since I was a teen. Did some research and am now getting the same coverage from Flo for $118 a month. It’s only a $45 savings a month but with a kid in college I’ll take it! Now, looking into what other things I can cut or adjust. Thanks for the great tips and keep them coming H2S team!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome! That’s SO awesome, Mimi! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

  5. Kerri

    Regarding #9 (car rental), there’s actually a service that will do this for you for free. Check out Autoslash.com — simply book a refundable rental car on Priceline, Costco.com, etc. and then enter your reservation number and details at Autoslash. They’ll monitor booking sites for you to see if a lower price is available and email you if the price drops. I’ve done this several times and saved over $100 every single time…there’s seriously no downside!

    • Jessica

      I saw that and wondered if it really worked. Thanks so much for the feedback!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the suggestion, Kerri!

    • acgold

      Autoslash used to work great, but now a lot of companies are not included. Another tip that takes about 15 minutes is once you are at the counter, if there are other companies around it ( like in the transportation center at most airports), just walk to the others and ask about immediate rates. In Las Vegas we had a great rate to start with Thrifty. I walked two counters over and at Advantage we got a car for 5 days for what 2 Uber rides would have cost! Saved over $100.

  6. Mommyof3

    You can also refinance your mortgage if there is a significant difference in the rates. We saved over $400 a month doing that when it looked like I may not be able to work after having our third child.

    • Jen

      Just did this last night and we’re going to save $500 a month for $8000 upfront! Awesome.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful tip! Good to know how much you have been able to save each month!

  7. tracy

    I don’t owe any credit card debt, so I love paying for everything I can with my credit card and paying it right off. 2%-5% back doesn’t sound like much, but I literally run EVERYTHING I can, that will earn me cash back, through my credit card. It adds up to hundreds of $$$ a year. It’s a great feeling when your credit cards actually pay you!

    • wah00153

      Same!! We do this every month. Last Christmas we had almost $800 in rewards earned throughout the year. We bought gift cards through our credit card at a discounted price, and used the rest to pay off our balance from Christmas.

    • Lauren

      Yes! I love free money from credit card companies. We use that cash to splurge on plane tickets every year.

      • dblD amber

        Same here, our Disney plane tickets come from the bonus cash we earn

        • Denise Huisken

          What card do you use please?

          • Mary Ann

            We have never paid a cent in interest in credit cards in 21 years of marriage but put everything we can on cards BUT pay it off each month (we know what our budget is and don’t go over) We use the Costco Citi Visa – get cash back, no annual fee, just pay for the Costco membership which we would anyway

          • Lauren

            We have the citi double cash card (2% back on everything, no fees). We put every possible expense on it (including hospital bills and utilities when there’s no fee to do so) and pay it off in full every month. It’s been about $4000 in free money over the course of the 5 years we have had it. If you’re going to utilize credit cards for rewards, you have to be absolutely sure that you will always pay off every cent every month or else you’ll quickly be in the hole. It takes attention and discipline to do it.

          • dblD amber

            We use Chase sapphire and literally charge everything we possibly can. We pay it off every month and by years end, we have anywhere from $1 to 2k in bonus cash accumulated.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Such a great way to earn some savings! Thanks for commenting, Tracy!

    • Jenn

      We do the same. We average around 2K a year in rewards. I convert the points to cash every few months and put it in a savings account. We save them up so every other year our annual cruise fair is essentially free…not really free but not cash coming out of my paycheck. I then use the money from the points to buy carnival gift cards at 10% off and bam…every other year we end up with around $4k – 4,500 in gift cards to book an an 8 day in a suite for the four of us. I usually end up getting discounted SW gift cards for the airfare and my annual rebates from rakutan, top cash back, saving star and ibotta usually cover the airfare out of pocket costs. All vacations are awesome but one that you didn’t pay for out of your paycheck or savings is even sweeter!

    • Suzanne H

      Same here. We usually get about $1000 per year. Free money is awesome!

  8. Rita

    I have set it up to pay my mortgage biweekly instead on once a month. By doing so I’m making an additional mortgage payment a year!

    • Anne

      I need to look into doing that! Do you make double payments, or just split up your monthly payment into two installments?

      • Ashley

        Monthly into two payments for us. Every other Monday half a mortgage payment comes out. Love that it is an easy savings!!

        • shop4mybabies

          that is super smart. i need to start doing this

    • Ma No

      If I’m not mistaken, your way gets you an extra mortgage payment at the end of the year. Interest accrues daily. Divide that extra mortgage payment by 12 & send it in monthly to your principal balance. My mortgage co doesn’t allow partial payments. It would’ve sat there until the full payment came in. So, I send regular monthly payments & extra principal payments, monthly. Interest is accrued daily. So the sooner you hit the principal balance the less time there will be for interest to accrue.

      • dropofrain

        yes, that’s exactly what I have been doing for the same reasons like you.

      • NubianGoddess

        That is what I do. I put some money towards the payment and some towards the principal. I was told by several people to try to pay off the principal.

  9. lucinda11

    If you have a Florida prepaid account – be sure to log in to see if you have a refund. There was an announcement last week that refunds are being sent out – the cost of college isn’t increasing at the rate it was expected to. You have to request the refund online.

    • Mary

      Lucinda11, Thanks so much for this information. I had no idea and we have an account for our daughter. Will look into this today.

  10. Mel

    Does anyone know if I can pay my mortgage with a Credit Card?

    • dblD amber

      We have Chase and we cannot. We asked because it would be nice to rack up the points.

    • Lauren

      No. You cannot pay off “good” debt (mortgage) with riskier debt (credit card). Would be nice, though, for those of us who make bank on the credit card rewards. We also can’t use our credit card for our property taxes, either. (We pay them directly since our mortgage is paid off.)

      • Anne

        Oh man, that would be the dream!

      • Jenn

        You may want to double check the taxes. I couldn’t do it at my old place but in my new home I can pay for my taxes on a credit card they just charge a 1% processing fee…but I get 2.5% cash back on all purchases so it paid for me to use our credit card…and when my taxes are 12K a year it’s totally worth it!

      • Rita

        I’m able to pay with my cc! Every county is different so check your county’s website.

  11. Materof6

    Is there any info/tutorial on Hip2Save about using Ibotta and/or big family savings? I tried to “buy in bulk” at Aldi (we have 7 kids), and didn’t see much difference from Sam’s. Still trying to figure out Ibotta.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yes! Thanks for the request! We are working on that and should have the post up soon! Be sure to stay tuned! 😊

    • nikkig

      Materof6 I’m a family of 6. I found Aldi I would spend more to try and feed my family (quantity in packages smaller) I rack up on Costco and the coupons they do! Bulk buying is the way to go! Plus there produce/meat is great quality and quantity. I can get 5 meals from 1 package of ground beef and my family can eat! Check them out! Hip2Save posts when Costco is running a deal on memberships! (And the awesome coupons!)

  12. Sherri Arnold

    My hubs and I use Shopkicks all the time. We have literally acquired thousands of dollars in free money just from scanning the products that come on the shop kick app. We usually go out for dinner on Friday night and call it our date night and go to Walmart and shop kick. It’s fun to do together and it’s so much fun when you actually get to collect those gift cards.

  13. Heather

    Never underestimate the value of couponing! We don’t spend a lot of time doing it, but I stock up on basics when they are free or cheap. I easily save $100+ a week- thousands a year. I haven’t paid for toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, razors, deodorant, soap, body wash, makeup, etc for years. Not only that we donate about $5000 in personal care items to a local shelter each year and it costs basically nothing but a little time.

  14. Nanette

    I live in the mountains in Ca. and last November my homeowners policy was up. Because of all the fires and then the floods…which washed out 2 of our main roads to get up here, my insurance company after 16 yrs and no claims dropped us. It was actually an epidemic up here with insurance companies dropping polices or for instances one person said their policy went from $2000 a year to $6000 year. Thats’s crazy! You had 2 options, get CalFair plan which only covers the house, Nothing inside. Or do your due diligence and start Googling. I did the later only to be denied, until I went yo the last insurance company website. I knew it was a long shot because we tried to get renters insurance with this company 20 years ago and it was a no.
    To my surprise they insured us. My policy is exactly the same as my old policy but I now have coverage for our septic. My deductible went down $1500 and my yearly policy went down $500.
    It’s amazing how one company can differ from another with the same policy.

    • C

      It’s all about the numbers… and odds,.. and if most or many companies are pulling out of insuring ppl in your state, other companies can get majority shares of home insurance (in the past maybe they had 10%, now they have 60%… big difference especially in a population dense state like CA… SO having more ppl pay in, means they can offer lower rates)…. but also be careful with low rate insurance, there’s always something they will get you with… I have to laugh every time rental places try to push the rental insurance on me (I get automatic coverage from my credit card)… if you look at the fine print on the coverage, it’s horrid- they will run it through your personal insurance first (or the other driver if there’s another driver at fault), minus the deductible… and then if there’s anything left they’ll cover it to a certain amount (which is usually nothing after it has run through everything else)… there are so many horror stories out there about various cut rate forms of insurance

  15. snezhinka

    So you’re suggesting to ditch cable, but everyone wants access to safe internet. Cable companies usually bundle services with wifi, I’d suggest evaluate your options depending on your location. It might not be worth it for some people.
    The same with subscriptions: you encourage everyone to ditch subscriptions while praising Amazon’s one. Do you really need to promote Amazon’s subscriptions that much? I understand you’re getting getting ‘small commission’ for doing it. Buyer beware!

    • dblD amber

      Agree, I almost ditched cable but the bundle package was only $10 more for tv and internet than internet alone. It was a no brainers to keep it

      • Jean

        We tried to ditch our tv bill with ATT, but they would charge for data on internet if we didn’t have a tv package and we have a good internet deal with them that wasn’t worth losing. What we did was go with basic channels to keep data unlimited. Still saving ourselves $110 a month.

  16. Alicia

    Hip2Save has helped me save thousands of money since I found you. Unlimited blessings to you and your employees. I am so grateful for your ideas. I wake up and I thank the Lord for another day. Next, I take my dogs for a walk. Third, I check Hip2Save. I am on a Keto diet. I lost 43 lbs since June 1, 2019 plus I am a stroke survivor. I live on a fixed income. I pay all the bills by myself. My daughter is graduating from college this year. Gracias again. I know is a LONG “rant”. But you ROCK. I got rid of my stupid Direct lol since 2017.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You’re SO very welcome, Alicia! BIG thanks to YOU for the super sweet comment and for being a longtime reader! We’re so glad to have you here with us each day. 🥰 We sure think YOU ROCK!

  17. shop4mybabies

    18 k in credit cards paid off in 2019. 6 k left to go and then debt free except our homes. i wish we never put ourselves into that situation but feels really good to be getting out of it. we are also purchasing a new car with cash this year, no car payments. then we plan to tackle our second mortgage by making extra principal payments. there is a light at the end of my debt tunnel!

  18. Mary

    Hi Hip2Save team.
    Thank you for your hard work on putting all these together. I’ve switched from Griffin to Nationwide insurance , and got great deal of $102 for two cars years ago, after your advise.
    I also highly recommend refinancing. After paying our for 2 year mortgage, I was a little disappointed seeing very little money towards the principal and twice more amount towards interest, so two months ago we decided to refinance our loan.
    Instead of paying $264k (4%) on interest for 30 years, we will be paying $76k (3.1%) on interest in 15 years.
    So happy!
    Refinancing so worth it.

    • Mary

      *** From geico to nationwide

  19. Kay

    What about using cashback sites like swagbucks, ebates (now called rakuten) or mrrebates for all your online shopping?

    Here are some links to sign up. Full disclosure: I will get a bonus if you sign up using these links, but I am being in honest in saying that these are all legit sites that I use all the time.

    Swagbucks–> https://www.swagbucks.com/lp-savings-button?cmp=695&cxid=swagbuttonref&rb=8264145&extRefCmp=1&extRb=8264145

    Ebates/Rakuten–> https://www.rakuten.com/r/CHAYA113?eeid=28187

    Mrrebates.com–> http://www.mrrebates.com?refid=880837

    • Suzanne H

      I love Ebates/Rakuten. I used some others for a while and did well but found I liked using 1 site the best. I’ve been a member since December 2008 and have earned almost $2200 in cash back just from them. Not exactly getting rich but every penny helps!

  20. Jean

    I wish we could save on auto insurance, but my husband is an idiot driver that gets tickets all the time. He’s been driving for 40 years and still has not learned. I have safe driving record, but he runs it for us and since we bundle with home, it’s pointless to even look elsewhere. Unless you, your spouse and kids are good drivers, be wary of changing insurance companies.

    • Cassie Sue

      I took a class on dealing with confrontation and one thing they suggested was calling your insurance company and saying “am I getting the best rate?”. They said the worst that happens is you lose 15 minutes, the best is that they can work in a better rate for you. Making it pretty harmless confrontation, but helps people deal with more difficult situations (practice makes perfect and all). I didn’t save much, but one lady saved over $700 with this homework assignment. She was THRILLED!! So maybe instead of changing insurance you could ask if you are getting the best rate.

  21. Bharathi

    After seeing the post I moved t geico from StateFarm which is saving of 640$ per year . Omg I stayed with statefarm for 7 yers could have saved easy 4K

    • Josie


  22. Lorraine

    Off topic, but does anyone know if Kirkland flushable wipes cause any plumbing problems? My senior mother wanted to make sure they were truly flushable. Thanks, in advance !

    • Rebecca

      I think they caution against flushing any “flushable” wipes, has caused many a problem in sewer systems. I would just get a small trash can for bathroom & empty it frequently (we use grocery bags for this). Also, baby wipes are often cheaper & work just as good (and are usually larger!)

      • Lorraine

        Thank u

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